Beautiful manipulator

Sly and smiling

You visit me again in flashes

How I crave your fingers

Taking me apart

Parting me until my soul is open wide

My intimacy made for your destruction

We love like planets in a death orbit

Kissing as we explode

The brightness of our desolation

Makes them wonder

They can’t fathom

How darkness could taste so sweet


He lifts his wings

A strong slope of pity and self-doubt

And he hides under the iridescent bows

‘Til I pull them aside

Spreading the feathers in fans of light and color


His eyes are shaded and low

Shoulders hunched to the earth

Waiting for my fingers trailing into the sinews

Water into thirsty ravines


I will open him

Slow and delicious

Unwinding his defense

Softening his shell

Wings spread, an iridescent sun enfolding us


Finally, we breathe the same breath

Holding onto the sky

In tumultuous pleasure

Becoming one



I will search for you still

When the last hand is held

The last breath is taken

When we are separated by a cosmic sea

Desperately ruddering our boats

To the shining of each heart.

So hold my hand tightly

Kiss me softly

And take the years as they come.

May they be long


You had me at ‘hello’
We twined together like all ‘goodbyes’
You were out in the waste,
Just lost.
I was in the sky,
Just floating.
The misery of rejection

So take my fingers
(they’ve felt too little)
Guide them over your geography, barren
I’ll take your mouth
(How many words has it not said?)
And give it expression