Moments of Lucidity


Moments of lucidity

Wake from dreams of sanity


I am afraid

Drifting into the night

Clinging to a ship of death

Hoping the other shore will rise

Like ember


Moments of lapse

Wake from dreams of terror


I am alone

Drifting into the night

Clinging to only splinters

Hoping the other shore will rise

Like new day


Impart to the leaves

Your shuddering heart of darkness.

I hunted you

Like a deer

Through my dreams

Vast and shadowy.


We tangled in clutches of bone flowers

(who knew how sharp they would wound)

Tearing away flesh and modesty.

You were my secret poison

Turning my gaze distant

Shattering my soul, unrecoverable.


But now I have you

Writhing in my grip,

Slithering from pen tip.

And you are just one more shadow


From within.

Symphony of Discord

“My heart strings are no violin for your cruelty”

She said.

As he gazed up into her, like Nut stretched over the sky.

“But if I tug them so, will it rain?”

With a stretching of bone and muscle she answered

“Not tonight, because I need your moon to move my tides.”


Urban Wanderer

The corpse of the day

Lays in the shadows

Out under the low trees


My tongue is swollen

With vibration and hum


An irrational choking

Of litter and neon


The ground is close and over-trodden

Coming up to swallow

With rough teeth made of weed and stone


So I sigh around my tongue



Waiting to be spit out

Into evenings inhospitable atmosphere


Dear readers: Side note here, expect part 4 of ‘the snow god’ tomorrow : D Thank you for your patience! Also, this poem is a little different than my usual works, hope you enjoy it anyways ; )




Simulated breath

Into my simulated core

Rising into simulated infinity

A simulated more






To the simulated god

With a crooked middle finger

And a poison smile

Eat from his tree






A piece of you stirs

The cold metal barrel of time

Pressing your ribs

So that you cannot sleep