The Snow God: Part 3 (Erotica)

This story is rated R.

Read part 1 here. part 2 here.

It was only fitting that Val should mount her with the energy and abandon of a deep winter blizzard, skin kissed with ice. Kara wrapped her legs around his fit torso, trying to hold the storm in, to never let it leave. His cock was relentless between her legs, making wet quick noises, poking and prodding her center of pleasure, and even though all the pleasure had already been spectacularly released, Kara could feel a new wave rising.

He could feel it too, blonde hair tickling her collar bone as he leaned close, sucking her nipples, letting his teeth worry them. She imagined that his tongue was still soaked in her scent, wet and warm, like an animal.

Like an animal, hunting me, instead of me hunting it.

Her limited experience with men told her he must come soon, so she tensed, pushing her hips to the rhythm, chasing the elusive second orgasm, praying to gods unknown. But every second she expected, nothing came of it, instead the feeling that he was intent on her pleasure only grew. Kara relaxed in response, digging her fingernails into his perfect back, loving how pliable his skin was, how good it smelled.

“A dirty girl like you needs a strangers cock to come twice,” he whispered in her ear, with not even a hint of breathlessness. That was the nail in the coffin, sending her over the edge.

A strangers cock, I’m fucking a stranger, and I’ve only known him for half an hour tops, half an hour and two orgasms.

Val must have been holding himself back with all his strength, because as soon as he felt the clench of her orgasm he also came, cock twitching and ramming deeply, breathing rising to a crescendo. When he was finished, he kissed her lavishly, sweetly all over her bare shoulders and cheeks.

“You are spectacularly explosive, like fire.” He paused in mid thought, words obviously heavy on his lips. Kara waited, staring at them intently, at their perfect curve and hue. “I only hope you won’t burn me.”

“I won’t burn you. Why would I?” Me, meek old Kara? I can’t imagine.

His blue eyes flickered with worry for a second, but then he smiled brightly. “Come with me then. I could use the company.”

Kara’s heart seized slightly, she’d let him have his way with her, that was one thing, but now he was asking her to go somewhere with him. “Where is it you want me to go?”

“I have to find my sister, we’re in a great deal of trouble.”

“Does this have anything to do with you turning up naked in the snow?”

“Everything, unfortunately.”

Kara gave him a suspicious look. “Exactly what kind of trouble are you in?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Val rolled off of her, away from the fire, wiping sweat from his brow. “Either way, I have to go.”

She sat up too, pulling the blankets up against her chest. “You just got here.”

“It’s urgent.” His blue eyes were fixed on her again, and she felt the same tingle as he leaned in to kiss her. “Can you come with me?” it was a whisper, a pleading.

“I-I barely know you… Besides, I have to take care of things here. I’m the only one.”

His eyebrows knit together. “I understand.” He stroked her cheek lightly giving her one more passionate kiss.



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