The Snow God: Part 7 (erotica)

This story is rated R.

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He had just woken, Kara could tell by the tousle of his hair and the way his eyes blinked. He wasn’t expecting her either, rolling onto his side and jerking a little at the sight of her, all fresh and rested.

“We need to talk.” Kara straightened herself, as though that would strengthen her resolve. The covers pooled around his bulging cock, drawing her eyes relentlessly. He smelt so good too, so animal, sweat and sleep. How hungry he must be now.

Val rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “About?”

“Where we’re going. What you’re doing.” She crossed her arms, putting on the best serious face.

“Ok.” He sat up with a grunt, grabbing the pillow and plopping it on his lap. “What do you want to know?”

“Where are we going? Like I said.” Kara’s eyes trailed away from his now covered cock, and up his ripped chest, which was bare, stitches lying just under his massive shoulder.

“We, or at least I am, going to see my infuriatingly unreachable sister.”

Wonder if she looks as good as him. “And the man who wants to hurt you?”

“Izgrid. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.” Val rubbed around his stitches, jaw tightening, on the verge of a grind.

His fingers are so thick, I can almost feel them pinching my nipples.

Wetness blossomed between her legs, she ignored it.

“But What have you done to piss him off?”

Val’s eyes narrowed. “Nothing. I wasn’t the one. It’s complicated.”

Ah, he looks so sexy when he’s miffed. Why am I quizzing him about a stupid hallucination anyways?

Kara’s pussy felt a stirring, a phantom sensation of his girth, causing it to clench in delight. This was hard, too hard. Maybe he was dangerous, maybe he wasn’t, but all she could think of was what it felt like to be taken by him.

“Val,” she said softly, biting her lip. “Let’s go find you sister.”

“Come here first.” He crooked a finger at her, eyes gazing fire from below his thick brows.

Kara came closer, knees to the edge of the small bed, ready for his kiss. Val brushed his thumb over her nipple instead.

“Mm hard as a rock.”

His hand slid down her side, stopping to pressure her hip, then unbuttoning her pants. Kara squeezed her thighs together as his fingers pushed into her underwear.

“Wet. That’s lovely. Is it all for me?”

“Only…” Kara trailed off as he kissed her, lips aggressive, fingers pressing between her legs harder, rubbing and grinding.

There was absolutely no way to get her clothes off fast enough. Everything narrowed down to one need, to have him inside. Kara yanked the pillow off of his lap, throwing it on the floor. His erection was so full that it lied flat against his stomach, head well above his bellybutton. She pulled the covers down and was greeted by its wet, meaty head. His foreskin had already slid back, showing how painfully aroused he was, just rearing to go.

That made two of them.

Kara straddled him carefully, pushing him back when he tried to rise, holding onto the headboard for support. His hands caressed her hips, but he didn’t say anything, eyes locked on her breasts, mouth slightly agape.

Don’t say anything, just let me.

His bulbous head rubbed against her wet, freshly shaved folds, pushing them open, pushing inside, a delicious slow probing. Kara’s breath hitched slightly, if only this would never end. The tip filled her, opened her wide, and she rocked against it in answer, back and forth, back and forth, every sweep of motion electric. When his hips rose, she rose too, denying him.

My very own sex toy, and wow, what a toy.

His hands tightened on her hips, but he allowed her to continue teasing him. Kara leaned forward purposely, letting her breasts hang against his face, until he took advantage, snagging her nipple in his moist, wanting mouth, sucking and mauling it until she squeaked. That was when the coup began, hands pulling her down hard and fast onto his length, a sudden and tortuously pleasurable filling. His hips pounded upwards at the same time, pegging her deep, deep inside.


She tried to slow him, to fight him, as he switched nipples, shoulders straining, but when she pulled up, he pulled down again, hard. She pulled out to the tip a few more times, before giving up with a giggle.

My sex toy has a mind of its own.

A sweet rush filled her, removing time and place, removing identity. She was one with everything, with every sensation, every warm thrust of his cock, and when it twitched in fulfillment, she cried out in a voice that could have rent even the lonely tundra sky in two.





The Snow God: Part 6 (erotica)

This story is rated R. (there is no sex in part 6)

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It was Val who did the leaning now, as they sped along. Kara held him tightly, as if she would never be able to hold him again, arms aching tortuously.

Hours on hours, then she finally knew.

She was lost, careening aimlessly through the woods, inexpert at driving a dog sled to boot. Val had known where they were going, but he was unresponsive, breath ragged, body heavy.

The sled crested yet another hill, causing a large snowy owl to upset from the trees. It lifted into the sky with laborious wing strokes, flying above the dogs, brilliant against the blue sky.

Kara’s breath hitched as she slowed the sled, neck craning towards the beautiful sight. They should stop. The dogs were reaching the end of their energy, slowing willingly. They needed food, rest. The owl fresh from its perch raced ahead, bearing to Kara’s left gradually.

“Haw.” The word flew out of her mouth almost unconsciously. The dogs obeyed smoothly, pulling left and breaking through a sparse tree line. Branches whooshed by, making her wince, but the dogs pulled right through with ease, finding the openings. And if I crash his sled, hurt his dogs, what the hell am I going to do then? I need to get back into the open.

The owl was visible still, massive wings blocking out the gaps of sky with every beat. It must think they were chasing it. And I am, because I’m stupid and tired. The sled slowed even more, dogs reaching a consensus, it was time to rest. Kara squeezed Val’s wide shoulders, kissing the top of his head as they glided up a particularly bumpy ridge. His muscles twitched, face burying against her collarbone. She wished so badly that she could let go. But he needs me, I won’t let him down.

The trees thinned suddenly, dogs busting into the open with one last burst of energy, then grinding to a halt. The owl circled just above, swooping close to them, then taking off ahead. Kara followed it with her eyes.

That was when the shouting reached her. There were buildings up ahead and she’d been spotted already!

Two men hurried out into the open snow. One of them dressed in thick layers of fur, beard white tinged, shouldered Val with a grunt. Kara let go, relaxing and feeling the sweet sudden lightness of her muscles.

“Ay, what’s happened?” the other man asked, pulling off his knit hat and rubbing at a balding head.

“Wolf attack,” she informed him, feeling instantly foolish as the words left her mouth.

The man slapped his hat against his thigh to dislodge extra snow, giving her a strange look. “We’ll get him in then. You can bring the dogs over there if you’d like, give ‘em shelter and rest.” He swung his hat towards a group of buildings in the distance.

“Thank you sir.” Kara rubbed her eyes with a frown. “Where is he taking him?”

“There’s a doctor in room five. It’ll have to do.” He gave her a cold look and turned his back on her abruptly, catching up to the other man so that he could help drag Val in.

What’s his problem?

Her heart sank as they drag Val in. She wanted nothing more than to follow them, but the dogs were staring at her with curious blue eyes, pink tongues lolling. They’d done her and Val a better service than either of them could repay.

“Let’s get you guys fed then.”

After trudging tiredly through the task and making sure the dogs were secure, Kara headed up to room five. Before she got a chance to knock the balding man stepped out, closing the door securely behind himself. His bushy caterpillar eyebrows lifted when he saw her.

Not him again. “How’s he?”

“Doing alright, the doctor’s stitched him up fine. He’ll need some rest and hydration. You might come back and see him in a few hours.”

“No frostbite then?”

“Was he exposed that long?”

“Hours.” Kara took to looking sheepishly at her feet, scuffing a toe over the old wooden balcony planks.

“Really. Was this after the ‘wolf’ bit him?” There was a terrible acrid tone to his voice. “You might love the dog, but you’re doing no one a service blaming the wolves eh.” With that he pulled his knit cap back over his bald spot, taking off towards the stairs.

Kara’s fists clenched at her side as she took a very long deep breath. Being tired didn’t help her temper one bit.

“If it makes any difference, I believe you.”

She gave a start, not having noticed the man leaning against the railing. He was lean and young, handsome dark features accented by a touch of freshly fallen snow. He gave her a friendly smile showing rows of perfect white teeth. Like a model. I really need to get out more. If all the men I’m meeting look like models, I have to be imagining things.

“I’m Adam by the way.” He held out a large hand.

“Kara.” She shook it politely, already thinking about how to end the conversation. Staying awake any longer really wasn’t an option.

“That owl really likes you.”

“The owl. Yeah, I guess it liked me.” Was it even possible that he could see the owl from all the way up here?

Adam motioned out over the railing at the tree line. “It’s over there still.”

She followed his motion, eyes sweeping the frozen tundra and rugged pines. Sure enough, the owl was out there, perched on a pine, white feathers all puffed out comfortably.

“That your boyfriend in there?” He jerked his thumb towards room fives beaten door.

“I guess. Why?”

“You ‘guess.’ That doesn’t sound very serious.”

“What’s it to you?”

“Just curious.” He shrugged.

“I hate to be impolite, but I really need to rest.” Kara waved her hand at him, then took off for the stairs as quick as possible, but his voice caught her anyways.

“You should stay away from him.”

“From who?”

“From your not so serious boyfriend. He’s trouble.”

Kara swung around, not sure whether to be angry or frightened by such a personal and vaguely threatening comment. “It’s none of your-“

But there was no one there. Not even footprints that she could see. Shit, I really need sleep. I’m fucking hallucinating now.

The Snow God: Part 5 (erotica)

This story is rated R. (although part four contains no sex)

The Snow God: Part 1 (erotica),   The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica),   The Snow God: Part 3 (Erotica),   The Snow God: Part 4 (erotica)

They were racing, wind to their backs, dogs arrayed ahead, sleek spines arching with wild exertion and excitement. Kara pressed herself into Val’s side, watching the vast snow fly below them. Feeling safe for the first time in a long time. Every once in a while he would press his stubbly chin against her head, strong hand caressing her shoulder. Kara liked that more than she could say.

It was almost a solid day (by dog sled) to the nearest real town, and if you were going to go anywhere the easy way, you had to go there first. Kara could count the number of times she’d been to the nearest town on one hand, and was slightly afraid that Val would find that out sooner or later. What he must think of her, living like Some lonely savage out in the tundra.

Once it was time to stop and feed the dogs, they took up yipping and howling excitedly. Val served them, roughing each ones head affectionately. Kara watched from a nearby sun soaked rock. He was a man alright, grinning as dogs licked his fingers and wagged.

He cares for them, like children.

Kara looked down at her own hands with a frown. Did he even know she trapped for a living, that her father had done so before her? Some people just didn’t take well to the notion, especially city people. They couldn’t understand killing to live, but that was natures way, you had to kill something to live, even if it was just a plant.

Val slogged back, throwing the sack of food back in the sled. “You have rings under your eyes. Do you want to make camp early?”

“I’m fine, we’ll make camp at the end of the day.” Kara shifted on the rock, brows furrowing at the question.

“I won’t think you’re a sissy.”

“Sissy? Really?” Kara shot him a deadly look, but he deflected it with that charming smile. “Why would you even say that?” Kara’s voice echoed off the sparse trees and white sky, so much louder than intended. Are we seriously going to get into a fight already? Maybe this wasn’t the good idea I thought it was.

Val opened his mouth to say something undoubtedly cocky, but was interrupted by an eruption of snarling. His head swung towards the team to see if some of the dogs were getting into it. As a consequence Kara saw the wolf first. Her throat clenched up, and for a second she thought she might not be able to say anything at all.

“Wolf, wolves, there’s wolves Val!”

Five, no, seven wolves, more than Kara could even count, were flanking them, hackles raised, heads low and intent. She hadn’t heard them or seen them coming, and it made her skin prickle under the layers and layers of her clothes. Wolves weren’t something you saw, they feared people just as much as people feared them.

Val’s large hand shoved her unexpectedly toward the sled. “Get in,” he commanded with a growl. “Stay low, they’re here for me, not you.”

Kara didn’t argue, getting in the sled behind a team of dogs that was now going insane, tangling leads and crying bloody murder.

Val scooped a large stick off the ground, standing spread leg and strong as the wolves circled. They were hesitating, put off, hoping for a chase, but Val wasn’t going to give them what they wanted. Instead he thumped the stick against his hand and gave a loud guttural whoop. A few of the wolves flinched back, fading into the edges of the pack. The rest stayed, drawing the circle closer and away from the sled dogs, who despite their best efforts were still only rocking the sled that Val had tied to a tree.

Then all hell broke loose.

Several of the wolves lunged, one to clamp its jaws around Val’s leg, another going for his throat. Val shook off the one on his leg, but struggled with the other. The wolf tore at his bicep, bringing the cloth away with a gush of blood that bathed its crinkled snarling nose. Val gave him a good swat with the stick, but his eyes were elsewhere, running quickly over the pack, then settling on the largest wolf that teetered restlessly back and forth, apparently waiting for the right moment. Val lunged at him, coming very close, but whacking the stick down in the wet snow. Undeterred he pressed forward, pursuing the wolf, even as another latched on to his thigh. This time his aim and speed were true and the big wolf yelped and snarled, answering the attack with a row full of fangs. Val took the chance to grab him by the nape, fingers cruel. They struggled, each viciously gripping, but Val didn’t seem to feel pain like the wolf, who took up a sharp prolonged yelping. Val let go. The wolf fell, flailing to right itself, then retreating, the others following.

They broke after that, tails low, taking off into the tundra, dissipating like a flurry of snow.

Kara stumbled out of the sled, rushing to Val’s side. He was kneeling in the snow, shoulders shuddering slightly. He cussed in a low voice, then pulled off his shirt. Blood coated his smooth chest, making a panic rise in Kara’s belly. The wounds were deep, deadly.

“Stem the bleeding, here use my scarf.” She held it out, not even sure she remembered taking it off.

Val shook his head, giving a pained grunt. He scooped up a handful of snow instead, mashing it against the wound on his chest, using another handful to cleanse away the blood.

“You’re going to get frostbite!”

Val huffed. “Cold doesn’t bother me.” He looked so tired as he said it. “Not like it bothers you.” He bent over, bowing deeply, forehead touching the snow and gritted his teeth.

Kara’s hands hovered over his wide shoulders. “Val? What do you need me to do?”

The grinding stopped, followed by more puffs of breath. “Untie the sled, straighten out the dogs, we need to go.”


Dear readers: Side note here, expect part 4 of ‘the snow god’ tomorrow : D Thank you for your patience! Also, this poem is a little different than my usual works, hope you enjoy it anyways ; )




Simulated breath

Into my simulated core

Rising into simulated infinity

A simulated more






To the simulated god

With a crooked middle finger

And a poison smile

Eat from his tree






A piece of you stirs

The cold metal barrel of time

Pressing your ribs

So that you cannot sleep

The Snow God: Part 4 (erotica)

This story is rated R.

The Snow God: Part 1 (erotica)        The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica)      The Snow God: Part 3 (Erotica)


Kara sat in the corner of the old wood outbuilding, wrapping the last few coyote steaks by the light of the lamp. It was a slow season so far, but the coyote was big and she’d be eating well. The wind howled outside like a raging maniac, unpredictably quiet, then deafeningly loud, drowning out the crinkling of the wax paper.

Her eyes wandered to the pile of traps piled in the corner. She’d brought them all in, dumped them there, empty, bite removed. I’m just bringing them in to clean, inspect. I’m not stupid.

Yet a part of her silently tugged, whispered about how he might be back come dawns light. I said no, do I expect him to somehow construe that as ‘maybe’, as ‘I want to, but I’m afraid’.

Kara shook the thought off, focusing on her work. This was what was important. This was food, supply’s, whatever she couldn’t go without. She’d return the traps tomorrow, knowing that if she faltered the tundra would sense her weakness and grind her to icy dust.

Once she’d scrubbed herself clean with the water boiled over the fire and checked the clock that sat on the mantle (safe from freezing), it was an hour and a half til the sun would rise, cracking the dawn. She moved heavily through the small house, cold from the floor seeping through her socks. Kara stripped despite it, folding her clothes and laying them on the night table, glancing in the mirror, cupping her breasts, weighing them, trying to imagine what he saw, what had made him make love to her like a beast. She couldn’t see anything special though, so she crawled under the pile of quilts and comforters, spreading her average limbs out to fully feel the caress of the chilled blankets over her naked body.

As her eyes closed, every muscle and nerve hummed with unrequited energy. Sleep was sorely needed, but the memory of Val’s lips were hot on her breasts, burning between her thighs, engorging her as though she’d been denied the paradise of climax.

Kara gave in, fingers skimming her own sensitive areolas, teasing the already hard nipples, then slowly, very slowly pinching and rolling them until her back arched, small sounds of pleasure escaping her lips. But she faltered, stopping to lick the tips of her fingers, making them damp, like his perfect lips. It wasn’t exact, but if she imagined hard enough it made every touch tingle between her legs. Her knees spread wide, moist inner lips flowering, exposed and waiting for the intimate plucking of her fingers, which wandered slowly down her flat belly and obliged, teasing them ever so lightly. Two of her fingers worked her nipples relentlessly, doubling the sensation of every touch. Kara delved slightly into her own wetness, capturing it and pulling it up to her sleeping clit. She stroked impatiently, eliciting the desired spike in pleasure.

The pressure of him pushing my legs open, the way his hips rest heavy on mine, the tip of his hard cock.

Her fingers bunched together, pressing against her entrance, opening herself slowly.

It was so deep, so steady.

Her fingers slid in easily, spreading wide to imitate his girth. Kara struggled to reach the desired depth, chasing the orgasm that was just at her fingertips. It came though as her fingers delved particularly deep, bringing a wonderful rush.

She lay back after that, pulse pounding in her ears. As the feeling faded she began to feel something else, something unexpected.



It curled up in her stomach like an unmovable rock, making her shake and quiver. First her shoulders, then her hands as she wiped at the hot tears pooling in her eyes.

Why had she said no!

Dawn was reaching its suddenly cruel fingers through the cracks in her curtains, lighting up her tiny room.  There was absolutely no reason for him to come back, and no reason for her to go to him. And how would I even find him? What would I say?

Kara rolled over on her side, clutching the blankets close to her face, sobbing. She was screwed, doomed to live out here alone forever.

That was when the pounding on the door started. Kara bolted upright with a gasp. The pounding stopped. She scrambled for her clothes, pulling on the basics, pants and shirt, no underclothes.

More pounding.

Damn her eyes were so wet and teary. She dried them quickly on her shirt, rushing to the door. Her hand paused on the door handle, heart racing like a herd of horses, then she opened it, almost afraid to look, to be disappointed.

She wasn’t.

Val was standing on the porch, the strong morning sun cloaking his huge shoulders like gold, adorning his hair angelically.


He smiled at her, then stopped, looking serious. “Why have you been crying?”

Kara swallowed, her pride aching. “I haven’t been crying. Why are you here? I thought you had some urgent business.”

Val shrugged casually. “Well I didn’t want you to think I was a cad, not returning the clothes you lent me.” He held out the bundle, all neatly folded and wrapped in a blanket.

“Oh. Thank you.” Kara gave him a shy but appreciative smile, shifting her weight and almost unconsciously pushing her breasts out. Val’s eyes fell slightly, but pulled back up to her face. A awkward silence ensued. Then finally-

“I still want you to come with me.” Val’s eyes burned with passion as he said it. “I know you don’t know me, and I know-”

“I’ll come with you.” Kara could feel her face flushing. “Let me pack a few things, and secure everything.” She turned back in the house then, hand over her heart, not able to stop the grin spreading across her face.