A Witch and Her Wand (erotic short story)

This 200 word erotic short is rated R and also contains femdom. So be warned if you’re not into that sort of thing.


Glenda watched as Charles tiptoed around her sleeping tabby. Certainly a lithe woman like Glenda existed under his skin, and bringing it out amused her to no end. Charles wasn’t altogether fat, nor unmanly. He still needed more emasculation, so she’d assigned him black lace underwear. His pale skin and large balls spilled out in all the right places as he knelt by her four-inch, crimson heels, watery eyes staring up expectantly. Glenda licked her lips remembering how he’d cried tears of thankfulness when she’d dug the spikes into his pudgy thighs.

She grasped the large silicone cock between her legs. “Over the coffee table.”

He quivered, huffing and puffing, laying himself across the table, gripping the other side, ass jutting into the air. “Please master, use me.”

She pulled the lacy underwear down around his hairy legs, then coated him with lube. He jerked, but pushed back into her hand, ready for the larger cock, almost begging, until it expanded him uncomfortably.

“Want to come? Tell me what you’ll do.”

“Make you co-CEO,” he puffed.


“Let you fuck me in my office.”

Glenda thrust harder, hitting his sweet spot. It really paid being a Satanic sort of witch.

Meno Silencio©


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