Deathnight of the Apocalypse #10

Disclaimer: This cartoon is not for people who are easily offended and/or don’t understand humor.




I imagined you by the sea

Shells tangled in your vermilion foam hair

A delicate salt

Crusted in beautiful whorls

You bent, vulpine, into the tide

Bare to the elements

In all of their savagery




Your maiden legs spread wide

Poseidon forcing himself between

Primal energy

Endless craving for replication

Sacred reproduction

In his ceaseless sway

Deep invasion

Your orgasm ran against the sea beds

Shaking the furrows of the deep

Making the kraken curl and uncurl

Blood lusty at the red taint upon Poseidon’s waves

How sweet that virginal sacrifice

Violently taken

That a dream, edged with nightmare

I was abashed to tell



The Passionate Poet, Almost 500 Followers and My Favorite Poetry Blogs!

When I started this blog I thought that I’d spend most of it writing short stories, talking about my novels, or something else particularly perverted. I’ve done some of those things, published collections of short stories, finished novels (that I will publish, someday, hopefully soon), enjoyed the company of people as kinky as me, but it’s the poetry that I keep coming back to.

Every week I post a new poem, and very rarely  do I get burnout. Most of the blogs I follow post poetry as well. Whenever I’m compelled to re-post something, it usually ends up being someone else’s poem. I do all these things almost unconsciously.

I shouldn’t be too surprised. I have notebooks full of poetry from before this blog, reams and reams, written just for catharsis. It’s a passion, plain and simple.

Poetry doesn’t pay though, everyone knows that. When I self-published my first book, a book of poetry Sons and Daughters of Perdition I did it just to learn about the process of self-publishing, not because I expected someone to buy it.

Now my blog is close to 500 followers, 500! That’s almost 500 people who subscribed to a predominantly poetry blog. Thank you to each and every one of those followers for giving my poetry a place to live, thrive and be seen.

More than that, I want to encourage other passionate poets out there. Don’t ignore your passion, grow it, tend it! Remember that it’s part of who you are, as a writer, as a person. Not all of the greatest rewards in life are monetary. You are part of a special, vibrant community. It has truly been my honor to read and enjoy your works with all of their various flavors and personal touches, and I plan on many more years of eating up your fiery passion, and licking my fingers over the remaining bones, beautiful they are. ❤


With that in mind, here is a list of my favorite poetry blogs:  is one of my all time favorite blogs! Allie, you are awesome! Unfortunately I think your blog is broken right now. Every time I try to go to it, it says it’s been deleted, but I still see you liking my posts. I hope you fix it soon,  I miss your poetry!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ is another blog I can’t get enough of! Well crafted and deep, I get lost in your long, beautiful poems! is a blog I’ve been following almost since I started my blog. D Elan, you always surprise me with your fresh and unique poetry! is a blog I just started following not too long ago, but have already fallen in love with! is another blog I’ve only just discovered. Henna, your poetry cuts like razors, a sharp dark pleasure!


These are some of my favorite poetry blogs, but there are so many other amazing blogs that I follow!!

Dearest readers, I challenge you to post below in the comments two of your favorite poetry blogs, along with a link to your own blog. Long live the poet, long live the passion!!!


Sending you light and love,

Meno Silencio ❤