A gallon hat

Over a desiccated shadow

Spit and cuss

But swear you know how to treat a lady

Perhaps, tonight, harvest moon

When my breasts hang full and bright

We can lazily twist wild grass into braids

Lay deep in the earth’s embrace

Naked, as though we wished it would accept us back into its womb

I’ll slap away your calloused hands

Rolling my soft curves until you can barely handle it

You want to be denied


Add your call to the nighttime symphony of crickets

You can almost taste it

Drown in it, like whiskey, poured straight

The cruelty of my fingers a chaser

You will be grateful for the weight of the saddle

For the prick of my spurs

A rodeo circus of depravity

Eight seconds, so you can qualify

Treat a woman right

Mr. Sloan


*All characters are fictional




Vast enigmatic planet
Spiderweb of vibrations
So delicate
That even the ancient trees know
Something is coming for them
I exist, here on the surface
Gazing into the bowl of the sky
Divining tomorrow in the wind
A bluster of loneliness
Among a bustle of life
Teetering on the edge of not being
As we all are


Paint the sky
Beautiful pastel
Singing a haunting hymn of hope
That echoes in the cavernous clouds
I am falling
For your angel heart
Soft feather wings
Let me kiss your candy lips
twist your flaxen hair
Round my sullied fingers
Amongst fields of picturesque flowers
Oh my sweet thing
You have yet to taste
The heady toxin
Of my tongue between your thighs
Lay against the masterpiece
Of the earths curve
Until I turn your head
Rhythm of gravity pulling the sea
Your fingers rooting into the earth
Deep and intimate
I’ll bring you down
Until you shake
Exhaling primal calls
My softness pressed to yours
Wild abandon
Falling into dawns easy light
You will never miss home
Here in my arms

Deserve Better

Shy little thing

Peeking out over my consciousness

I kept you in palm

Took you up to heights

Where your small wings

Felt like an eagle

Every time, you repay me

In soft ways

And lovely words

Whispered in my ear

So that I sleep on sugar dreams

Of your soft flesh

Stretched out in my bed

Pushing back your mousy hair

So I can see how bright those eyes

You’ve been hiding for countless years

They really screwed you

Left you to tears and destruction

But here I am



So put it away

Let it float away down a river

Strewn with fire and debris

All your yesterdays


My sweet woman

You deserve better