Revelation (poem)

I was a fool

Praying to other people’s gods

Before descending below the horizon

Ignoring my oracles

And teetering on precipices

Stalked by demon eyed jackals-

Manifestations of my fears


Then when I was thoroughly shattered

Empty and desiccated

I awoke in the decay and chaos

Saw heaven cold and distant


I was my only hope



One stuporous winter, tinged with blood

You whispered my name forlornly

As the streets froze over.

I knew I only had one chance to say goodbye

But even then I could not reach for you.

The snowflakes had settled on my skin

Piled in drifts around my heart

That turned tar black

When I tried to clear them away.

Finally, the winter was showing us

what we couldn’t discover in languid summer



Blank pages

Of a blank city

Filled with blank stares

Cluttered over bus depots, and humming food hubs

A blank being coiling out into urban sprawl


Inertia is in the wind

Howling down the empty fall pavement

A sudden arresting thing

I slow my steps

And listen to the familiar sound of its’ blank lullaby


Let’s try to sleep tonight

Without twisting the sheets

A restless caffeination

A guilty stagnation

And maybe tomorrow, inertia will slip away


Rolling liquid between my fingers

Is a silver, rain tinged dawn

I am away

Hiding below the moss of years

In a humid wonderland

Peaceful and slow.

There is a river here

That feeds an ocean

That eats my dreams

Sinking them deep

Where they can’t molest me

I sit on the shore rocks

And listen to the pull of the tide

Breathing and beating

Then lay back

And bask in a silver dreamless night