Painting By Numbers

Simply can’t resist re-posting this dark little piece, gave me chills!




The decaying stool has one



She teeters and


Left          to          right

Staring d




At the razor in her hand.


The marrow leaks out

Seeping between bony fingers

The broken rib

Still held up high

Something to examine

In solemn disquietude.



In a classroom devoid

Of all life.

She carves abhorrent words

Into the crucified desk.

It’s simply too late

To realise

The marks are ingrained

On her bloody thighs.

Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Sherratt

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Moments of Lucidity


Moments of lucidity

Wake from dreams of sanity


I am afraid

Drifting into the night

Clinging to a ship of death

Hoping the other shore will rise

Like ember


Moments of lapse

Wake from dreams of terror


I am alone

Drifting into the night

Clinging to only splinters

Hoping the other shore will rise

Like new day

The Snow God: Part 12 (erotic)

This story is rated R. There is no sex in part 12.

Dear readers: As you may have intuited, this series is slowly coming to an end (next part should be the last), so I’ve been working carefully with the plot, taking a little extra time. This has been fun though, writing as I go, quite a challenge. I sincerely hope that my writing has been passable, readable, and enjoyable for you, even though I haven’t edited it to death. : D A big thank you, and hug to all the regular readers who have stuck with me through the whole story!

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Val was coming back around, slowly but surely. Kara could see his chest heaving deeper through her tears. Thank God he was alive at all. The blow to his head had been so vicious that blood was trickling down around the curve of his ear.

Izgrid paced between them, only stopping once he noticed Val stirring.

He’s nervous, even though he’s at the advantage.

“Can you hear me Val?”

Val groaned, eyes still pressed closed. “Yes, I can hear you, you little shit.”

“Good. You’d better listen then. I’ve restrained you well. That means your pretty little girlfriend over here is at my mercy.” Izgrid hooked his thumbs into his belt-loops. “You’ve said no to me time and again, but somehow I have the feeling you won’t this time.”

Val’s blue eyes opened a crack, fixed disdainfully on Izgrid’s feet. “No to what? Your cock, or the release of your sister?”

Irritation flickered over Izgrid’s face. “My past advances are of no concern here.”

“Oh, then just your sister. What a relief.”

Izgrid’s hand swiped Val’s face with a sharp crack. “Even now you taunt me! Just say yes or no, and let’s be done with it.”

“If I agree to release your sister, she might destroy the world. That isn’t a decision I take lightly.”

“My sister never intended to do such a thing.”

“Then why did she break the law?”

Izgrid pulled a knife from his pocket quickly, turning to Kara. She tried to fight his advance off, but he was strong and fast, grabbing a fistful of hair and setting the knife uncomfortably against her throat. Kara whimpered softly under the touch of death. Would he really do something this rash?

“I guess I was wrong, you don’t love this one so much.”

“Wait.” Val straightened up desperately, pulling at his bonds like a snared coyote. “I’ll do it.”

Izgrid released her, slipping the knife back into his pocket. “Then let’s go, before your sister brings the cavalry. If you dare stall me, I won’t think twice about killing her, so be warned.”

The snow outside was a diamond crust crunching under their feet with every step. Kara’s eyes narrowed to slits against the suns glare, and she stumbled forward whenever Izgrid pulled the rope. Val was ahead, also bound, but leading as he was bidden, only a few paces from the small dwelling.

He said his sister was here, and he wasn’t kidding, right here, so close.

Izgrid reeled her in, pulling her tight against his body. “I really never meant for it to be this way Val, but your sister is just too hard to get close to. If you hadn’t fallen in love the way you did, I might still be waiting for my chance.” The knife pressed uncomfortably against Kara’s neck again. “Here, take it.” Izgrid tossed the necklace to Val, its blue light shining brightly like a fiery gem in the sunlight.

Val caught it, barely, eyes locked on Kara. He took a deep breath then, holding it in his cupped hands, eyes closing, chin rising. A rumbling came up under their feet instantly, slow and deep at first, then faster and more violent. Blue light seeped up from cracks in the snow, answering the necklace, which surged between Val’s fingers like a fire.

A sudden fierce ringing rose in Kara’s ears, making her lean dizzily into Izgrid’s thin frame. What if this kills us all?  The sharpness was no longer pressuring her throat and she could see the knife glinting close at her elbow, as if this was a done deal.

But it isn’t, not if I have anything to say about it.

Kara pushed further back into Izgrids chest, as though she was fainting. His arms came forward to encase her, hold her up, and there it was, close enough to grab. It only took a split second, the hunter in her thrumming with excitement as she slid down quickly, twisting and plunging the knife deep in Izgrid’s belly, yanking it down to gut him, to end him.

There was surprise, shock really, spreading over Izgrid’s handsome face as Kara straightened up before him. The rumbling subsided and she felt Val’s presence closing in on her.

“You’ll never touch Val again,” he voice quavered as she said it, “He’s mine.”

Elder Lilith

An amazingly rich and beautiful poem by danceswithtricksters! Well worth a first and second read!

Dances with Tricksters

Her face is a blue stain under gold gilt
hair like a raven, eyes like sorrow,
Lilith is in mourning, night-madness
the paintings refract her deathliness
spilling out like shards of mirror
you could get lost in her thick tangles
you could drown in those ocean irises
Lilith is not sweet – she’s all musk,
quietness, bone-hunger, we break.

I drag my scythe through her canvas
smatter the thousand broken pieces
the crowd breaks and screams, runs,
I am all fury, a woman enraged
at the ghost of a demoness, taunted
by Babylon, yet I am the Whore
what I see in her is what I hate
what I see in her is me broken
what I see in her is me insane.

Did Samael or Adam drive her mad?
Did the triple angel’s harshness,
the slaughter of her children,
she bleeds each night with new life
she births wickedness…

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Impart to the leaves

Your shuddering heart of darkness.

I hunted you

Like a deer

Through my dreams

Vast and shadowy.


We tangled in clutches of bone flowers

(who knew how sharp they would wound)

Tearing away flesh and modesty.

You were my secret poison

Turning my gaze distant

Shattering my soul, unrecoverable.


But now I have you

Writhing in my grip,

Slithering from pen tip.

And you are just one more shadow


From within.

The Snow God: Part 11 (erotic)

This story is rated R. There is no sex in part 11.

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“Your sister kissed me,” Kara informed Val flatly, planting herself right in front of him, locking eyes. “Furthermore, I’m starting to think you and I aren’t really suitable. So I think I’ll be heading home.” If she wasn’t mistaken it was panic that flickered in his eyes. Good you bastard, panic.

“Kara, why would you say that, what did I do to you?”

“Nothing,” she hissed. “Yet. But Adam told me all about you, and what you did to his sister.” No better place than here in the open.

Val’s jaw loosened with surprise. “Adam?”

She didn’t wait for it to finish sinking in, turning her back on him.

“Kara wait, whatever he told you, it can’t be true.” Val grabbed at her arm, but she shook him off.

“Anyone would say that.” She shot him one last poisonous glance before walking headlong into the crowd. And thank God I don’t have any luggage. The swell of people was thick as she came down the escalator. Kara dodged into them unflinchingly, heading for the wide lighted doors. As she shouldered her way through, the light dimmed under passing clouds. Kara glanced behind but didn’t see Val. The doors whooshed open, a wash of fine snow blowing in, hitting her in the face as she stepped out. I thought it was summer here.

“Want different weather, just wait an hour,” a passerby remarked with a crooked smile. “Typical.”

But Kara felt a strange chill at the base of her spine, slowly working up to her shoulders. The snow was thick now, sudden, blocking out the sky. Kara turned back towards the building, but even that was gone. A shape distinguished before her, a man, running his fingers through his dark hair, smiling that charming smile.

“Adam?” Kara asked weakly.

He was beckoning her, the snow flying furiously through his fingers. Kara stumbled forward and his arms enclosed her, lips coming close to her ear. “Do you know who I am?”

Then blackness.

You’re Izgrid, oh God, you’re Izgrid.

When Kara woke her head lolled against softness, but as she pulled her hands close she could feel the bond around her left wrist.

“You’re awake finally, I must have overdone it a little.” Adam was standing at the bedside, looking slightly concerned.

No, it’s Izgrid, not Adam. How stupid am I.

“What did you do to me?” Kara asked in a croak. “And why is my throat so dry?”

“Because you’ve been asleep a day and a half, much longer than I intended. Here.” He handed her a bottle of water. The sides were clouded with cold and it was frigid to the touch. “I haven’t done anything to you, I’ve only brought you here, that’s all.”


“My sister is here.”

Kara focused on the room as he strode to the other side. Light poured through crevices, then flooded in as he pulled back the door flap. “I apologize in advance for how shitty it is, but at least it’s summer, and the perpetual sun has come back.”

Kara shivered as she gulped down the cold water. “Is your sister really here, or is that just another lie?”

“I haven’t lied to you.”

“You’re Izgrid.” Kara wiped her mouth, glaring at him. “Don’t dare tell me otherwise.”

“Fine, I’m Izgrid, but I haven’t lied about the situation. I don’t know what sort of bullshit Val told you about me, but it isn’t true.”

“If it isn’t true then why in the hell would you kidnap me?”

Izgrid let the door flap fall, plunging the simple room back into gloom. “Val loves you, really loves you. I have a feeling he won’t be so ready to say no this time.”

Kara squeezed her thighs together under the thick fur blanket, the water was having an unwanted effect. Come on, not now, not here. “I don’t know what to think about Val anymore than I know what to think about you.” Kara bit her lip, then added in a very small voice, “I do need to go to the bathroom though.”

Izgrid blinked, but nodded. “Of course, you were out forever. He motioned to a bucket. “As you may have gathered we don’t exactly have a sewer system out here. I’ll wait outside.”

Well at least he’s not a creep enough to watch. Kara played with the cuff around her left hand, twisting it and trying to pull it off to no avail. She gave up and relieved herself, which was a glorious sensation.

“Are you done?”

“Yes.” Kara crawled back under the fur blanket. “Tell me what’s going to happen next.”

“Next, Val will come.” Izgrid ducked back in. “And when he does I shall be ready.”

A howl rose out in the distance, parting from the wind suddenly.

“Ah there he is now.” Izgrid flashed her an excited smile. “You simply sit tight, your knight in shining armor is on his way, just like the idiot he’s always been.” With that he disappeared into the shadows, pulling a cloak over himself quietly, so that even Kara had a hard time distinguishing him from the floor and walls.

“Kara,” Val’s voice drifted breathless, close. It felt like only seconds before he was tearing the door flap down, stocky body filling the small room.

“Val, don’t!” Kara kicked off the fur blanket, trying to stop him, push him back out the door, anything.

But it was too late.

The Witch’s Bookshelf : Marked for Life by (book review)

Marked for Life: Emelie Schepp


Summary: Jana Brezelius (lead character), is a public prosecutor who works closely with the police. When the head of immigration is shot, apparently by a child, Jana ends up in the middle of an investigation that will turn her world upside down.

Review: ‘Marked for Life’ has been on the bestseller list, and has fit bragging on the cover, that’s why I chose to read it in the first place. Every once in a while I like to see what everyone else seems to be enjoying, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, sometimes I’m not.

This one is a not.

Now I don’t like to be too rough or trash other peoples works, because as a writer I know just how damned hard it is to get your novel to the point that it’s readable, much less golden. That being said, Emelie Schepp’s writing is good, readable, very nice. The characters are interesting, the plot is alright. But isn’t that the problem? It was alright. All this, despite the inclusion of human trafficking, and children turned hitmen.

Part of me resents whoever wrote the blurb on the back, because it feels like it gives away too much of the plot. That leaves me wondering if I would enjoy the book more having not read the blurb (my summary is different than the blurb fyi).

The next book in the series is ‘Marked for Revenge’, but I can’t seriously see myself wasting anymore time on this series. There are so many amazing, life changing books I want to read, I have to be picky.

If you’re not picky though, and you want an easy read, I’d give it a try. I’d also keep an eye on Emelie Schepp, she has a great deal of promise. ; )


Have you read this book, or any other books by Emelie Schepp? How were they? What was the last book you read that you wish you hadn’t wasted your time on?