Deathnight of the Apocalypse #1

Disclaimer: This cartoon is not for people who are easily offended and/or don’t understand humor.





Every inch of me quivers




Don’t you know

I hate now

Don’t cheapen it with recklessness




Don’t you know

You need only breathe

I am beyond you now




I know you know

It is pure

New Comic Coming Friday!(Deathnight of the Apocalypse)

As some of you might know, I enjoy drawing when I have time and I enjoy my sarcasm and humor the same way I like my coffee, dark and bitter. With that in mind I’ve drawn a shitty little cartoon up for your enjoyment and will be posting it every Friday. Remember, if you’re easily offended , shield your eyes, look away, go stick your head back under your rock. ❤


A thousand thanks to everyone who reads/follows my blog/poetry!



I write for you


Tearing with teeth

Because I know

You are bleeding like me

Someone is looking up

At the void of stars

Trying to suck the little low-lying light

Into what’s left of a soul


Can I be the voice echoing back?






No one loves like the loveless

Bright in their cages of solitude


Hold my hand

Press it to your heart

So I can feel it stutter


Sweet are the lips

That praise no one


Use your nails

Raking down my exposed breasts

So I can feel at all


Heaven only exists here

In this first time


Let your passion overwhelm me

A striking rod

Deep between my legs


They will tell us we have sinned

But what good is painful piety?


Gore me like Sodom

Love me like tomorrow is Armageddon

My apple is sweet, a honey dripping cunt


Oh dear Eros

No one can ever fully control you



It was a slow slope

A midnight breath

Under your dark wing

Blowing smoke rings

With the windows down

And darkness rushing by

We swore we felt alive

Jostling our bones together

Against the cold leather and despair

If I cried anymore I wouldn’t have seen

Your star fall

Bright and princely

You breathed in my ear

Something about death waiting for all of us

Love waiting for no one

As your lips trailed fire down my skin

Who was I to argue?

Every curve of my body was dedicated to being stripped

To a hedonistic altar draped in black

It does not disappoint

Tastes of poison, morphine and wide awakeness

Have the insides of my thighs

Drink the liquid desire

A cocktail of pheromones

Far from the dry wake of Persephone’s flower

Mine is yours, rising eager to be kissed

A slow descent between my legs

Hard and masterful



Pièce de Résistance

Once you held in your hand

All the beginnings

Squandered on egotistical unfettering

And we turned to you

My sweet 666

Basking in your light

Plummeting through your nebulous philosophy

Til we also became the pièce de résistance

A poison karma

Bleeding slowly and helplessly

Through our false freedom