Here is the misery of savagery


As you weep under night sky


Your discarded children


All bones you have buried


Not in dirt


But in the floating debris


Of man’s relentless advancement


Then you are irretrievable




A death knell to the archaic and wayward fervor


In whatever way you have come to know its misery





I’ve followed the stars

Down the spine of the milky way

Wending, spiraling

Into your arms

My strong lover


So bend back the rushes on the river

Tilting you head up to me

You smell the sweet atmosphere

Taste stars on my lips as we kiss

But before long night recalls me

Spice Cabinet

Another amazing poem from one of my all time favorite wordpress bloggers!!! ❤

Dances with Tricksters

The woods are holy, and wholly haunted.
A witch in a wicker hut with poison herbs.
Hyssop, yarrow, nightshade, chrysanthemum.
In her spice cabinet, she takes the ointment
of anointment and greases her eyelids to
fly over the hedge, to the Fairy Reel ring,
where the Horned God dances in mushrooms
and toadstool, moss is her dress, dew in
her gold hair, and the young enchantress
holds congress with the Beast, mothering
millions of fallen souls, born into this
imperfect enchantment of a world, spices
stop, she is sleep-struck and flies away
to the land of dreams, where the Tuatha
de Danaan hold court, and Thomas the Rhymer
flutes a verse in her honor, the witch
curtsies to the fairy queen in her rags,
and all the changelings drink her milk,
and she is wetnurse to the wilderness,
and the Horned God returns from the Hunt,
and summer is high…

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She’s got the demons eyes

A belly full of brimstone

Skin coated with ash

A full moon sigh



Don’t you dare

Make her ask.


You’ve twisted and squirmed on her gallows tree

Hung in the midnight

Until she touches you

Softer than you expect

Deeper than you understand


Don’t you dare

Turn away.


A freedom opens inside

A wide road that you follow

Breakneck and nervous

Until wings of fire

Are tearing open your bloody shoulders


The only thing on your reborn lips?



A twist of the tongue

And I am deep inside of you

Exploring a secretive underworld

Of half whispers

Where only the darkness survives


So open your legs wider

Let me swim through the dimness

Dive into clandestine territory

And bring all your tender secrets

To the light


Defined in blood traces

Is a darkness

A fey sadness

Interspersing through my flesh

Through my fire

And raving

I raise to the morning

Dead eyes

Taste on my lips


Sweet iron

Sweet metal

Carving a road to tomorrow

A holy voyage

Through the stations of misery

And downwards into the inferno


You are gaping

Aghast at my torn body

But I am stretched

Bones disjointed

As I curl into my armor

My profane survival

Something beyond your fathoming

A fine sheen of sanguinity

Coming with each breath

Holding tight to sharp edges

And bright horizons