Who is the Herdless Witch?

Hi, I’m Meno Silencio (this is my pen name of course. Why? Do you think my parents were mad?). I’m a poet and aspiring novelist, who believes in freedom of religion, and the expression of such. I write in several genres, such as horror, erotic horror, erotica, and just plain Sci-fi, although I can’t promise I won’t end up writing something completely different (romance is an occasional favorite of mine).

In 2016 I self-published my first book of poetry, ‘sons and daughters of perdition’! (you can check it out here) This book, besides being my way of dipping my toes into the self-publishing world, is very special and personal to me. I hope if you enjoy the poetry I’ve posted on this blog, you will consider checking out a free sample ; )

In 2017 I published my first book of short stories ‘three threesomes for the price of one’ (all XXX of course). You can check them out here. In 2018 I published ‘Pain Sluts’, a collection of pain fueled erotica short stories. You can check it out here if that’s your cup of tea (don’t be shy, I won’t tell anyone, just our little secret).

Of course I’m the kind of writer that never stops writing, so expect a new self-published book (or two) in the next year! I plan on writing a lot of erotica for now, but don’t be surprised when more than a little horror pops up. : D

I hope you will take the time to peruse my existing works, and maybe even join me on my journey by following my humble blog. ❤

With blessings to all


PS. You can now follow me on twitter here! Thanks to everyone who has followed me so far, 200 plus and growing!

If you want to read more of my work (free), here is a link to my work on Spillwords. None of these works have ever been published on my blog, so enjoy!

You can also check me out on deviantart!

What can you read, and enjoy on the Herdless Witch’s blog?

Poetry: I regularly post new poetry, usually about one poem a week. You can link to my poetry page here, to read all of my previously posted poetry.

Short Stories: There are already a handful of short stories (most are not super short, but still short stories nevertheless) to be browsed on my short story page. I will be adding more as time passes, but for now, you can link to my existing stories here. These are just fun little pieces that I enjoyed writing, so they may be a little rough around the edges, I hope you enjoy them anyways!

Book Reviews (The Witch’s Bookshelf): My book reviews are half fiction and half non-fiction. I am also striving to build a nice database of pagan book reviews alongside my reviews of novels and other non-fiction pieces. All pagan book reviews can also be found under the Magic page here. Book reviews can be found here.

(If you want a brutally honest review of your book posted on the Theherdlesswitch, please contact me at Menosilencio@gmail.com, I will consider all genres. Published books only please.)

The Witch’s Herb Garden: This is a little page dedicated to my hobby of gardening. Come spring I’ll be adding more posts I’m sure! Until then you can link to my small offering here.

If I’ve forgotten anything (I know I have), or you’d simply like to read my recent posts check out my homepage here.

Bothersome copywrite info: All original content contained in this blog (not reblogged or quoted) is intellectual property of Meno Silencio © 2016. If you wish to reprint or use any of this content outside of WordPress reblogging, please contact me at Menosilencio@gmail.com or simply make sure to cite me and/or my blog as the source. Thank you ahead of time for helping maintain a fair playing field for artists everywhere!

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