A buzzing behind my brain

Remnants of happier days

Yet wistful does not apply

Turquoise in a muddy river

Shining with sun

A silent thanks that it was once mine

Brilliant blinding blue

Sing on the wings of birds

Remember that once the sky touched me

But there is nothing I would trade

For now

Here on the far, safe bank



When I was young

Books were my roots

A satisfying cool water

To hide in

I knew what was

What could be

But kept optimism at my prow

Even in the dark night


Now I breathe

Only because I must


A portal

In my blood

In the darkness of my soul

I press my eye to the keyhole

Eager for a glance


An addiction

Your skinny tortured back

A spade tongue

Taste of blood

I have to draw you out

Like poison


Have to draw every word, every picture

Painstakingly from the flesh of my body

Until I am but a drowning wisp

On a violent ocean of inspiration


I’ll sweat colors and lines

From the blackened tips of my fingers

Close my eyes

And see

Utterly immersed



Bend down your stem, flower

In the fall gloom

Culmination of your work is descending

Into a golden halo

Dried, withered death

Rustling husk

A journey that must be taken

Begrudging winter hiatus

Waiting for the spring


Dear Readers: I am indeed taking a short hiatus, but it feels as natural as the seasons. I hope you will all forgive my absence for the next couple of months! I’m certain I will return with a crop of wonderful stories, as that seems to be the only level my brain can function on right now. : D

Light and blessings to all,



I am the Goddess effaced

Lips and heart trembling

Reaching blindly for the heavens

Feeling for every handhold

Waiting for everything to dissolve


If I reach the apex

Will I still be able to fly?

Have these wings melted?

A victim of relentless solar flares

Will I ever be the same?


Will I ever be, above?



Dear readers: I apologize for my tardiness and general absence. There are so many things I’ve been meaning to post, and so many blogs I miss reading, but life has been a bit upside down. Anyways, I’m sending you all a bunch of hearts! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I will be back when everything settles, and I am working on tons of cool exciting projects, so check back. : D


Many blessings,