Paint the sky
Beautiful pastel
Singing a haunting hymn of hope
That echoes in the cavernous clouds
I am falling
For your angel heart
Soft feather wings
Let me kiss your candy lips
twist your flaxen hair
Round my sullied fingers
Amongst fields of picturesque flowers
Oh my sweet thing
You have yet to taste
The heady toxin
Of my tongue between your thighs
Lay against the masterpiece
Of the earths curve
Until I turn your head
Rhythm of gravity pulling the sea
Your fingers rooting into the earth
Deep and intimate
I’ll bring you down
Until you shake
Exhaling primal calls
My softness pressed to yours
Wild abandon
Falling into dawns easy light
You will never miss home
Here in my arms

Deserve Better

Shy little thing

Peeking out over my consciousness

I kept you in palm

Took you up to heights

Where your small wings

Felt like an eagle

Every time, you repay me

In soft ways

And lovely words

Whispered in my ear

So that I sleep on sugar dreams

Of your soft flesh

Stretched out in my bed

Pushing back your mousy hair

So I can see how bright those eyes

You’ve been hiding for countless years

They really screwed you

Left you to tears and destruction

But here I am



So put it away

Let it float away down a river

Strewn with fire and debris

All your yesterdays


My sweet woman

You deserve better


You stand before me

Dust on a roads tongue

A perfect summer


Have you got the heart to stop my trembling?

I’ll swallow you down

Coldest water

On parched lips

I promise

Just give me the sanctuary of your hands

Slow taste of your skin

Fine entanglement

Parking Lot

Hollow unrelenting rain

In a parking lot

I found you

Down below the concrete and asphalt

A midnight hour

Where we could kiss with haste

Eyes on the horizon

I’ve dug myself bloody

Every single moon

To be here now

Where I know you are

Left, forgotten

By all but me

The soil underneath is hard

Like the bones of your fingers

Packed into unfertile waste

Yet we’ll make something beautiful

In the taste of decay

Something perfect

In your marred visage

Close to mine

Let’s twine like roots

Become one heart and soul

Because true love transcends death


He lifts his wings

A strong slope of pity and self-doubt

And he hides under the iridescent bows

‘Til I pull them aside

Spreading the feathers in fans of light and color


His eyes are shaded and low

Shoulders hunched to the earth

Waiting for my fingers trailing into the sinews

Water into thirsty ravines


I will open him

Slow and delicious

Unwinding his defense

Softening his shell

Wings spread, an iridescent sun enfolding us


Finally, we breathe the same breath

Holding onto the sky

In tumultuous pleasure

Becoming one



Shiver, my love

Every piece of you is mine

The sun burns, drips molten

Onto you bronze thighs

A celestial seduction

I take my riens

And hold the day

You cannot say no

My love has blackened your will

Driven it away to the absent night

Leaving only desire

Open to me

A flower, worshiping the life source

I will warm you to a fire

And make you the cosmic womb