Christmas Surprise (erotic short story)

When Thadeus dropped in to say merry Christmas, Charlene wasn’t expecting him to drop his pants, but he did indeed. His cock was as straight as the coatrack, and all fitted with a big red bow.

“Wow, just, wow. Why?” And how did you keep it standing so long, porn on your phone?

Thadeus, never shy of words looked proud. “It was the only thing you didn’t already have.”

Well, now that she was staring at it, it was hard to stop. The size was much larger than she expected. “I don’t know. I’ve got a few more presents to wrap.”

“Really, that’s your excuse? Just tell me no.” Thadeus stuck his tongue out.

But Charlene couldn’t, grabbing the throbbing present instead, holding it firmly. “Should I take off the bow?”

“Won’t be too comfortable otherwise.”


He pulled her towards the tree, laying her down on the luxurious shag rug. Charlene melted, wiggling her perky breasts out of her tank top. He worked her cute jeans down. It was all meat after that. Solid holiday sausage. He flipped her at one point, all fancy, so that all she could see while she came was shiny red and green blurs.


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