Corpse boy

Corpse girl

Are dancing

A romance of twisted spines

And bent feet

Over a moonlit road

Full of solemn promises

And half whispers of decay


Perhaps in a life

We would have parted already


A corpse flower

For a corpse boy, said the girl

All my entrails are on display

A putrid reminder

Of my faults

Stolen kisses in backseats

Broken promises

Hidden under skimpy black dresses


It’s true

In life we would have already parted


A death embrace

For a death girl, said the boy

Hold me closer so I can recall

What supple flesh is

So I can imagine

You are my forever

To hold and have

As you disintegrate under my fingertips


Even in life

I would have found a way to never part



I will search for you still

When the last hand is held

The last breath is taken

When we are separated by a cosmic sea

Desperately ruddering our boats

To the shining of each heart.

So hold my hand tightly

Kiss me softly

And take the years as they come.

May they be long

Update: June 28th

Hello dear readers, and passerby’s that have stopped to gawk, as you may have noticed I like to give you updates every once in a while. A sort of pulling the curtain back to glimpse at the wizard. Isn’t that what we writers are? Silent wizards, waiting to burst onto the scene and start making cows fly and houses get sucked up into tornadoes (yes I know the wizard didn’t do that in the book). So here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve finally finished a short story I’ve been working on since last year, which has simultaneously been driving me nuts and sucking the life force out of my writer soul. Now I can edit it, which is a lot easier. This story is the second to last story for my upcoming book of short stories ‘Pain slut’. This last story shouldn’t give me half as much trouble (said every writer as they rode towards a flaming dragon of a story).

I may have not been able to finish that story quickly, but I did write a shit-load of other short stories while I was agonizing over it. I managed to edit and send one out for an anthology called ‘blood in the rain’. They may perhaps let me know by the end of July. I’ve also managed some flash-fiction for Circlet press. They do erotica for geeks, so I should fit right in. : D Some editing and my story will be ready to go.

The last thing I’m getting ready to dive into is (fingers crossed) my last edit of the lengthy first novel ‘Blackwater Witch’.

A hearty thanks to all who have put up with my relative silence, and come back again and again to my blog despite it. I hope I will be able to please you thoroughly with my lurid and vivid imagination. That’s the dream after all!


Sending you all light and hope for tomorrow,



I live here

Breathe here

Caress it and watch me slip right out

I’ve tormented it

Been tormented by it (why the confines?)

But a slow and silently respiration tells me

I’m nothing without my skin


It tells my stories

Defines my borders

Protects my inner-workings

Seems so simple

In all of its complexity



A dark fucking winter

The young despair

The thin-backed stretch and break

Under the weight of their own pain

Scars we are no longer ashamed of

Remind us

We are only trying to be better

Perpetually waking under a dim sky

Scratching out hollows

In our ice laden hearts

Waiting for the thaw