Life is unraveling

In moments


Quick bites

Walls seen a thousand times before

An overdose

Harsh word

Heart flutter



Taste our bitter loneliness

Our fucked up complacency

A soul rotting necrobiome

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Tantalus rests on the bank

Leans over the water

Crushed petals staining the palms of his hands as they fall

A slow regretful descent

He never loved anything so beautiful

As gold

A lofty tower

Of broken backs

Toe each one

Before you reach the summit

There was never anything so ugly

As ill-begotten wealth


I write for you


Tearing with teeth

Because I know

You are bleeding like me

Someone is looking up

At the void of stars

Trying to suck the little low-lying light

Into what’s left of a soul


Can I be the voice echoing back?






It was a slow slope

A midnight breath

Under your dark wing

Blowing smoke rings

With the windows down

And darkness rushing by

We swore we felt alive

Jostling our bones together

Against the cold leather and despair

If I cried anymore I wouldn’t have seen

Your star fall

Bright and princely

You breathed in my ear

Something about death waiting for all of us

Love waiting for no one

As your lips trailed fire down my skin

Who was I to argue?

Every curve of my body was dedicated to being stripped

To a hedonistic altar draped in black

It does not disappoint

Tastes of poison, morphine and wide awakeness

Have the insides of my thighs

Drink the liquid desire

A cocktail of pheromones

Far from the dry wake of Persephone’s flower

Mine is yours, rising eager to be kissed

A slow descent between my legs

Hard and masterful



Waltz of the I.V.

Round we go

Slow sterilized circulars

Spiraling closer to fetid oblivion

Cold and sparse


Let me waltz with you

Step by step

To the filth repostories

And corners of privacy


Your wheels are small quick contraptions

Your beeping settles into my dreams


Or hate

Devil in Me

From the second my brimstone chafed skin

Unfurled and fetal

Bore into the macrocosm

You kept me close

Grinding down on my stinted wings

Dark they were

Thought to break my fangs

With a hard hand

But now I’ve latched my fangs

Into the moon

With a deep howl

Tasting sweet freedom

Reveling in the devil in me

Still Writing, Not Editing

A stroke of the pen

Over virgin paper

It sighs and wriths

Lifts blank hips to receive pigment and life

I search between the delicate leaves

Find the core of a beautiful sheath

Begging me over and over to defile

With scrawling words

Until the paper is exhausted




It’d be a shame to stir it now

Excise words

And cruelly form and shape

So instead I sit back

Admire the curves and lines


There is always time later for editing

Tears of the Saints

Darkness, I reaped you

Sowed with tears

The saints above

Rending cloth and sky

My heart shuddered

In its desolation

This unholy manifestation


I was afraid and alone

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my upturned face


Loneliness, I reaped you

Sowed with hope

The saints above

Laughed through tears

My heart quivered and shriveled

Like a dying flower in the flame

Ashes floating skyward


I was disenchanted and changed

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my turned back


Freedom, I reaped you

Sowed with vulnerable innocence

The saints above

Pulled the sun back into oblivion

My heart cried out

For relief

For love


Beautiful manipulator

Sly and smiling

You visit me again in flashes

How I crave your fingers

Taking me apart

Parting me until my soul is open wide

My intimacy made for your destruction

We love like planets in a death orbit

Kissing as we explode

The brightness of our desolation

Makes them wonder

They can’t fathom

How darkness could taste so sweet