Deathnight of the Apocalypse #17

Disclaimer: This cartoon is not for people who are easily offended and/or don’t understand humor.


Parking Lot

Hollow unrelenting rain

In a parking lot

I found you

Down below the concrete and asphalt

A midnight hour

Where we could kiss with haste

Eyes on the horizon

I’ve dug myself bloody

Every single moon

To be here now

Where I know you are

Left, forgotten

By all but me

The soil underneath is hard

Like the bones of your fingers

Packed into unfertile waste

Yet we’ll make something beautiful

In the taste of decay

Something perfect

In your marred visage

Close to mine

Let’s twine like roots

Become one heart and soul

Because true love transcends death


They don’t like if you laugh while you’re bleeding


You don’t know who I am

Every solitary word a hum of desolation


Yet I am still stretched up and over the sky


Rested on eons of vibration

Eyes closed, a slow drift into eternity