Zon Delivers (short story)

200 words, rated R. And yes, this is about Amazon…


Tamberlin lazily fumbled for the remote, knuckles bumping into a wall of empty beer bottles. Her phone buzzed. She ignored it, rubbing her bare nipple. No work today, even if boss-man pleaded. She was pissed and in no temper to give charity to idiots. A religious imperative really.

The front door clicked. She dropped the remote, going head first to fish it off the floor. When she looked up, the Zon delivery guy stared back, wide eyed, package balanced in hand.

She reddened, closing her legs. “What? You’ve never seen a naked woman before?”

That startled him, prompting the package to tumble, contents making a definite shattering noise.

Tamberlin shot up, swaying. “Son of a! That was my hundred-dollar Seth statue!”

He hemmed and hawed, clearly horrified. “It’s only my first day.”

“Your last, if you don’t compensate.”

He backed up as she came forward. “How?”

“Make me happy, fucker!”

They locked eyes. He breathed like a cornered beast. “I could-”

“Get on with it!”

The door closed. He stripped. Very satisfactory, ox strong, hung like a horse.

“Back door, front door?” he asked sheepishly.

Tamberlin bent, ass cheeks framing wet pussy. “Haven’t had much luck with the front lately.”

Meno Silencio ©


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Final cover for upcoming book!

So I tweaked my cover, and set it to the dimensions that Smashwords requires. I’m very happy with it, and feel much more comfortable with cover-design now. Hopefully soon I’ll have time to write a blog post about what I’ve learned this time around. : D But right now It’s time to work on publishing my book! I will keep you guys updated and let you know as soon as I publish it (sometime next week).

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three threesomes for the price of one

The Snow God: Part 12 (erotic)

This story is rated R. There is no sex in part 12.

Dear readers: As you may have intuited, this series is slowly coming to an end (next part should be the last), so I’ve been working carefully with the plot, taking a little extra time. This has been fun though, writing as I go, quite a challenge. I sincerely hope that my writing has been passable, readable, and enjoyable for you, even though I haven’t edited it to death. : D A big thank you, and hug to all the regular readers who have stuck with me through the whole story!

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Val was coming back around, slowly but surely. Kara could see his chest heaving deeper through her tears. Thank God he was alive at all. The blow to his head had been so vicious that blood was trickling down around the curve of his ear.

Izgrid paced between them, only stopping once he noticed Val stirring.

He’s nervous, even though he’s at the advantage.

“Can you hear me Val?”

Val groaned, eyes still pressed closed. “Yes, I can hear you, you little shit.”

“Good. You’d better listen then. I’ve restrained you well. That means your pretty little girlfriend over here is at my mercy.” Izgrid hooked his thumbs into his belt-loops. “You’ve said no to me time and again, but somehow I have the feeling you won’t this time.”

Val’s blue eyes opened a crack, fixed disdainfully on Izgrid’s feet. “No to what? Your cock, or the release of your sister?”

Irritation flickered over Izgrid’s face. “My past advances are of no concern here.”

“Oh, then just your sister. What a relief.”

Izgrid’s hand swiped Val’s face with a sharp crack. “Even now you taunt me! Just say yes or no, and let’s be done with it.”

“If I agree to release your sister, she might destroy the world. That isn’t a decision I take lightly.”

“My sister never intended to do such a thing.”

“Then why did she break the law?”

Izgrid pulled a knife from his pocket quickly, turning to Kara. She tried to fight his advance off, but he was strong and fast, grabbing a fistful of hair and setting the knife uncomfortably against her throat. Kara whimpered softly under the touch of death. Would he really do something this rash?

“I guess I was wrong, you don’t love this one so much.”

“Wait.” Val straightened up desperately, pulling at his bonds like a snared coyote. “I’ll do it.”

Izgrid released her, slipping the knife back into his pocket. “Then let’s go, before your sister brings the cavalry. If you dare stall me, I won’t think twice about killing her, so be warned.”

The snow outside was a diamond crust crunching under their feet with every step. Kara’s eyes narrowed to slits against the suns glare, and she stumbled forward whenever Izgrid pulled the rope. Val was ahead, also bound, but leading as he was bidden, only a few paces from the small dwelling.

He said his sister was here, and he wasn’t kidding, right here, so close.

Izgrid reeled her in, pulling her tight against his body. “I really never meant for it to be this way Val, but your sister is just too hard to get close to. If you hadn’t fallen in love the way you did, I might still be waiting for my chance.” The knife pressed uncomfortably against Kara’s neck again. “Here, take it.” Izgrid tossed the necklace to Val, its blue light shining brightly like a fiery gem in the sunlight.

Val caught it, barely, eyes locked on Kara. He took a deep breath then, holding it in his cupped hands, eyes closing, chin rising. A rumbling came up under their feet instantly, slow and deep at first, then faster and more violent. Blue light seeped up from cracks in the snow, answering the necklace, which surged between Val’s fingers like a fire.

A sudden fierce ringing rose in Kara’s ears, making her lean dizzily into Izgrid’s thin frame. What if this kills us all?  The sharpness was no longer pressuring her throat and she could see the knife glinting close at her elbow, as if this was a done deal.

But it isn’t, not if I have anything to say about it.

Kara pushed further back into Izgrids chest, as though she was fainting. His arms came forward to encase her, hold her up, and there it was, close enough to grab. It only took a split second, the hunter in her thrumming with excitement as she slid down quickly, twisting and plunging the knife deep in Izgrid’s belly, yanking it down to gut him, to end him.

There was surprise, shock really, spreading over Izgrid’s handsome face as Kara straightened up before him. The rumbling subsided and she felt Val’s presence closing in on her.

“You’ll never touch Val again,” he voice quavered as she said it, “He’s mine.”

The Snow God: Part 10 (erotic)

This story is rated R.

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Dear readers: Thank you for your patience in waiting so long for this next part. I was a little burnt out this last week, probably because the moon is waxing (I know, how witchy of me ; ) ), and I tend to struggle to get writing done then. Well that and I came down with a super nasty migraine *sighs*… Anyways, here’s the next part, enjoy!


The airplane seat felt like an electric chair as they dropped slowly into the city below. Kara had been faltering through menial conversations for the last couple of hours. Val hadn’t noticed, but that was only because he was distracted.

When his hand slid over the arm divider she had to remind herself to not pull away. It was so massive, that wonderful hand that had mauled her breasts wildly only last night. Kara squeezed back with a shallow smile.

I should at least give him the benefit of a doubt.

“Looks like we’re here. I sincerely hope my sister will be back.”

“Back from where?”

Val’s nose wrinkled in disgust. “The desert.”

“Is she crazy?”

“Probably.” He grinned at her. “Whatever the case, I’m not, and I don’t want to fetch her from that damned hellhole.”

Kara didn’t ask, but she also hoped she’d be there. God forbid they had to travel any further, I mean what in the hell were they supposed to talk about.

This airport was smaller, but no less impressive to Kara, with its city smell and bustle. As they walked into the terminal a young woman in a dusty tutu and neon green sports bra waltzed by, cowboy boots making a distinctive sound on the carpeting.

Is she homeless, or is that just how they dress around here?

Kara’s eyes followed her, until they got distracted by a man who by all accounts was caked in dust from head to toe. For all she knew he might not even be wearing clothes under all that dirt.

“Brother, I never expected to see you here!” A light voice sprang out of the crowd, floating musically. Kara’s neck snapped towards it.

Bet she looks like a model.

Val’s jaw was starting to move distinctly as his sister distinguished from the crowd, looking as un-model-like as possible.

She’s sexy, I’ll give her that, but looks as crazy as he said.

“And who is this, is she with you?” She held out a dusty hand to Kara, wrist adorned with at least twenty brightly colored plastic bracelets.

Kara took her hand hesitantly, trying very hard not to stare at her bare flat stomach, which was covered in whorls of henna ink. “I’m Kara,” she said meekly, blushing as a sudden shyness sprung up.

“Maddy. Are you going to marry my brother?”

“Sister!” Val hissed, promptly grinding his teeth.

“We’re just traveling together.”

“Oh. That’s disappointing, you’re quite pretty.” Maddy grabbed Kara’s hand again. “Girls room then?”

“Sure, I guess.” She glanced at Val, who’s eyes were all but slits of annoyance, but he didn’t say anything.

“Why are you so dusty?” Kara asked as they slipped into a semi-quieter bathroom.

“Just been to the festival. Haven’t you ever heard of it?”

“Not really.”

Maddy pulled the hair ties out of her hair, letting her pigtails fall in dark waves across her shoulders. “What a shame, you really should go sometime, it’s awesome.” She bent over the sink next, turning the water on full bore and splashing it across her face so that the sink filled with brown gritty water.

“I’m not sure Val would like that very much.” Kara gave her a weak smile, pressing her shoulder blades against the cool tile wall, nodding at women who passed.

“Well if you haven’t already noticed, my brother isn’t much fun to be around.” A trickle of water carved a line through the dust on its way to her ample cleavage.

Kara shifted her feet, smiling despite herself. “I don’t know, we’ve had some fun.”

“Had some fun?” Maddy turned, gathering her hair up in a ponytail, dark eyes widening. “Does that mean what I think it means? You can’t be serious.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I mean have you seriously slept with him?” Maddy’s eyebrows were high, eyes shining with excitement and amusement.

“It’s not that strange.” Is it?

“It is for Val. Come here, let me look at you.” Maddy beckoned with a finger.

Strange request, perhaps I should go back to Val..

Kara shuffled forward nervously, turning her hips towards the sink, pretending she might be washing her hands. Maddy grabbed her chin with a surprisingly firm grip, turning Kara’s face left and right, tilting her head back slightly. Kara focused on her lush lips, a fresh petal pink, anything rather than stare into those burning dark eyes.

Maddy’s grip loosened slightly. “Let me see,” she murmured, nose coming close to Kara’s.

Kara squeezed her eyes shut. I can feel her breath, what is she looking for? There was a soft feeling against her lips, a pillowly tenderness. Kara’s eyes sprung back open, breath rushing into her lungs loudly. Holy shit, she’s kissing me!!!

The kiss was brief, then Maddy stood there, licking her lips and looking puzzled. “I don’t see it, I don’t taste it. I don’t understand why Val would sleep with you.”

“Well that’s nice to hear.” Kara gave her a sharp look. “Are you insane? You know that’s what he told me, you’re crazy.”

Maddy laughed. “He’s always exaggerating. Don’t feel so insulted, I only mean that you’re not really Val’s type, that’s all.”

That’s all? “Whatever you say. I think I’m done here.”


The Snow God: Part 9 (erotica)

This story is rated R. (Part 9 contains no sex)

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The airport food area was bustling with harried travelers. Kara had left the bags with Val at the terminal, and was now staring at the various food signs, all for things she’d never had.

“The hamburgers over there are good,” a soft voice suggested close to her ear.

Kara swung around. The voice was too familiar, and indeed, it was Adam! She almost tripped backwards, but he caught her by the elbow, hand solid and strong.

“Careful dear. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

That’s what I thought you were. “You’re real then?”

“You can touch me if you like.” Adam gave her an impish smile. “I like a woman who knows how to run her fingers through my hair.”

Kara smiled back, shaking her head. “No thank you, I have a more serious boyfriend now.”

“So I’ve noticed. There’s something I need to speak to you about. Allow me to buy you a meal.” He motioned at the hamburger joint.

Wariness filled every inch of her chest. “You can talk to me here.”

“No, no. I insist. It was very rude of me to make such sudden and malicious remarks about your more serious boyfriend, especially seeing the shape you were in. I owe you an explanation.” He gave her a gentle push towards the restaurant. “No better place to talk than in public if you’re worried about me.”

“Should I be worried about you?” Kara asked, all while following his lead.

“That depends. Now I think you would like the number four. Go sit, I’ll order.”

She picked a spot next to the divider, watching as he ordered with a charm she couldn’t put her finger on. The cashier was blushing in fact, presumably having received a compliment, nervously brushing her fingers over a thick crop of acne. He left her to grin stupidly at the next costumer, folding his receipt neatly and sticking it in his wallet before grabbing the fountain cup.

“Here, I hope you don’t already have a preference for a certain soda. I got you what I think goes best.” Adam slid the sweating cup of soda to her. “Your flight leaves in half an hour, he’ll be looking for you, so I’ll be quick.”

“How do you know when our flight leaves?”

“We should start at the beginning.” He ran his fingers through his dark hair, looking suddenly uncomfortable. “With my sister.”

“You have the same sister as Val?” Kara guessed.

That made Adam laugh. “No, like night and day.”

“Ah, but you know Val, and his sister.”

“I’m getting there, relax.”

“Tell me then. We only have half an hour. Remember?” Kara gave him a playfully critical look. Holy shit, am I unconsciously flirting with him? That’s bad.

“We’re not related to Val, by blood, but my sister was supposed to marry him. She didn’t. She married his brother.”

He said I was like fire, he was afraid I’d burn him. That explains that. Kara’s brow furrowed and she bit her lip.

“Don’t look so sad. I haven’t finished the story. He was so angry he falsely accused my sister, so that his family would turn against her. As a consequence they locked her away, unjustly so.”

“Locked her away. What are they, the police?” She craned her neck, checking to make sure Val wasn’t close by. Could he really be the bad guy?

“That’s the complicated part. We’re not exactly human. We have our own laws.”

“Not human?”

“There’s your order.” Adam rose. “I’ll get it. Then I have to go.”

“Wait. Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I’m hoping you’ll do my sister a favor.” He came to her side, hand delving in his pocket. “See this.” A beautiful blue glow emanated from his palm. “I need the red one. Val’s sister has it. They’ll never suspect you, not for a second. You must take it and hide it. That is all.” The blue glow disappeared back into his pocket and he gave her a gentle smile. “But failing that, just don’t let Val hurt you.”

The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica)

This story is rated R.
Read part 1 here.

Once he was laid out by the fire he shuddered, blue lips mouthing something inarticulate. Kara dumped blankets on top of him, then kneeled beside, rubbing his hand to bring back circulation. His fingers were strong and thick, tendons hinged on massive knuckles. Perhaps he hadn’t been out in the cold long, his skin was still soft and pliable. No real discoloration. In fact the color was coming back as she rubbed. That of course didn’t explain why he was buried under all that snow.

He awoke with a jolt, hand flying up and careening inches from the side of her face. Kara scooched back, almost knocking over a chair, but twisting around just in time to catch it.

“Don’t stand up, you’re naked still!”

He looked woozy for a moment, then his head swiveled towards her, crystalline lake blue eyes barely focusing. “Naked?”

“Yes, naked.” Kara wrinkled her nose.

“Did you, undress me?”

Kara lost her grip on the chair, it came back down on its feet with a thump. “I most certainly didn’t.”


“Do I look like a slut?”

“I barely know you.”


He scratched his head, lips falling into a frown. “Who are you then?”

He’s just woken up, why am I getting so flustered about a question like that, I really need to cool it. “I’m Kara. I dragged you in from the snow.”

“And I was naked already. Damn him.” There was a audible sound of teeth crushing against each other.

“Damn who?”

He waved the question off, jaw relaxing. “I’m Val, and I must thank you for taking the time to thaw me out.”

“Well Val, I couldn’t just leave you out there.” Kara gave him a half smile, brushing her chestnut hair back over her shoulder.

The covers rose with a twitch. Kara locked her eyes on the twitching, not thinking, just wondering.

Val pressed his hand over it quickly, flushing a surprisingly bright shade of red. “Sorry.”

“Are you, hard?” Kara’s eyes widened like dinner plates. “Why?”

A cockeyed grin spread over his face. “I guess he just can’t resist a gorgeous woman like you.”

All of the sudden Kara could feel every sweaty crevice of her body. Sure she’d taken a shower this morning, but who shaves in the tundra! She had an urge to jump up and open the door. The fire was too hot… he was too hot.

Val leaned in, face close to hers. “May I kiss you?” he asked softly, no longer smiling.

Kara made a gurgling noise, but nodded vigorously.

He hovered, lips so close she could almost feel the electricity of his neurons. A warm feeling rushed between her legs, resting there, engorging her with sensation. His kiss was gentle but firm, making the warmth between her legs sing in a most peculiar way, reminding her about its nagging emptiness. How long? Too long Kara decided, letting her hand wander across the covers. Val caught it, pulling her close.

“It isn’t very polite to touch without asking,” he reminded her mischievously.

Kara took a sharp breath. “Ok. C-can I touch it?”

Val shrugged, making a funny face. “Maybe.”

“Maybe. I saved you from the snow!”

“It’s also not polite to lord things over other people.”

“Well if I can’t touch it, then what?” Kara was faintly aware that her cheeks were radiating heat. Why the heck was he stalling, he was obviously turned on.”

“You can’t touch me, but I can touch you. How does that sound?” His fingers found the waist of her pants, giving it a little tug that made a thrill shoot through her.

“I think I’d like that.” She didn’t mind if he wanted to play games, if they got down to business sooner or later. “As long as you promise to touch me with it.” She nodded towards his engorged cock, which was making a sizeable tent in the covers.

“I can do that. Now lets take off your clothes.” He didn’t wait for her answer, tugging her shirt over her head.

Kara helped him, sucking in a breath as his massive hand mauled her left breast, which was still cradled in her sports bra. It felt wonderful the way he squeezed. Even better when he pulled the stretchy material down, letting her breast swell above it, chilled fingertips rolling her nipple. Kara undid her pants with one hand, clumsily and desperately. If only she was wearing a skirt.

“Mmm slow down. I’m not finished up here.” Val’s massive shoulders rolled as he turned and positioned himself, mouth latching onto her nipple.

Kara could only lean back her head, moaning quietly, feeling the wetness gushing warmly between her legs. You couldn’t make that kind of wetness with your hand, it was good old new-lover wetness.

As he switched nipples Kara pushed her fingers through his blonde hair, but he captured her wrist, pulling it back down to her lap. So silky though, smells good too, fresh.

“Mmmm, you’re good with your tongue.” Kara gazed down at her left nipple. It was hard and still damp, a smarting and delicious red from his sucking and licking.

He stopped sucking on her right, hand fondling her left again. “You have no idea, yet.”

Kara pressed her thighs together a few times with a desirous whimper. “Show me then.”

Val grabbed her shoulders assertively, guiding her to lay down on the blankets she’d spread out over him just ten minutes ago. The fire crackled and popped behind the iron screen, blustering heat like her pussy. She really couldn’t believe how ripped and well cut he was as he hovered over her, tugging her pants off slowly and teasingly. Of all the things you could find in the snow, this was by far the best. He spread her legs wide, revealing her soaked pink underwear. Kara arched her back as he rubbed his thumb over her cleft.

“So wet. Amazing, very amazing.”

“Am I too wet?” I hope he doesn’t think I’m a whore, it’s just been a long time.

Val laughed, a deep throaty laugh. “There is no such thing.” His fingers hooked under the crotch of her soiled panties, pulling it aside, pressing and rubbing his knuckles against her swollen clit as he did so.

Then his head bobbed down, disappearing between her thighs.  She squirmed, expecting his tongue any second, but all she could feel at first was his hot humid breath, then a touch, ever so slightly against her clit. At the same time his fingers spread her outer lips, exposing the delicate inner ones to his hot breath.

His tongue flicked between her labia, making her hips rise.

It swirled around her clit, then delved back, entering her this time, so that she gasped loudly. He alternated slowly and seductively between stroking her inside and out, keeping pace with her soft moans and squeaks. He wasn’t kidding about being good, she was tense, like a pot of water just about to break into boil. She had fistfuls of blankets, knuckles turning white, fingers aching, as he started to suck.

That was it.

That was all she could handle.

Her inner muscles clenched in a wave, not once, but twice. Kara rolled her eyes heavenward, neck arching so that she could see the cold kitchen linoleum. It was a blur, a nothing. The only thing that existed in that second was her ecstasy.



The Snow God: Part 1 (erotica)

This story is rated R (no sex in the first part though)

The loneliness burned behind her eyes, smoldered in her insides. Kara gazed out at the wintry expanse a deep weight settled where it should have been light and unnoticeable. Finally with a sigh, she tugged at her fur lined hood and trudged out into the pristine snow, breaking the shining crust with sensible winter boots. The sun had come out, but that didn’t mean it was truly warm. Whenever you passed the barren trees at the edge of the field the shadows pulled at you with their freezing fingers.

Before Kara could take more than a few steps into the forest, her foot sunk, landing on something odd. Kara scuffed it with her toe, the fingers distinguished from the snow, slightly less white. She gave a squeak that echoed in the empty forest like a ricocheted bullet.

It wasn’t cold anymore.

Once she’d pulled herself together, hand pressing hard against her palpitating chest, she considered the scenarios. Some luckless soul had gone wandering off no doubt. Maybe a drunk. Best to mark the spot well, trudge back and take the snow mobile into town. She staked a large broken branch close to the hand, tying her sea foam green scarf to it. The tails of the scarf waved in the breeze, a poor mimic of summer’s glorious foliage. Kara looked ahead, hesitating. She still needed to check the traps, if she went back now, she might not have time today.

That was when the hand stirred, ever so slightly. At first she thought she might be imagining things, but as she stared down at the hand it twitched again, fingers curling into a loose fist.

Kara dug.It was like her life depended on it, like she’d gone completely mad. Following the arm led to the shoulder, following the shoulder, massive and bare, led to the head. She was huffing and puffing as she leaned over the square jawed face, white clouds of breath falling and dissipating into his blonde hair.

A model. What is a model doing out here? Better question, why is he shirtless?

She shook off the disconcerting thought. He had to be warmed. If he wasn’t dead already, he would be soon. Kara dug around his shoulders again, then came up behind, getting a good grip under his arms, thanking every god in the book that she’d spent so much time hauling heavy cords of wood. He was heavy alright, muscle heavy, but nothing she couldn’t handle.

He came free with a good solid tug. Kara almost dropped him then, the sight of his complete nakedness blinding.

“Fuck, what in the fuck.” She kept her head turned to one side, staring off into the trees with wide eyes, then set him down gently, doing the only thing she could think of, taking off her over coat and laying it across his man parts.

The rest was a frantic blur.

Starting a Fire (Erotica)

Dear readers: You may or may not remember me mentioning that this story was featured on ERWA (erotica readers and writers association). Well the three month feature is up, so I’m posting it here now for your pleasure! This is a ‘flasher’ as they call it, which means it can only be two hundred words, but it still must be a story with a plot, a beginning and end ect. That being said, it probably won’t turn you on, but it might make you smile ; )



Starting a Fire

Joan’s fingers itched to turn the key, but that was how people died out here.

“We should walk,” Louis suggested, pressing his forehead to the glass, presumably to get a closer look at the expanse of snow.

“Are you crazy?”

“Have a better idea?”

Joan sighed. “If we could find some dry wood.”

Louis shifted in the passenger seat, cocking his head. “Dry, wood. I could manage that.” He gave a low chuckle.

“How can you joke at a moment like this?” Joan was smiling though, fingers toying with her zipper.

They almost got stuck, shoulder to shoulder, in their hurry to vacate the front seat.
Joan, lovingly stroking his stubbly chin, quickly arranged herself so Louis could sit between her knees.


“Wowzers, no wonder you’re cold!”

“Wasn’t planning on this. Damn your hands are warm, I think this is going to work.”
Louis had Joan pinned to the seat in minutes, steadily plowing, hands pressing at her knees. Joan nibbled his shoulder in turn, glancing down to admire the way his anatomy fit into hers.

Tap. Tap.

Louis fell forward, surprised. “Forest service?”

Joan’s voice was muffled, hands on his hips. “S’k, they need to stay warm too.”



Ebony Ghost (Horror)

Rated R for language and disturbing and violent scenarios. (489 words)


Every time Huck looked out into the forest to the north, he remembered. It was an involuntary remembrance, and what he wouldn’t give to stop it. Sometimes he even dragged all the wood to the front of the house, back to the forest, just to spare himself the sight. Still, every once in a while, he’d look. Accident maybe. Maybe he really did want to look. Maybe he wanted to remember her.

Soft. That was what her skin felt like. Smooth, shiny and ebony. Her lips, God almighty. Molly’s lips couldn’t hold a candle to them.

Molly, just another reason to shake off the memory. Whenever he got that distant look in his eye she’d get suspicious, wringing out her apron and pressing her thin lips together.

“What’cha thinkin’ about Huck. Wood won’t cut itself.”

Huck would just nod and grunt. Then he would shiver slightly, the memory of her fingers stroking down his back so tenderly, flooding his skin. She was innocent, sweet like a flower, but wet inside, like a humid New Orleans day. If he could have stopped himself from touching her. Well it wouldn’t be like this.

That was always when the memory turned bad. There he was, face to face, almost nose to nose with the figure. He could smell the alcohol on his breath, see the sweat beading under the white cotton, blue eyes peeking out from their peepholes.

“This nigger whore don’t deserve to carry your child!”

And all Huck had been able to say- “Please.”

Please what? Please, fucking, what?

He should have smashed the fucker in the face, told him to go mind his own business, go back to screwing pigs. But all he could do was watch, and when it was over, when they’d tramped away like ghosts into the woods, leaving him with her, then he could only hide his face against his knees. His Levi’s smelled like cow shit and mangled grass. He breathed it in, trying to imagine just for a second that he was out in the field, tossing hay bales off the truck. No luck, so he’d picked himself up, cut her down. No one deserved to just hang there, all exposed and forgotten. The crickets close by took up their deafening song again, so Huck did the only thing he could think to do, cradle her, humming a soft lullaby close to her ear, feeling her warmth escaping.

If he’d had the guts, he would have buried her, or better, avenged her. Instead he was here, five years later, chopping wood until his muscles burned.


A blow to the head.


That cotton would be soaked red now.


If he cut the shoulder sure enough, the whole thing would come off.


God almighty, have mercy.


On a wretched soul like him.


“Huck, suppers ready, haul that wood in before it gets cold.”


“In a minute Molly dear, just a minute.”

Larger Burger (erotica)

Dear readers,

As I mentioned before my short story ‘Larger Burger’ was chosen to be presented in the ERWA (erotic readers and writers association). They’ve finally put it up. Well in fact they put it up at the start of the month, but I must confess it’s been quite a rough month for me. So I hope you guys will bear with me, since a lot of the projects I’m working on will be a little behind. My mind has been static for the last week or so. I feel quite a bit better now though!

Perhaps this story will make up for my absence. I apologize for sending you through a link to get to it, I know how few people take the time to click links, but I don’t think it would be fair to ERWA to post it on my blog instead of linking. If you like erotica this link is well worth your click though! Larger Burger is a bit of a ‘stroke’ story, which means it’s mostly to get you off and less about plot. It’s also the first story in my little collection I’m planning on calling ‘Three Threesomes for the Price of One’, so consider this your free sample. : D

Have a blessed day!


PS. If you do take the time to click the link let me know what you think!