Sexual Selection (short story)

In the cold skeleton of the bus stop I spat, adding to the detritus of human waste. There she was, cocooned against the angular shadows. A sweet slip of husk, smelling of smoke and spilled coffee. Subservience.

How I’d tempt her into a better life, if my feathers were brighter.


Worshiping the Queen (femdom erotica)

317 words, rated R. Enjoy, all you fellow perverts. : D

Lucid as he was, there was a certain inescapable unreality to his position. It was too good to be true. A tangle of chills overcame him as she ground her heel into the tender space between his balls and cock. Those heels, gorgeous sea foam green, shiny and spotless.

“Please, my queen, give me more,” he begged, relishing the deep sensation, a vividness surpassing any normal coitus.

She licked her ruby lips devilishly. “Perhaps I tire of this game.”

“I’ll be a good boy, I promise!”

“Fine. Please me, then present yourself.”

He swallowed hard, pleasing was something difficult. How should he begin? Not too eager, not too slow. A nip here and there, a steady stroking with his tongue, up and down the creases of her Goddess pussy. He was lucky, feeling the labia swelling under his attentiveness.

“Present,” she growled tersely.

He swung around, ass rising eagerly. “Yes queen, please queen.”

She was kind enough to massage him, fingers stroking from the small of his back, down between his ass cheeks. Then some lube, more than he deserved. He hung his head low, gazing between his knees to watch as she leisurely removed her shoe. His cock bobbed, pre-cum shining. He wouldn’t be allowed to cum, but it barely mattered as the toe pushed hard against his anus, breaking the resistance. A little deeper and he was clutching the couch, praying he wouldn’t lose it, disappoint his queen. Problem was the pain, how could he resist? His cock shuddered and jerked. He tried to focus on the texture of the white wall before him, on his fingers, wedding band, dark hair growing just below his knuckles, but it was all too relentless. A strangled moan caught in his throat, semen splattering on the plastic covered cushions.

The snarl of rage from his queen said he’d be fucked this time, and not in the way he wanted.


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Book Release: ‘Pain Sluts the Collection’

Hello dear readers, Pain Sluts is finally on sale for all those of you who desire to peruse its twisted and erotic depths (first 20% is free to read). : D

Blurb: Let’s face it, some of us are wired differently, some of us like pain. Follow along with these stories of pain sluts and discover just how deep and beautiful the infatuation can be.

Smashwords Link: Pain Sluts

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog, and to everyone who’s been so supportive. That alone makes it so easy to wake up everyday and pursue my life long dream of becoming a writer who makes even a little money! ❤ I seriously heart you guys!

Stay kinky, stay crazy, stay yourself!



Pain Slut, the Collection:Cover for Upcoming Book of Short Stories!

Dear readers, it’s almost here, my next book of dirty, filthy short stories! This is by far one of my favorites, and perhaps the darkest (for now). You know what they say, if you can’t find the stories you want to read, write them.

With the best wishes,


Stories included:

Better Person: A M/F short, which was honored with a brief feature in ERWA’s gallery!

Give Me What I Want: An M/F short story

Orion: M/M +

The Caning: M/F


Let’s face it, some of us are wired differently, some of us like pain. Come discover just how deep and beautiful the infatuation can be.


pain slut skull-page-001


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Amnesia (Erotic Short Story, M/M)

This story includes no actual sex (I know, sad faces all around), and clocks in 489 words.


Clay couldn’t quite dislodge his boot from the tight crack in the red rocks and ended up slipping his foot out. The dusty ground was hot as he wrestled with the boot, rocking it back and forth, back and forth. He gave up after a while and sat down heavily in the dirt, staring up into the deep blue sky, tears rolling down his cheeks. It was a fine damn thing being here all alone, trying to pretend that he could do things like this alone.

Henry would have already yanked the rocks apart with his sheer muscle, the same muscle that held Clay tight in the dark long nights. It was back to being the skinny, helpless freak for Clay.

A shadow fell across him, bringing a welcome coolness with it. “You OK. there buddy?” a deep voice asked.

Clay craned his neck, looking up at the large man. He had a thick shiny mustache, chocolate brown eyes and a massive cattleman-style cowboy hat. Clay wiped his tears away quickly, apprehensive. Perhaps this would be the day he died. Country people weren’t exactly welcoming to his kind. Not something he’d ever had to worry about with Henry on his arm. “I’ve just gotten my boot stuck here, sir.”

The man came down to Clay’s level. “You can call me Lewis, and you look like you’ve got more problems than just this boot. Anything I can help with?” Lewis gave one of the rocks a good wiggle and yank, uprooting it like a tooth out of a gum. He seemed friendly enough, not menacing, despite his size.

“I doubt it,” Clay mumbled, cheeks burning. He wasn’t likely to find someone to replace Henry. All those years, all those memories, so hard to forget. “My boyfriend just broke up with me.”

Lewis looked at him curiously, holding out the boot for Clay to take. “Really.”

“Really, truly.” Clay pulled his boot back on with a sigh. “I shit you not.”

Lewis leaned in close, bulky hand resting on Clay’s knee, squeezing slow and even. “Do you need help getting back to your cabin?”

“What kind of help are we talking about? Do you have a car?” Clay looked up into his face, trying decide quickly if he liked the mustache.

The mustache twitched as Lewis shook his head and smiled, showing a row of straight teeth. “But I can carry you back.”

“And then?” Clay shivered involuntarily, biting his bottom lip. He liked the mustache.

“Then I figure you’ll need some rest, and I’ll need some rest.” Lewis smiled wider yet, face getting closer and closer until Clay could feel his breath washing over his skin.

Clay let his eyelids droop, angling his chin up, waiting. Lewis took the cue, kissing Clay tenderly.

“I think I just developed amnesia,” Clay whispered after he broke the kiss, grabbing one of Lewis’s strong arms. “You’ll definitely have to help me back now.”



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Better Person (erotic short story)

Excited to announce my story ‘better person’ has been featured on ERWA’s gallery!! It will appear in my upcoming book of short stories tentatively titled ‘pain slut.’ The title pretty much says everything you need to know.

I’m enjoying every minute exploring this very personal aspect of sexuality, and if it’s your thing, I hope you’ll join me.

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Wishing you all the best,


Rise of the Machines (8, final)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3), Rise of the Machines (4), Rise of the Machines (5), Rise of the Machines (6), Rise of the Machines (7)

The hand towel was warm in Darnell’s hand as he dabbed the cut on Amanda’s cheek. Excess water dribbled down her long smooth neck, and he had to use every bit of self-control to not follow it down to the swells of her breasts.

“Her husband just died, dammit. Cool off.”

But Darnell’s cock pressed against its denim cage, begging to be released. His hand trembled, lowering, brushing her left breast. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “This is super inappropriate.”

Amanda was smiling though, a soft look in her eyes. “That’s alright, I like you too.”

Darnell jerked his head towards the living room questioningly.

A sad look transformed her face, wetness collecting in the corner of her eyes. “Let’s pretend. We might die soon anyways.”

He understood completely, rolling back her bikini top, skimming the stiff pink nipple with his dark fingers. Gravity multiplied, smushing their bodies together, warm and alive. The kisses were electric, a deep but anticipated first.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, delicate hand freeing his cock. “Like it’s the last time.”

Darnell pulled her bottoms down, pushing his throbbing tip against the wet cleft, just enough to know she was ready, before thrusting hard.

Machines 5, humans….10


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