Crystalline shores

In the embrace of your smooth swell

And deep clefts

I hide in the sand

Lose myself amongst the grains

The repetitious song of breakwater

And sea birds, skirting the horizon

A trance to lead into transition

Below, and so it is above

Porque, todo es Dios y dios

Pearly Gates

A sliver of multi-color

Fractals falling

Consciousness elated

As the gates open

Those angel wings are precarious

Feathers molting as they sing ave

Lift my head into the ether of eternity

Join the choir


Ave satani (hail the anti-Christ)

Floating down to us

In blood sodden cloth

Eyes black as oil

Laugh and fill the decanter

Empty it on the up-thrust breasts of virgins

They open their legs joyfully

Basking in fetters broken

Begging for the divine rod

Salaciously presented, throbbing and full

Ave indeed

The way is straight and narrow

Moist and willing

We whirl in bacchanalia

Tasting forever

Until I fall from the clouds

A burning star

Descending into reality


Clay and stone

River and rock

Fire and flood

Bestowing blessings


Touch the faces of your ancestors

Through the words they once breathed

Feel them root deep inside

All the places you hide


What was yesterday?

Most importantly:

What has stayed the same?

In you, in them.


New Comic Coming Friday!(Deathnight of the Apocalypse)

As some of you might know, I enjoy drawing when I have time and I enjoy my sarcasm and humor the same way I like my coffee, dark and bitter. With that in mind I’ve drawn a shitty little cartoon up for your enjoyment and will be posting it every Friday. Remember, if you’re easily offended , shield your eyes, look away, go stick your head back under your rock. ❤


A thousand thanks to everyone who reads/follows my blog/poetry!


Tears of the Saints

Darkness, I reaped you

Sowed with tears

The saints above

Rending cloth and sky

My heart shuddered

In its desolation

This unholy manifestation


I was afraid and alone

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my upturned face


Loneliness, I reaped you

Sowed with hope

The saints above

Laughed through tears

My heart quivered and shriveled

Like a dying flower in the flame

Ashes floating skyward


I was disenchanted and changed

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my turned back


Freedom, I reaped you

Sowed with vulnerable innocence

The saints above

Pulled the sun back into oblivion

My heart cried out

For relief

For love