Black Friday (short story)

“Packages are half off!” Miranda giggled uncontrollably, dropping her beer bottle. “Let’s go in!”

“It’s a black Friday sale on cocks, that’s hilarious.” Seth was trying very hard to zip his pants up after successfully watering a few bushes. “I’m not gay though.” His voice echoed across the parking lot, eliciting titters from a herd of sluts.

“But you can share me!” Miranda swung in the door like gravity was sucking her into a black hole, pulling Seth along. The men were gorgeous, but their cocks all looked tired and wilted, victim of one too many fondling, sucking whores. “Over there, he looks like he just started his shift!” She pointed at the one man with not only a full erection, but also underwear. Miranda fully intended to talk to him, but she ended up plowing into him instead. He flashed her an annoyed look. “Sorry,” her voice was muffled by his muscled chest. “Money?” she asked, digging a wad of hundreds out of her bra.

He looked more humored. “Both of you?”

“Yep, yep.”

“Right this way.”

His cock simultaneously disgusted Seth and impressed Miranda. “Wow, that feels big! Seth, put one in my ass!” Best. Black. Friday. Ever.




Like this little two hundred word tale? Read its companion Stuffing Day!

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