Debtor’s Penance (Poem)

The streets were empty

Stretching on forever

Endless vistas

Bloodless arteries

And in clinging to them, we clung desperately

To the ghost of life once lived

Offered but a glance.

Our pale lips stung with cold

As we whispered yesterdays

Felt them leave our souls

Flying away with hope

On wings stilted

And well worn.

Our only respite



When the roads we clung to

Gave way finally to wilderness

(how strange this place never visited)

Our hearts to sorrow

We lay under the wet sheets of pouring rain

Ashamed and afraid

Knowing our hand in demise

That we were

planet destroyers

World rapers

Death reapers


Finally, alone

And silent.

Wolves In Suicide Vests (Poem)

The beasts

Wrapped delicately in human skin

Stalk the curving expanse


They are not us

But they are


Bellyful of fire

Rancid hate

Eyes glowing sanctamoniously


They are hunters

We have become prey


When the skin peels

Sloughs away

And they are naked


See what is below

It is not us


They are gnarled blackness

Blood flowing from secret orfices

Stuffed with secret pain and rage


They are not us

Are they?


They descend, tear like wolves

Children from mothers

Life from breath, blood from brow


No, they are not us

Not anymore


Until they are waste also

Victims of their own zeal

No longer anything