Better Person (erotic short story)

Excited to announce my story ‘better person’ has been featured on ERWA’s gallery!! It will appear in my upcoming book of short stories tentatively titled ‘pain slut.’ The title pretty much says everything you need to know.

I’m enjoying every minute exploring this very personal aspect of sexuality, and if it’s your thing, I hope you’ll join me.

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Rise of the Machines (8, final)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3), Rise of the Machines (4), Rise of the Machines (5), Rise of the Machines (6), Rise of the Machines (7)

The hand towel was warm in Darnell’s hand as he dabbed the cut on Amanda’s cheek. Excess water dribbled down her long smooth neck, and he had to use every bit of self-control to not follow it down to the swells of her breasts.

“Her husband just died, dammit. Cool off.”

But Darnell’s cock pressed against its denim cage, begging to be released. His hand trembled, lowering, brushing her left breast. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “This is super inappropriate.”

Amanda was smiling though, a soft look in her eyes. “That’s alright, I like you too.”

Darnell jerked his head towards the living room questioningly.

A sad look transformed her face, wetness collecting in the corner of her eyes. “Let’s pretend. We might die soon anyways.”

He understood completely, rolling back her bikini top, skimming the stiff pink nipple with his dark fingers. Gravity multiplied, smushing their bodies together, warm and alive. The kisses were electric, a deep but anticipated first.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, delicate hand freeing his cock. “Like it’s the last time.”

Darnell pulled her bottoms down, pushing his throbbing tip against the wet cleft, just enough to know she was ready, before thrusting hard.

Machines 5, humans….10


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Rise of the Machines (7)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3), Rise of the Machines (4), Rise of the Machines (5), Rise of the Machines (6).

Amanda glanced at the twitching housebot. “Nice shot, you must have hit the motherboard.”

Darnell didn’t have time to ask how such a beautiful woman knew what a motherboard was. Amanda motioned for him to follow. A din floated from the kitchen, clanking, whirring, gurgling. Apparently every gadget in the heavily automated space had come to life.

Amanda looked around the corner, then pressed against the wall, nodding at Darnell. “I thought having a kitchen that could make us breakfast in the morning was the best thing ever, not so much anymore. Cover me, I’ll try to take out the drone.”

As soon as she rounded the corner something shiny and sharp glanced her cheek. Darnell didn’t think twice, jumping in front of her. If he died, this was a good way. The drone was hovering the island, lord of machines. Darnell took one shot, blowing a hole in the cabinets, then another, sending the drone spiraling with smoke and sparks.

The silence was deafening. Darnell turned to Amanda, who was holding her bloody cheek. “We better take care of that,” he said, as if he wasn’t just about to shit his pants.

Amanda smiled. “Let’s.”

Machines 5, humans 2.

Rise of the Machines (6)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3), Rise of the Machines (4), Rise of the Machines (5). (each story section is exactly 200 words)


Darnell turned. “Amanda?” She’d disappeared. Before he could start to worry, the TV flicked on. Numbers appeared on the screen, as if someone was typing in a channel. The twenty-four hour news station appeared, focusing on the white house. President confirmed dead, death toll rising.


PI Ghost 4: Scared yet?

Darnell jumped as Amanda’s hand rested on his arm.

“Here,” she said, biting her plump bottom lip. “You take out the house bot, I’ll get the drone.” She held out a glock. “You can shoot right?”

Darnell swallowed hard. “Of course. Let me take out the drone.”

Amanda shook her head. “I have lots of practice.” She didn’t wait for him to respond, one hand on the knob, gun pointed at the floor.

Darnell mimicked her, gun pointed downwards, finger sliding over the safety. Amanda suddenly looked like a badass Goddess.

She flung the door open, stepped over Tim’s body, leveled, and fired.

Darnell caught a flash of the drone buzzing into the kitchen. The house bot came silently from his left and he just managed to turn and aim into the large hovering chassis. Sparks flew and the recoil pushed him into the wall.

Machines 5, humans 1.


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Rise of the Machines (5)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3), Rise of the Machines (4)


Tim all but rolled on the floor laughing at the idea that Darnell’s drone was trying to kill them. “What’s it gonna do, break the door down? Why didn’t it kill us already?”

Darnell didn’t have to answer, Amber snuggled harder against his chest explaining patiently in a muffled voice. “It’s connected to the wifi and our apps.”

As if to prove her point the shower hissed to life and the blinds shuddered, lowering until the room was dim.

“You have an automated shower?” Darnell asked, staring down at the edge of Amber’s face.

She smiled slightly. “When you’re busy with foreplay you don’t really want to twiddle with shower nobs.”

Tim was unconvinced. “I think you’re just a sly bitch. You’ve been eyeing Darnell from the day he moved in.” Tim threw the door open, striding into the living room.


Amber gave a scream, squeezing the living daylights out of Darnell’s ribs. Darnell reached out, slamming the door shut, but not before getting an eyeful of Tim’s gaping bloody throat. Their flying robot assistant whirred and struggled to detach itself from the carnage, knife tool coming out of Tim’s flesh with a sucking sound.

Machines 5, humans 0.


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Rise of the Machines (4)

Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2), Rise of the Machines (3)

The drone beeped and buzzed, making Amber drop it. Darnell lurched to catch it, but the drone shot towards the spacious ceiling.

“That’s not funny Darnell!” Amber squeaked, eyes wide. She clutched her voluminous breasts and craned her neck.

Tim laughed, slapping his knee. “Classic dude.”

Suddenly Darnell’s phone pinged again. He retrieved it, fingers shaking.

PI Ghost 4: Now, someone dies.

Darnell glanced up. “Guys-”

The house’s automatic door locks clicked with an ominous finality.

Time checked his own phone. “That’s weird.”

“The bedroom, come on.” Darnell grabbed Amber’s arm, tugging hard. Amber seemed to understand, following.

Tim looked confused, coming too. “Want to fuck my wife that bad eh?”

Darnell shut the bedroom door. “How much of your house is automated?”

“No foreplay?” Tim chortled.

“Pretty much all of it,” Amber answered in a whisper. “Why?”

“I think my drone is trying to kill us.”


From Tim: “You’re joking right?”

Amber didn’t take her eyes off Darnell, tears welling up in them. “We’re going to die.”

Darnell wasn’t expecting the soft pressure of her perfumed breasts, her arms wrapped tight around him. He stood tall, looking brave. “Not if I can help it.”

Machines 4, humans 0.


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Rise of the Machines (3)

Darnell set his drone carefully by the front door as Amber came in from the backyard. She gave Tim a peck on the lips. Her auburn hair was fixed, bathing suit straight, but Darnell could smell the scent of pussy ever so slightly.

“Hey Darnell,” she said in a husky voice, giving him a big hug, then stroking his cheek very quickly.

Darnell inhaled the musky smell wafting from her manicured fingers, eyes wandering down to the wet spot on her bikini bottoms.

His phone pinged.

He smiled at Amber widely. “Beautiful day for sunbathing.”

His phone pinged again, and again, and again. Darnell retrieved it irately from his pocket. The drone app had rebooted itself. Darnell pressed the back button and his text messages popped up.

PI Ghost 4: Take me out of my box, Darnell.


Amber gave him a quizzical look.

“Pranksters,” he mumbled, looking around. “Where’s Tim?”

“Bathroom.” Amber flipped her hair back. “That your drone?”

Darnell nodded.

“Can I see it?”

He couldn’t think of a reason not.

Tim came out of the bathroom as Darnell carefully handed Amber the drone. “Honey, did you install a new app on my phone?”

Machines 3, humans 0.


Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2).

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