A long residing melancholy

Bridges sunset

To sunrise


My bed is a twisted wreckage

I’ll part with burnt hands

Til I find the surface


Hoping it won’t find me there.



Love this poem from M. V. Clarke! Very refreshing ❤

For Much Deliberation

the life-room is empty

there are no pictures

no breathing

the life-room is dark

the floor is covered with dust 

there are cobwebs in the corners

and the silence

is loud

it gnaws at the senses and numbs the brain

the life-room is killing me

I can’t breathe in here…

© mvclarke, April 2018


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Amnesia (Erotic Short Story, M/M)

This story includes no actual sex (I know, sad faces all around), and clocks in 489 words.


Clay couldn’t quite dislodge his boot from the tight crack in the red rocks and ended up slipping his foot out. The dusty ground was hot as he wrestled with the boot, rocking it back and forth, back and forth. He gave up after a while and sat down heavily in the dirt, staring up into the deep blue sky, tears rolling down his cheeks. It was a fine damn thing being here all alone, trying to pretend that he could do things like this alone.

Henry would have already yanked the rocks apart with his sheer muscle, the same muscle that held Clay tight in the dark long nights. It was back to being the skinny, helpless freak for Clay.

A shadow fell across him, bringing a welcome coolness with it. “You OK. there buddy?” a deep voice asked.

Clay craned his neck, looking up at the large man. He had a thick shiny mustache, chocolate brown eyes and a massive cattleman-style cowboy hat. Clay wiped his tears away quickly, apprehensive. Perhaps this would be the day he died. Country people weren’t exactly welcoming to his kind. Not something he’d ever had to worry about with Henry on his arm. “I’ve just gotten my boot stuck here, sir.”

The man came down to Clay’s level. “You can call me Lewis, and you look like you’ve got more problems than just this boot. Anything I can help with?” Lewis gave one of the rocks a good wiggle and yank, uprooting it like a tooth out of a gum. He seemed friendly enough, not menacing, despite his size.

“I doubt it,” Clay mumbled, cheeks burning. He wasn’t likely to find someone to replace Henry. All those years, all those memories, so hard to forget. “My boyfriend just broke up with me.”

Lewis looked at him curiously, holding out the boot for Clay to take. “Really.”

“Really, truly.” Clay pulled his boot back on with a sigh. “I shit you not.”

Lewis leaned in close, bulky hand resting on Clay’s knee, squeezing slow and even. “Do you need help getting back to your cabin?”

“What kind of help are we talking about? Do you have a car?” Clay looked up into his face, trying decide quickly if he liked the mustache.

The mustache twitched as Lewis shook his head and smiled, showing a row of straight teeth. “But I can carry you back.”

“And then?” Clay shivered involuntarily, biting his bottom lip. He liked the mustache.

“Then I figure you’ll need some rest, and I’ll need some rest.” Lewis smiled wider yet, face getting closer and closer until Clay could feel his breath washing over his skin.

Clay let his eyelids droop, angling his chin up, waiting. Lewis took the cue, kissing Clay tenderly.

“I think I just developed amnesia,” Clay whispered after he broke the kiss, grabbing one of Lewis’s strong arms. “You’ll definitely have to help me back now.”



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There’s a ghost at your side

Always whispering

Whorls of words

That drift like ash

Falling into your oblivion


Oh what have you done?


There’s a night so deep

Laid over your skin

Always heavy

With the remnants of your guilt

Piled, heap upon heap

Destroying your everything


I know what you’ve done, dear.

We all know,


Because we have too.

9 Mistakes That Will Screw Up Your Blog

Couldn’t resist sharing this super useful blog post from Cristian Mihai about mistakes that will screw your blog!!!

Cristian Mihai

After months or even years of thinking about it, you finally decided to start your own blog. You sat down at your desk, maybe planned for a few hours, gathered your thoughts, and punched the damn keys.

Feeling a bit nervous, a bit excited (you weren’t sure what you were feeling) you eagerly waited for stuff to happen. After all, it’s all about writing and clicking on that blueish little Publish button, is it not?

Well… the feedback you receive is the kind that makes 95% of bloggers quit. Soul-crushing silence. That’s enough to break even the toughest warriors.

What happened? Where did you go wrong? Where are all the readers?

Mistakes. That’s what happened. I know, because I’ve been there. I made my fair share of mistakes. Some of them I even fixed. Now I am working on making new ones.

But let’s just focus on the…

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You must stop reminiscing at every date.

This stirred me, very beautiful poem!

monica byrne

My wonderful father, at age 76, has won a poetry prize.

Here is the winning poem: “You Must Stop Reminiscing at Every Date,” about my mother. By Donald E. Byrne Jr., published in Red Clay Review, November 2017. Posted with permission.

Read it aloud.


We do the annual calendar together:
I read from the little datebook you have kept,
you copy laboriously with magic marker
names and years of births, anniversaries, deaths,

under numbers you can barely see. Each year
our children are born, baptized, confirmed, receive
first penance and first holy communion. Each year
my parents are born, and die. Your friend, Marydee,

her husband Frank, and daughter Julie
die each year of carbon monoxide; Lisa survives,
and is married. Carl dies, a suicide.
We move to Pennsylvania again, and buy

this house. I get my Ph.d. You have
the tumor removed from your brain and lose…

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Spring Garden Update!

Spring is here!!!

I haven’t posted any updates on my garden in a very long time, but I’ve been busy gardening nevertheless. Since it’s spring/winter I’ve been starting my garden inside. This is the second year and I’d love to share what I learned from last year.


Not everything needs to be started inside: Ok, I’m obviously a novice city gardener, but so is most of the population! Where I live winter is unpredictable, it comes, it goes, it slams us with a foot of snow after a bunch of relatively warm days. The weather has been this way as long as I can remember. So what can be started outside, foot of snow or not?

Peas: Peas love cold weather! You can pop the seeds in the ground early march. They’ll start coming up by themselves and can withstand tons of snow and sporadically cold temps. As long as the temperature gets above the teens during the day they should be fine. I have a total of twelve pea plants sprouting up now!

Arugula: This stuff is tough as nails. I just seed it in the fall after the plants have bolted (gotten all big and gangly with seeds). I pull the dry plants out, break the seed pods and throw them where I’d like them next year. My arugula is already coming up, has been for the past month or so. It has survived super chilly temperatures and snow same as the peas.

Carrots: Carrots seed the second year and they actually need a good icy winter.

  • Plants that are best started inside: I’ve had mixed luck with vegetables. Last year I had lot of success with tomatoes (finally), but only because I caved and bought some already grown tomato plants. My biggest problem has been bugs. I’ve gotten tomatoes to grow, only to have the tender shoots chomped down to nothing in the middle of the night. This year I’ve started some cherry tomatoes inside with huge success. I have six plants, more than I need (nice to give them to other people). Anyways, here’s a small list of plants that I’ve grown inside with success.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers like nice warm soil. Just make sure to give them lots of root space, a whole pot to themselves and they’ll get massive.

Parsley: I actually kept a parsley plant indoors this winter. They’re another plant that seeds the second year, so fingers crossed.

Citronella: This is another keep indoors plant. I’ve kept a clipping growing in water. I won’t plant it outside until I’m sure the weather will stay warm enough.

Tomatoes: These are surprisingly easy to grow in a super sunny windowsill.


  • Challenges

Overwatering: I have to be very careful to be sparing with water. Overwatering can cause mold and fungus, not good…

Rootspace: If you have a deep enough windowsill small indoor pots are awesome for growing. I’ve found those little biodegradable seedstarters are not big enough. If you’re not going to start your garden too soon the seedstarters should be sufficient. They are pretty handy and make transferring the plants a snap. Unfortunately I’ve start my garden earlier than ever this year. Next year I’ll probably just grown most everything in regular indoor pots (my windowsill is deep enough).

Light: I’ve been blessed with a super bright, super sunny windowsill! Not true for all of us. : ( Eight hours of light is best. If not most plants will be weak and tiny. One solution is a grow bulb. I found them at the local hardware mega-chain for around four dollars a bulb. That’s super cheap! You will need a metal lamp. I suggest the thrift store. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that these bulbs get very hot, and everything they shine on gets very hot. Goes without saying, but: don’t leave them on when you’re not home.

Also keep in mind that plants vary in light needs. My citronella for example is in a low light window, has been all winter. It looks fabulous. Herbs also do well enough with less light. Crops of course like a lot more light.



What’s your garden look like?: Love to hear from you guys! There are so many awesome gardening blogs on wordpress. Comments and tips are always welcome, just leave them below. : D


With many blessings,