The Snow God: Part 8 (erotica)

This story is rated R.

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Kara felt guilty. Val didn’t say a word, but it seemed like she hindered them every step of the journey. First it was to turn in the coyote pelt (and he hadn’t even blinked at that!), then the twenty-four hour turn around for a passport. That didn’t even count her unsatisfying wardrobe.

“We have to get you summer clothes. You’ll be boiling where we’re going.”

He let her loose in the city shops, and all she could think of was how he might enjoy taking the clothes off.

Not this one, too plain, not that one, too sexy to wear out, we’ll never leave the room, we’ll never get where we’re going.

Kara settled on a pretty sun dress and a relaxed short and shirt outfit. Nervousness churned in her stomach as she checked out, the register ringing and beeping, like a little bird was trapped inside. The truth was, she didn’t really belong here in the city. She belonged about as much as a polar bear, striding through the shops, snuffing at items. Indeed her hands felt like paws holding the silken summer dress up in the light of the hotel window.

The door cracked and beeped, like everything else here. It was Val, looking strangely sheepish.

Kara tucked the dress back in the bag quickly, as though she was hiding it, afraid he might not like it. “Hey, what’s up?”

Val held out a pink bag. “I got you something, a gift. I thought you might like it.” He held it out until she took it.

“You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to. Go try it on, let me see.”

Kara locked herself in the bathroom, stripping and folding her old clothes before even daring to peek in the bag. When she did she could barely breathe. It was full of black lace and ribbons. She pulled it out, holding it up in front of the mirror.

Am I really supposed to wear this? I’ve never worn anything like this in my life.

But if it made Val happy. She slid it over her head, letting it drop around her slim hips with a bounce. When she turned around it was to a good view of her ass, round and fresh, black bows framing it seductively. There was a knock.

“Have you tried it on, does it fit?”

“It fits. but where do I wear it to?”

She could hear Val chuckle on the other side of the door.

“Just come out and let me see.”

“I don’t know. It’s too short.”

“Let me see.”

Kara opened the door shyly, not even sure how to stand. Val grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her out into the room, giving her a gentle twirl.

“I see what you mean by short.” He was grinning as he said it. His hand came down and cupped her bare pussy briefly, before sliding around to her ass, fingers playing between the cheeks slightly.

“Does it look good on me?”

“I’m not sure yet. Here get on the bed.”

Kara smiled shyly, sitting on the edge of the bed, but he shook his head.

“No, on your hands and knees, back to me.”

She obliged, sticking her ass in the air and wiggling it a little, feeling deliciously and thrillingly dirty. What might he do next? His hands answered, cupping coolly over her raised bottom, squeezing.

“It does look good on you.” His voice sounded much different, deeper and lower.

Kara grinned at that, pressing her cheek against the clean comforter.

“Stay that way.” His hand rested heavy on her lower back for a second.

The waiting made her squirm, the feel of air circulating, his movement, his breath close to her thighs, then a tongue, slowly and erotically touching its tip against her nub, licking backwards, gliding between her lips, parting them, finding the sensitive area there.
Kara gave an encouraging sigh, letting him know how wonderful it was to be handled by him. Handled, I like that, so sexy to let him boss me around.

Val’s tongue pushed deeper, teasing, pulling out again and bathing her clit. His tongue traveled after that, skimming, landing on her asshole, making her gasp in surprise.

She shifted a little, feeling odd, but his hands grabbed her hips securely, holding her in place, tongue exploring never touched areas, evoking a surprising feeling, a sexual intensity. But it didn’t last, because Val was kneeling on the bed behind her now, unsheathing his glorious cock, pressing it between her legs without ceremony. It went in smooth, sliding in the copious wetness, going deep and quick. Every stroke was sweet as candy, making her body hum and sway, nipples brushing over the comforter over and over. As she came closer her hindquarters pushed back against Val rhythmically, bringing an even deeper and harder penetration.

Fire, that’s what we are, both fire. If he’s afraid I’ll burn him, I’m doubly afraid he’ll burn me.

Kara’s eyes blurred, a whimper turning to wail issuing from her parted pink lips. His hands handled her roughly as she came, squeezing her breasts, raking over her bare back, miming his lustful thrusts. The finale was a strong twitching thrust that sent a warm burst of pleasure through Kara’s chest, an elated feeling like no other.

He rolled her over after, pulling her tight against his chest, nuzzling her neck.

“I’m sorry,” his voice came softly from the waves of her hair, “you bring out the animal in me.” His thick fingers stroked the small of her back, gentle and peaceful now.

That’s OK I like the animal side of you.

Kara smiled against his collarbone, letting her own fingers explore his wide back. “Don’t be sorry, it just makes me want to love you more.”


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