The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica)

This story is rated R.
Read part 1 here.

Once he was laid out by the fire he shuddered, blue lips mouthing something inarticulate. Kara dumped blankets on top of him, then kneeled beside, rubbing his hand to bring back circulation. His fingers were strong and thick, tendons hinged on massive knuckles. Perhaps he hadn’t been out in the cold long, his skin was still soft and pliable. No real discoloration. In fact the color was coming back as she rubbed. That of course didn’t explain why he was buried under all that snow.

He awoke with a jolt, hand flying up and careening inches from the side of her face. Kara scooched back, almost knocking over a chair, but twisting around just in time to catch it.

“Don’t stand up, you’re naked still!”

He looked woozy for a moment, then his head swiveled towards her, crystalline lake blue eyes barely focusing. “Naked?”

“Yes, naked.” Kara wrinkled her nose.

“Did you, undress me?”

Kara lost her grip on the chair, it came back down on its feet with a thump. “I most certainly didn’t.”


“Do I look like a slut?”

“I barely know you.”


He scratched his head, lips falling into a frown. “Who are you then?”

He’s just woken up, why am I getting so flustered about a question like that, I really need to cool it. “I’m Kara. I dragged you in from the snow.”

“And I was naked already. Damn him.” There was a audible sound of teeth crushing against each other.

“Damn who?”

He waved the question off, jaw relaxing. “I’m Val, and I must thank you for taking the time to thaw me out.”

“Well Val, I couldn’t just leave you out there.” Kara gave him a half smile, brushing her chestnut hair back over her shoulder.

The covers rose with a twitch. Kara locked her eyes on the twitching, not thinking, just wondering.

Val pressed his hand over it quickly, flushing a surprisingly bright shade of red. “Sorry.”

“Are you, hard?” Kara’s eyes widened like dinner plates. “Why?”

A cockeyed grin spread over his face. “I guess he just can’t resist a gorgeous woman like you.”

All of the sudden Kara could feel every sweaty crevice of her body. Sure she’d taken a shower this morning, but who shaves in the tundra! She had an urge to jump up and open the door. The fire was too hot… he was too hot.

Val leaned in, face close to hers. “May I kiss you?” he asked softly, no longer smiling.

Kara made a gurgling noise, but nodded vigorously.

He hovered, lips so close she could almost feel the electricity of his neurons. A warm feeling rushed between her legs, resting there, engorging her with sensation. His kiss was gentle but firm, making the warmth between her legs sing in a most peculiar way, reminding her about its nagging emptiness. How long? Too long Kara decided, letting her hand wander across the covers. Val caught it, pulling her close.

“It isn’t very polite to touch without asking,” he reminded her mischievously.

Kara took a sharp breath. “Ok. C-can I touch it?”

Val shrugged, making a funny face. “Maybe.”

“Maybe. I saved you from the snow!”

“It’s also not polite to lord things over other people.”

“Well if I can’t touch it, then what?” Kara was faintly aware that her cheeks were radiating heat. Why the heck was he stalling, he was obviously turned on.”

“You can’t touch me, but I can touch you. How does that sound?” His fingers found the waist of her pants, giving it a little tug that made a thrill shoot through her.

“I think I’d like that.” She didn’t mind if he wanted to play games, if they got down to business sooner or later. “As long as you promise to touch me with it.” She nodded towards his engorged cock, which was making a sizeable tent in the covers.

“I can do that. Now lets take off your clothes.” He didn’t wait for her answer, tugging her shirt over her head.

Kara helped him, sucking in a breath as his massive hand mauled her left breast, which was still cradled in her sports bra. It felt wonderful the way he squeezed. Even better when he pulled the stretchy material down, letting her breast swell above it, chilled fingertips rolling her nipple. Kara undid her pants with one hand, clumsily and desperately. If only she was wearing a skirt.

“Mmm slow down. I’m not finished up here.” Val’s massive shoulders rolled as he turned and positioned himself, mouth latching onto her nipple.

Kara could only lean back her head, moaning quietly, feeling the wetness gushing warmly between her legs. You couldn’t make that kind of wetness with your hand, it was good old new-lover wetness.

As he switched nipples Kara pushed her fingers through his blonde hair, but he captured her wrist, pulling it back down to her lap. So silky though, smells good too, fresh.

“Mmmm, you’re good with your tongue.” Kara gazed down at her left nipple. It was hard and still damp, a smarting and delicious red from his sucking and licking.

He stopped sucking on her right, hand fondling her left again. “You have no idea, yet.”

Kara pressed her thighs together a few times with a desirous whimper. “Show me then.”

Val grabbed her shoulders assertively, guiding her to lay down on the blankets she’d spread out over him just ten minutes ago. The fire crackled and popped behind the iron screen, blustering heat like her pussy. She really couldn’t believe how ripped and well cut he was as he hovered over her, tugging her pants off slowly and teasingly. Of all the things you could find in the snow, this was by far the best. He spread her legs wide, revealing her soaked pink underwear. Kara arched her back as he rubbed his thumb over her cleft.

“So wet. Amazing, very amazing.”

“Am I too wet?” I hope he doesn’t think I’m a whore, it’s just been a long time.

Val laughed, a deep throaty laugh. “There is no such thing.” His fingers hooked under the crotch of her soiled panties, pulling it aside, pressing and rubbing his knuckles against her swollen clit as he did so.

Then his head bobbed down, disappearing between her thighs.  She squirmed, expecting his tongue any second, but all she could feel at first was his hot humid breath, then a touch, ever so slightly against her clit. At the same time his fingers spread her outer lips, exposing the delicate inner ones to his hot breath.

His tongue flicked between her labia, making her hips rise.

It swirled around her clit, then delved back, entering her this time, so that she gasped loudly. He alternated slowly and seductively between stroking her inside and out, keeping pace with her soft moans and squeaks. He wasn’t kidding about being good, she was tense, like a pot of water just about to break into boil. She had fistfuls of blankets, knuckles turning white, fingers aching, as he started to suck.

That was it.

That was all she could handle.

Her inner muscles clenched in a wave, not once, but twice. Kara rolled her eyes heavenward, neck arching so that she could see the cold kitchen linoleum. It was a blur, a nothing. The only thing that existed in that second was her ecstasy.



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