I hang stark from your gallow trees

An unrepentant grey hollow

In your black and white


You are the doomsman

I am the fresh throat

Under your knife


I swallow your spikes

A perverse Iron hug

That leaves me aerated


But I’m the only imperfection

You can’t erase




Rise of the Machines (1)

My two hundred word story, as promised. : D

Rise of the Machines (1)

The neighborhood men, boyishly excited, gathered around Darnell. He thumbed his drone’s controls. The machine began buzzing loudly, hovering, no steering required.

Tim leaned over Darnell’s shoulder. “Buzz my house, I wanna see Amber’s face when it comes over the fence!”

Darnell flew up and three houses over, eyes on the phone connected to his controller. Uniformed rooves and green backyards flew by. Darnell lowered into the greenest one, finding that spot of pale flesh and auburn hair, Tim’s wife stretched out on a sun chair.

“That’s my sexy wife!” Tim whooped.

Amber raised her sunglasses, pink lips curving into a smile, glossy hair ruffling in the drone rotor’s breeze. That alone made Darnell’s cock twitch. Better, a tiny black bikini barely covered her delicious curves. The men hushed as her shapely hand slid over a flat tummy and under thin bottoms. Darnell leaned away from Tim’s heavy breathing.

“Get closer man,” Tim demanded.

Amber’s soft breasts came into view, bullet nipples perky. Slender fingers worked rhythmically below, a silent porn. Darnell held the controller one handed, shoving down his pants. When her breasts thrust skyward orgasmically, he too came all over his thick dark fingers.

Machines 1, humans 0.


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I am sad and bone today

Arching my back into the limitless sky


The canyons follow my caress

Sweeping rivulets of peace


Allowing me to rest

On windswept stones


I am far above now

Looking down on your hopeless decay


Maybe now

My heart will rest

What I’m up to

Hello my lovely readers! The end of December was hectic (with quite a few sick day), so extra posts were few and far between. But worry not, I’ve been working hard on a lot of exciting projects. For one thing, I’m nearly done with my first novel, ‘the blackwater witch’. Pretty soon I’ll be sending it off to a wonderful editor, Sam Thorne, who I totally suggest hiring, but only after she’s done editing my novel (just kidding : D, seriously, check her out).

I’m also working on a new collection of short stories, speculatively titled ‘a punishing seduction’. Needless to say, this one will be dark and erotic. ❤ Just the way I like it.

I have a couple more short stories in the wings as well. Should have a new 200 word story up next week, to give you guys a little thrill ; p So keep an eye open for that.

By the way, you can find me on wattpad. I haven’t posted any stories yet, but I plan to in the future, starting with a story I originally released on this blog. It’s so old it got buried, so I decided to give it a second life. If you head over there check out this awesome story from my fellow blogger ‘dances-with-tricksters’, who just happens to be on my list of favorite writers.


What have you guys been up to? Let me know below!






Sly slivers

Half moon bruises


Drown me in your watching pool

Where you dip petal fingers

Under summer’s whispered thrall


I am falling between your legs

Worshiping the soft horizons


Dig in

Hold me tighter


Leave me floating in your mindspace

Where you chase ethereal thoughts

Under vitality’s wavering gaze


I am quivering at your touch

Piercing your intimatcy


Sly minx

You own me


Fragile wings shudder

And I touch what you cannot give willingly

But your bones and skin say:

‘Take it from me,

Leave me like an empty space.’


My fingers mangle the feathers

pull and tug

And you sigh

A whisper of desire

So forbidden and dark


You want me to take you apart

Piece after sweet piece

Press your lips here

Against my chest

To seal away your screams


Let me be the fullilment

The unspoken master

And even if your wings break

Brittle and delicate

I will never abandon you