Nerds, Sex and Lies, Lots of Lies… (Erotic Short Story)

This story is 1629 words and rated: R.

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Nerds, Sex and Lies, Lots of Lies…

“Do you like video games?” Leslie’s date asked offhand, glancing around her recently-scrubbed living room.

“Psh, video games are so stupid.” Leslie moved sideways to block the view of her PS4, as though he hadn’t already seen.

“You have a PS4,” he pointed out, shrugging his leather jacket-clad shoulders. He tweaked his brown hair. It stood up in a wavy careless way that said he’d spent at least an hour in the bathroom this morning.

“It was my ex boyfriend’s.” Leslie grabbed a magazine to fan herself, only too late to realize it was her latest copy of Science Weekly. She dropped it like it was hot, puffing out her breasts, hoping they were distracting. “He was a huge, I mean just a massive nerd.”

“Dude, that’s so lame. I bet he was, like, lame in bed.”

“Yeah, totally. He was all like, joysticks.” She air tweaked her nipples demonstratively.

He laughed, a little uncomfortably she thought. If she didn’t stop using gaming metaphors he’d know she was a nerd.

He came to her rescue, fumbling with her breasts. “These babies are more like footballs, giant footballs.” He gave them a hardy squeeze. “Yeah man, touchdown!”

With a giggle, she moved his hands down to her waist.

His hands rested lightly on her hips, eyes mischievous. “We could, make better use of your ex’s PS4.”

Leslie shuddered involuntarily, a chill of nervousness. If he got anywhere near wrecking her PS4, the charade would be up. “What did you have in mind?” She followed this with an almost whispered, “He might make me pay for it.”

“Shh, just sit, close your eyes.”

Leslie backed into the couch, eyes closed to slits. She could still see the shadow of his movement, just enough to determine that her PS4 was not experiencing any violence. She closed her eyes tightly as he darkened her field of vision.

“Hands up.”

Reaching for the sky she was insanely aware of her own smell, of the way her elbows quivered. Cold air spilled across her stomach as he lifted her shirt up and over her head, peeling it off in one fluid motion. Warm hands held her wrists together, wrapping them around and around with bands. The PS4 cords, he’d pulled them from the back. She took a deep breath, a new feeling tingling across her skin: excitement. This could be fun.

“If you want me to stop, just say… football.”

Well that was definitely a safeword she wouldn’t forget. She gave a small nod, biting her bottom lip suggestively. Well so far sex with a jock was turning out to be worth the lies and deception. He seemed to be taking her body cues in, pulling her bra down decisively so that it propped up her breasts in the most tantalizing fashion.  His fingers brushed over her exposed nipples deliberately, causing a sensation that greatly overshadowed the motion that caused it.

“You like this?”

She gave a small moan, jutting her chest up. “I do.”

“Then let’s take these off too.”

With her underwear and pants stripped, there was nothing shielding her skin from the black leather of her couch. The very thought made her both anxious and overwhelmingly excited. He pried her knees open gently until she was spread wide. She couldn’t bear keeping her eyes closed anymore, getting a good look at the wet shine that lay on the insides of her shaking thighs. Apparently, light bondage was her thing.

The feathery trailing of his fingers up her slit and over her clitoris made her gasp. He repeated the motion four times, each frustratingly slight. Those dark brown eyes caught her gaze, gaging her.

“If you show me you really want it.” His hand slid over his crotch, then back up her leg, massaging the soft, doughy flesh.

She wanted it alright. Four fucking months at least since her last boyfriend, not that he was a good fuck. And no, a dildo stuck to a chair was not enough. She must have fucked that thing at least three times in one go, riding the chair until it squeaked and complained.

“I want it,” she rasped.

“Show me.” He rose, unzipping his pants.

Leslie readied herself for a blow job, mouth opening wide.

He wagged his finger, catching her chin and pushing it up. “Too easy. On your hands and knees, ass up.”

It took a second for her to fully grasp that he possibly meant anal. She squirmed uncomfortably. This was unexplored territory, terrifying really. “Do I have to?”

He shrugged, starting to tuck his cock back into his pants.

“Ok, ok.” She flipped quickly, squeezing her eyes shut. I can say football, I can make him stop, I hope.

She flinched as he parted her cheeks, warm spit dribbling down over her exposed asshole.

“Just relax.”

Easier said than done. Just the touch of his finger made her move away, but she overrode the instinct, making herself sit still. He rubbed the space between firmly, giving her a sudden rush of pleasure even as he slid higher, gently pressuring her asshole. He pushed in just enough to meet resistance, then rubbed more, stroking up and down, then pushing. Leslie gave a moan, imagining what it might feel like to have his cock inside.

A little more spit. “Relax,” he whispered, kissing her shoulders seductively.

More pushing, this time further, deeper, against the resistance. This is so dirty, like a porn clip.

He continued, backing off, then pressuring until she could feel a surprising loosening of her sphincter. Then it happened. He forcefully shoved his wet finger all the way. She gasped, then pushed back against it, relishing the violation. This didn’t last long before he pulled out, positioning two fingers in the same area. More spit, more pushing, less prep. She, in fact, no longer needed as much prep. The area as a whole seemed to have relaxed completely and she was riding a wave of ecstasy. More was better, just not too fast. That’s what he gave her, finding space for three of his rather thick fingers.

The pumping, well that took it over the top. He went nice and deep, because evidently there was a spot there and he knew where it was. Every thrust hit it, every twist of his fingers brought her closer. If she could stroke her clit right now she’d be over the top for sure. In her desperation she scooched as far forward as possible, angling her crotch towards the couch back, hoping to get even the slightest friction. She managed as he thrust particularly hard, and the sensation was heaven. Unfortunately he noticed the excessive grinding, clicking his tongue and pulling back at her hips.

“Easy there, you little slut. It’s my cock, or nothing at all.”

“Then stop teasing me,” she snapped back.

His hands were so strong on her shoulders she could feel his agitation. “Do you want me to punish you, sassy little bitch?”

She nodded speechlessly, head bobbing hard. “Please?”

That was all he needed. She’d never know how he got the condom on so fast, but a little more spit and his cock was pushing against her aggressively. The bulging head felt way bigger than his four fingers. Panic filled her chest for a second, but she reminded herself to relax as he pushed in hard. The relaxing worked and his cock slid in, albeit with some pain. She gave a cry and he slowed, pulling out enough to add more spit, then pushing back in half way.

Once he achieved maximum penetration he began to give it to her good, left hand spreading between her legs and pulling her back as he thrust in. His fingers surprised her, hooking up against her pussy, palm pressing and rubbing her clit. The wetness there yielded to him, opening wide to all of his fingers, a nice tight fit. His right hand grabbed her breast, squeezing cruelly until she yelped. The mix of feelings hit her hard, making her head spin. Just as he managed to push his curled fingers most of the way into her pussy, slamming himself deep into her ass, she went over. That dark, warm stirring that always began in her pubic area blossomed, rocketing into her legs and up through her spine, much quicker than she was used to. This was followed by several dirty exclamations on her part.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuccckkkk!”

It got better as he pushed the deepest yet, cock spasming. That synchronicity was something special, his primal moans echoing in her ears.

Finally, her orgasm released her, letting lucidity settle in her brain. Yeah, so I just let an almost stranger fuck my ass on my couch, that’s loneliness right there.  He was still knuckle and ball deep in her, but slowly withdrawing. First his fingers slipped out with a wet squelch, then his cock backed out uncomfortably, tugged out the last couple of inches making her wince, then relax in relief.

She twisted around, eager to see his face as he fiddled with the cords around her wrists. He looked just as dazed as her, euphoric.

“How was that? Was I good?” she asked, eager for verbal conformation of what she saw in his eyes. He took a deep breath before answering.

“I think I just leveled up.”

His words snuck up on her, and he looked instantly ashamed, face flaming as she twisted around again to stare at him harder.

“I mean, dude, you just blew my mind,” he rephrased quickly.

Leslie raised an eyebrow. “Like a creeper?”

“M-m-more like, a, like a,” he finished in a low embarrassed whisper, “a wither.”

Needless to say, they spent the rest of the evening playing Fortnite and drinking wine.




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Rip the paper clouds

From the laden sky

A leaden catastrophe

As all my words leak

In rivulets down your face

Coat your white wings ashen

Blacken an already tarnished halo

A tongue to taste what I mean

A choke as they fill your throat

But never your heart

Grapple with these possibilities

With a singular weakness inside

You keep coming back

To my siren call

Wading into my perfect storm

Where all the shelter is destroyed

And only open fields remain

To lay and fuck

Under dark midnight skies

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Book Release: Fear Your Lust (Erotic Horror)

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fear your lust-page-001


What happens if you kill god? F**k an angel? Is there a hole or two you need filling? An inconvenient possession?
Follow along with these three quirky, erotic, but darker than dark stories and find out.


Fall from grace

A bigger hole

Reaching the sea

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A gallon hat

Over a desiccated shadow

Spit and cuss

But swear you know how to treat a lady

Perhaps, tonight, harvest moon

When my breasts hang full and bright

We can lazily twist wild grass into braids

Lay deep in the earth’s embrace

Naked, as though we wished it would accept us back into its womb

I’ll slap away your calloused hands

Rolling my soft curves until you can barely handle it

You want to be denied


Add your call to the nighttime symphony of crickets

You can almost taste it

Drown in it, like whiskey, poured straight

The cruelty of my fingers a chaser

You will be grateful for the weight of the saddle

For the prick of my spurs

A rodeo circus of depravity

Eight seconds, so you can qualify

Treat a woman right

Mr. Sloan


*All characters are fictional




Paint the sky
Beautiful pastel
Singing a haunting hymn of hope
That echoes in the cavernous clouds
I am falling
For your angel heart
Soft feather wings
Let me kiss your candy lips
twist your flaxen hair
Round my sullied fingers
Amongst fields of picturesque flowers
Oh my sweet thing
You have yet to taste
The heady toxin
Of my tongue between your thighs
Lay against the masterpiece
Of the earths curve
Until I turn your head
Rhythm of gravity pulling the sea
Your fingers rooting into the earth
Deep and intimate
I’ll bring you down
Until you shake
Exhaling primal calls
My softness pressed to yours
Wild abandon
Falling into dawns easy light
You will never miss home
Here in my arms

Heaven is Lost

I’ve stretched out your wings

Just to admire the holes

I know you won’t make it

The short trip up

So crash


Come down with me

I promise a small comfort

Amidst your tears

All this is yours

The wet field of Elysium

Between my thighs

The golden kisses

On every inch of you

Until you can no longer think

Come inside, don’t leave

Heaven is burning anyways

Better to be here

Under my kindness

I’ll treat you right

Into the dark night

Keep your nightmares at bay

Beautiful foreigner

I can speak in the tongue of angels

When you grow homesick

If you only make me your dominion

Rule over me, in strength and power

Become my savior

Lost one


A night creature

Crept into my dreams

His fingers yielded darkness across my skin

Teeth nipping at the life pounding through my veins

As I tossed and turned in lucid dreams

Reaching for him in the dark sea of cognizance

Escaping reality as he pulled me up over the horizon

Of heaving travesty

Slow decay, made slower by his ministrations

Every caress of his tongue, every contour

An explosion of ecstasy

Mounting and invading a willing city

Slick with evening dew of desire

How deep, how complete the submission

Until he partook of me

The predator consuming the prey