Nerds, Sex and Lies, Lots of Lies… (Erotic Short Story)

This story is 1629 words and rated: R.

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Nerds, Sex and Lies, Lots of Lies…

“Do you like video games?” Leslie’s date asked offhand, glancing around her recently-scrubbed living room.

“Psh, video games are so stupid.” Leslie moved sideways to block the view of her PS4, as though he hadn’t already seen.

“You have a PS4,” he pointed out, shrugging his leather jacket-clad shoulders. He tweaked his brown hair. It stood up in a wavy careless way that said he’d spent at least an hour in the bathroom this morning.

“It was my ex boyfriend’s.” Leslie grabbed a magazine to fan herself, only too late to realize it was her latest copy of Science Weekly. She dropped it like it was hot, puffing out her breasts, hoping they were distracting. “He was a huge, I mean just a massive nerd.”

“Dude, that’s so lame. I bet he was, like, lame in bed.”

“Yeah, totally. He was all like, joysticks.” She air tweaked her nipples demonstratively.

He laughed, a little uncomfortably she thought. If she didn’t stop using gaming metaphors he’d know she was a nerd.

He came to her rescue, fumbling with her breasts. “These babies are more like footballs, giant footballs.” He gave them a hardy squeeze. “Yeah man, touchdown!”

With a giggle, she moved his hands down to her waist.

His hands rested lightly on her hips, eyes mischievous. “We could, make better use of your ex’s PS4.”

Leslie shuddered involuntarily, a chill of nervousness. If he got anywhere near wrecking her PS4, the charade would be up. “What did you have in mind?” She followed this with an almost whispered, “He might make me pay for it.”

“Shh, just sit, close your eyes.”

Leslie backed into the couch, eyes closed to slits. She could still see the shadow of his movement, just enough to determine that her PS4 was not experiencing any violence. She closed her eyes tightly as he darkened her field of vision.

“Hands up.”

Reaching for the sky she was insanely aware of her own smell, of the way her elbows quivered. Cold air spilled across her stomach as he lifted her shirt up and over her head, peeling it off in one fluid motion. Warm hands held her wrists together, wrapping them around and around with bands. The PS4 cords, he’d pulled them from the back. She took a deep breath, a new feeling tingling across her skin: excitement. This could be fun.

“If you want me to stop, just say… football.”

Well that was definitely a safeword she wouldn’t forget. She gave a small nod, biting her bottom lip suggestively. Well so far sex with a jock was turning out to be worth the lies and deception. He seemed to be taking her body cues in, pulling her bra down decisively so that it propped up her breasts in the most tantalizing fashion.  His fingers brushed over her exposed nipples deliberately, causing a sensation that greatly overshadowed the motion that caused it.

“You like this?”

She gave a small moan, jutting her chest up. “I do.”

“Then let’s take these off too.”

With her underwear and pants stripped, there was nothing shielding her skin from the black leather of her couch. The very thought made her both anxious and overwhelmingly excited. He pried her knees open gently until she was spread wide. She couldn’t bear keeping her eyes closed anymore, getting a good look at the wet shine that lay on the insides of her shaking thighs. Apparently, light bondage was her thing.

The feathery trailing of his fingers up her slit and over her clitoris made her gasp. He repeated the motion four times, each frustratingly slight. Those dark brown eyes caught her gaze, gaging her.

“If you show me you really want it.” His hand slid over his crotch, then back up her leg, massaging the soft, doughy flesh.

She wanted it alright. Four fucking months at least since her last boyfriend, not that he was a good fuck. And no, a dildo stuck to a chair was not enough. She must have fucked that thing at least three times in one go, riding the chair until it squeaked and complained.

“I want it,” she rasped.

“Show me.” He rose, unzipping his pants.

Leslie readied herself for a blow job, mouth opening wide.

He wagged his finger, catching her chin and pushing it up. “Too easy. On your hands and knees, ass up.”

It took a second for her to fully grasp that he possibly meant anal. She squirmed uncomfortably. This was unexplored territory, terrifying really. “Do I have to?”

He shrugged, starting to tuck his cock back into his pants.

“Ok, ok.” She flipped quickly, squeezing her eyes shut. I can say football, I can make him stop, I hope.

She flinched as he parted her cheeks, warm spit dribbling down over her exposed asshole.

“Just relax.”

Easier said than done. Just the touch of his finger made her move away, but she overrode the instinct, making herself sit still. He rubbed the space between firmly, giving her a sudden rush of pleasure even as he slid higher, gently pressuring her asshole. He pushed in just enough to meet resistance, then rubbed more, stroking up and down, then pushing. Leslie gave a moan, imagining what it might feel like to have his cock inside.

A little more spit. “Relax,” he whispered, kissing her shoulders seductively.

More pushing, this time further, deeper, against the resistance. This is so dirty, like a porn clip.

He continued, backing off, then pressuring until she could feel a surprising loosening of her sphincter. Then it happened. He forcefully shoved his wet finger all the way. She gasped, then pushed back against it, relishing the violation. This didn’t last long before he pulled out, positioning two fingers in the same area. More spit, more pushing, less prep. She, in fact, no longer needed as much prep. The area as a whole seemed to have relaxed completely and she was riding a wave of ecstasy. More was better, just not too fast. That’s what he gave her, finding space for three of his rather thick fingers.

The pumping, well that took it over the top. He went nice and deep, because evidently there was a spot there and he knew where it was. Every thrust hit it, every twist of his fingers brought her closer. If she could stroke her clit right now she’d be over the top for sure. In her desperation she scooched as far forward as possible, angling her crotch towards the couch back, hoping to get even the slightest friction. She managed as he thrust particularly hard, and the sensation was heaven. Unfortunately he noticed the excessive grinding, clicking his tongue and pulling back at her hips.

“Easy there, you little slut. It’s my cock, or nothing at all.”

“Then stop teasing me,” she snapped back.

His hands were so strong on her shoulders she could feel his agitation. “Do you want me to punish you, sassy little bitch?”

She nodded speechlessly, head bobbing hard. “Please?”

That was all he needed. She’d never know how he got the condom on so fast, but a little more spit and his cock was pushing against her aggressively. The bulging head felt way bigger than his four fingers. Panic filled her chest for a second, but she reminded herself to relax as he pushed in hard. The relaxing worked and his cock slid in, albeit with some pain. She gave a cry and he slowed, pulling out enough to add more spit, then pushing back in half way.

Once he achieved maximum penetration he began to give it to her good, left hand spreading between her legs and pulling her back as he thrust in. His fingers surprised her, hooking up against her pussy, palm pressing and rubbing her clit. The wetness there yielded to him, opening wide to all of his fingers, a nice tight fit. His right hand grabbed her breast, squeezing cruelly until she yelped. The mix of feelings hit her hard, making her head spin. Just as he managed to push his curled fingers most of the way into her pussy, slamming himself deep into her ass, she went over. That dark, warm stirring that always began in her pubic area blossomed, rocketing into her legs and up through her spine, much quicker than she was used to. This was followed by several dirty exclamations on her part.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuccckkkk!”

It got better as he pushed the deepest yet, cock spasming. That synchronicity was something special, his primal moans echoing in her ears.

Finally, her orgasm released her, letting lucidity settle in her brain. Yeah, so I just let an almost stranger fuck my ass on my couch, that’s loneliness right there.  He was still knuckle and ball deep in her, but slowly withdrawing. First his fingers slipped out with a wet squelch, then his cock backed out uncomfortably, tugged out the last couple of inches making her wince, then relax in relief.

She twisted around, eager to see his face as he fiddled with the cords around her wrists. He looked just as dazed as her, euphoric.

“How was that? Was I good?” she asked, eager for verbal conformation of what she saw in his eyes. He took a deep breath before answering.

“I think I just leveled up.”

His words snuck up on her, and he looked instantly ashamed, face flaming as she twisted around again to stare at him harder.

“I mean, dude, you just blew my mind,” he rephrased quickly.

Leslie raised an eyebrow. “Like a creeper?”

“M-m-more like, a, like a,” he finished in a low embarrassed whisper, “a wither.”

Needless to say, they spent the rest of the evening playing Fortnite and drinking wine.




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A Witch and Her Wand (erotic short story)

This 200 word erotic short is rated R and also contains femdom. So be warned if you’re not into that sort of thing.


Glenda watched as Charles tiptoed around her sleeping tabby. Certainly a lithe woman like Glenda existed under his skin, and bringing it out amused her to no end. Charles wasn’t altogether fat, nor unmanly. He still needed more emasculation, so she’d assigned him black lace underwear. His pale skin and large balls spilled out in all the right places as he knelt by her four-inch, crimson heels, watery eyes staring up expectantly. Glenda licked her lips remembering how he’d cried tears of thankfulness when she’d dug the spikes into his pudgy thighs.

She grasped the large silicone cock between her legs. “Over the coffee table.”

He quivered, huffing and puffing, laying himself across the table, gripping the other side, ass jutting into the air. “Please master, use me.”

She pulled the lacy underwear down around his hairy legs, then coated him with lube. He jerked, but pushed back into her hand, ready for the larger cock, almost begging, until it expanded him uncomfortably.

“Want to come? Tell me what you’ll do.”

“Make you co-CEO,” he puffed.


“Let you fuck me in my office.”

Glenda thrust harder, hitting his sweet spot. It really paid being a Satanic sort of witch.

Meno Silencio©


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Raven Heart

Happy Halloween my dear friends, here’s a special little treat for you!

This story is rated R for morbid, and sexually explicit content.


Evelda uncurled herself from a thorn bush, breath pulsing in evening’s thrall. They were coming for her again. Her five mouths gaped, bubbling and foaming with exhaustion. The respite had been so brief, too brief. The man was close now though, close enough that she could smell magnanimity coating his soft warm skin, always with him, even as he trod through vileness.

A hotel light flickered above the tree rim. Evelda’s body shimmered neon along with it. Her claws retracted first, dark leather skin sloughing off, shedding into milky flawlessness. Soon her entire twisted form, right down to the tip of her barbed tail, was concealed by illusion.


But not as painful as what they would do to her. She manufactured clothes as an afterthought. Humans were never without clothes. With barely enough time left Evelda spilled out of the shadows, landing squarely at his feet with a soft thud. Her flat palms slapped loudly on the concrete sidewalk, eyes focusing briefly on a brown shard of glass. The smell of left-behind vomit assaulted her keen senses. A sharp and acidic putridness.

The man halted, teetered, took a sharp breath of alarm, leather shoes scuffing in arrested motion. “Are you alright?” He bent to help her up without even the slightest hesitation.

That was why she needed his sanctuary. The bushes behind rustled, but as soon as his hand laid against her skin, they filled with hissing, rank displeasure. Her seven pussies twitched at his warm touch. When her thighs rubbed together, so did they. It would be no difficult thing for her, seducing this man. She grabbed onto his suit jacket, senses full of his smell, cologne, sweat, pheromones. A hint of salty arousal rose as her body pushed hard against his. With a tilt of the head, she set in motion the wheels of seduction, large brown eyes gazing with a lustful need into his. Her lips parted slightly, brushing under his chin, eliciting a shudder. That desirable member stiffened and she took the chance to caress it, guide it upwards into the comfortable snug home of his pants.

Evelda gave a low throaty hum, tugging him towards the bright hotel light, holding his thick hand tightly. He followed, half stumbling over rocks and concrete borders, through ill-lit parking lots only half filled with cars. At the glass doors she gave him another meaningful gaze, a plaintive one that he couldn’t possibly say no to.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked warily, squeezing her hand anyways, too soft to say no.

She nodded like a wide-eyed bobble head, pushing against him once more. He took a deep breath and allowed himself to be led into the unpleasant-smelling lobby. The night manager sat at the desk, book in hand, lids drooping.

“We’d like a room for two, sir,” he told the night manager, glancing at her.

Evelda smiled widely as he said it, free hand touching his wallet suggestively, salacious hips swaying. The manager apprised her briefly, eyelids fluttering. He would take her to bed if he could, but he was not a good man. The smell of hate, and rapacious violence clung to him like a permanent second skin.

“ID,” the manager said, laying the book down.

He dug it out, allowing her a glance at the name, P-a-u-l. She tried very hard to pronounce this in her head, using her limited knowledge of the alphabet. Pah-ule, no P-awl, damned if she knew. He wouldn’t care if she butchered it as long she took out her breasts.

Paul slid the ID and another blue card across the counter. The manager glanced at them, tapping on the keyboard of his computer. After a little paperwork he handed Paul the keycard. Evelda held tight to the back of Paul’s jacket all the while, resting her chin on his broad shoulder, watching the manager so intensely that he slowly became flustered.

He gave them an awkward wave. “Enjoy your night, folks.”

Evelda smirked, enjoying his discomfort. The longer she smelled him, the more she could distinguish that hint of fear under the anger. It wasn’t his fear, but the clinging fear of his lover. She hoped that the demons who stalked her ended up nesting in his chest, and causing irreparable damage.

It was Paul’s turn to lead her, guiding her into the unfamiliar elevator, pressing a round button, arm sliding around her slender waist. “What’s your name?”

Evelda bit her soft red lips, then pressed her face against his wide chest, muffling the grating sound of her attempted vocalization. “Eee-velllduh.”

“Huh? Eve?”

She perked up, like a flower, giving him a quick happy nod.

“That’s a pretty name, just like you.”

The elevator halted, doors rolling open. If she could keep him from talking too much this would be easier. She tugged hard at him, letting him know how impatient she was.

“Uh, room 56. This way I think.” He led her to the right, past door after door, stopping in front of what she assumed was 56. It smelled like sex, even on this side of the door. The lock beeped, light blinking green as he slid the card in. Inside the smell of sex overwhelmed her, permeating the red satin sheets and crimson blankets of the wide bed. The manager had given them this room with that in mind. That was fine, but the smell of rape lingered here and there. Evelda wrinkled her nose in disgust.

He was watching her like a hawk. “Everything ok?”

She nodded again, more slightly. There was no time for hesitation with this man. He could change his mind any second now, decide she was too vulnerable. She slid a hand down over his thigh, fingers wandering towards his now soft member. Yes, he was already thinking too much. There was only one thing to do.

Evelda shimmied the thin straps of her dark dress down over her milky shoulders, letting the front slide down and reveal the swells of her breasts. His eyes followed the motion, glazing over.

“Why me?” he mumbled, with a shake of his head, hands coming up under her breasts. “You’re so beautiful you could have any man you want.”

She wouldn’t have answered even if she could. It was the last thing on her mind. The atmosphere chilled, darkening, a harbinger of their proximity. They would just have to languish outside, held at bay by his steady virtue.

Her large nipples perked under his touch, standing out on the disc fields of her dusky areolas. His fingers teased and worried them, before he bent over, thick lips encasing and sucking on them, one at a time. Evelda played with his brown hair, loving the solid feeling of his bones and flesh under her hands. The straps of her dress slid down below her elbows and she lowered her hands to her sides, letting gravity take over and rid her slender frame of the excessive covering. He continued his worshipful ministrations, hands grasping her freshly bared hips tightly. She sighed softly, stroking down his shoulders, tugging at the suit jacket. He straightened, exhaling loudly from his nose as he quickly stripped away the jacket and unbuttoned his long-sleeve undershirt.

Evelda took the chance to position herself on top of the red satin blankets, scooting back and opening her long legs for him. He looked like a sleepwalker as he touched her knees, kneeling between her feet.

His hands slid over her thighs, pressing into the doughy exterior of her illusion. For Evelda it was a touch more intimate than he could imagine, his thumb caressing a clit here, fingers smoothing over moist labia there. He didn’t notice of course, eyes fixed on the visible. She hadn’t been sure, and the orifice stood as a half-remembered smut page she’d clawed curiously through once. She’d been much more fixated on the male member hovering below the crimson lips of the nude woman. She itched to know what it might feel like jammed into one of her small holes.

The simulacrum must have been well remembered enough, because his breath was coming in lustful pants. He controlled himself, pressing lips to the inside of Evelda’s thigh. Evelda answered with a low animal grating that she did her best to wind into a moan.

He liked her response, applying his lips studiously to the other side. Thank god he’d closed his eyes. Evelda’s skin flickered, muscles tensing. If only he’d finger her, lick her inside, stretch her. It was a fight to redirect her focus. Each kiss laid higher hit new, sensitive territory, wracking her with desire.

“You’re so passionate.” The admiration shone in his eyes. “So, primal.”

Evelda smiled widely at that, thrusting her visible pussy up, svelte hips lifting off the bed. Yes, pay attention to this one here, take your time there.

His fingers laid on each side, pulling open the smooth mounds, revealing the dark misshapen lips. Evelda slid her hands over the back of his head, pulling him down against it, lest he stare too long. The blackness inside made her nervous. Certainly humans did not have mouths down there to suckle and consume sperm, however they might look like they did. She’d had the sense to smooth over the sharp teeth inside, but the rest remained as ever.

Paul didn’t complain, nuzzling and licking at the swelling nub, tracing the labia with his warm large tongue, which slipped often into the tiny orifice. His tongue was wider, much more filling and titillating than the demon cocks she’d been restricted to. Those were long and narrow, just enough to stimulate, to cause her to consume their seed, no more. Demons copulated en masse, and there was nothing they loved more than the sight of her seven pussies exposed. They’d latch on and let her inner mouths suck and tear at their long slender cocks, screaming low and guttural as the flesh tore, leaving behind blood and semen, much to their excitement. But even after seven orgasms, it bored her to tears.

She would spend her entire lengthy existence spewing nasty little demon spawn from her cunts, if they had their way. Evelda had other ideas. She was sick of being a transient observer of the human world, always unseen and unheard. And now that she was on the other side of the veil, she finally had him, this man she so adored, between her legs, right where she’d always wanted him.

His tongue left her impatient to have his cock, which, with any luck, would be as big as the one in the magazine. She let him enjoy her a little longer, relishing how it wound her up, then pushed him away.

His dark brown hair was messy and tousled. The tip of his nose glistened, much to her amusement. She leaned in and kissed the dampness away, pressing her forehead to his. He looked shy, pulling his massive body up.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked, tongue obviously more intuitive than she’d bargained for.

Her tiny slit could, and would willingly take anything forced into it. She huffed, pushing out her breasts.

“OK, OK.” He gave a gruff laugh. “Don’t bite my head off.

Evelda grabbed at the bulge in his pants demandingly, pressuring the hard contours. That would keep him from talking anymore. He obliged, undoing his suit pants, white underwear contrasting with the dark fabric. A decent sized wet circle lay above his cockhead. He was raring to couple with her, and if she wasn’t careful it might be too short lived. The dawn was soon, but not that soon. His pants fell around his ankles and she helped unsheathe him, working the tight fabric down his thick hairy legs. The result was a breathtaking display of human virility. Evelda trembled with delight, pussies twitching in unison. If only she could stuff that in every single one of them, she’d never be brought to orgasm by demon cock again. But he regretfully only had one, so she’d possibly be short six orgasms, unless she could manage some serious friction between her thighs.

She grasped at the meaty cockhead, pushing the wetness around the tip, thumb sliding over the slit. The smell of semen filled her nostrils. There was enough in the clear liquid alone to impregnate a female of his species. This man was as much of a prime specimen as he looked.

Evelda’s hand slid down over the massive member, barely able to get her fingers entirely around the thick rooted base. A vein running up the back pulsed powerfully, like a wild river of blood coursed through it. She regretted to let go of it, but needed to have it inside, now, more than ever.

He wouldn’t be equal to the task of penetrating her, so she coaxed him onto the bed, straddling his large hips. His biceps rolled under her delicate hands, and she took the time to stroke them, fingering his small nipples, rubbing her pussy against his cock.

The hunger was too much, she couldn’t wait, pushing against it, rutting.

“I have a condom.” He looked slightly panicked. “There in my front pocket.”

Evelda pressed a hand over his handsome mouth, shaking her head. He didn’t persist. The head pushed against her entrance, meeting great resistance. She pushed harder, until it began to squish into the tight confines. She gave a gasp as it stretched her painfully, but under the momentary pain, pleasure surged, reaching every nerve of her body.

If the demons had burst through the door in that moment, she still wouldn’t have been able to stop, not until he was balls deep, cockhead sunk in the throat of her sexual maw. She’d meant to draw him out, take her time, but nature was driving her like an unforgiving bitch, and all she could do was tense her inner mouth, milking him for all he was worth. His cock responded with its own twitching, sending the required contents into her depths.

He sat up halfway as he came, mouth agape with a beastly grunt. She relished the way his shoulders strained, and all the creases on his face came alive, transforming him into another creature altogether.

Evelda was also undergoing an unwilling transformation, skin flaking away in places as the orgasm washed through her. His eyes were wide, staring up into her face, and she knew that what he saw wasn’t what she’d intended him to see. A strangled sound issued from his throat, and he bucked against her, no longer trying to couple with her.

She pulled and tugged until his member popped out, sewing her human form back together, so that she could use those lush red lips to kiss him once more. His face evaded her, but to no avail, and she managed a firm, quick kiss before rising. Her hand smoothed over his thigh and her eyes said sorry the best they could. The door rattled, splintering as Evelda lost contact with him. Daylight was almost here, but not quite. They would hunt her a little longer, and they would, regretfully, ravage his evil tainted body in the process.

She had no time to think about that though, pulling open the antiquated, small-town hotel window. Gravity sloughed the milky skin away into black feathers this time, and as she twisted and fell, she could see his face peering over the wooden sash with alarm. She leveled with the ground, just in time, wings beating furiously, lifting her into the pre-dawn darkness, and out of his sight.

As she flew, her heart beat arhythmically, racing, double-time, and deep down she knew, every extra beat was for him.

Meno Silencio ©

Lend Me a Hand (erotic short story)

This short story is rated R.


She had graduated unwillingly to two dildos at a time. It was the only way to satisfy and bring renewed sensation. They went in snugly, not caring a rat’s ass if she hadn’t shaved that week (month), leaving her to hold them in with one hand, and lower the pristine, pastel headed vibrator onto her clit. It was a wonderful jolt, but not as much as the bedroom door swinging open.

Not able to speak, her roommate spoke for her. “Jesus Maria!”

Maria flushed as he took in her predicament, eyes glued to her gaping stuffed cunt. Off came his jersey. Muscles, everywhere! Did his chestnut hair always shine so brilliantly?

He coaxed the dildos out, slick with both her seed and copious lube. “Nothing satisfies like flesh.”

Warm, tender, agile flesh indeed, delving into her up to the knuckle, just like the movies. A little more lube, then deeper. Let’s make pretense. “Wait, I’m scared.” Just pretense, I’m no slut, see. He understood, not wavering, whispering soft encouragement as he stuffed her, hand slowly curling.

She panted torturedly, minutes freeze framed in her mind until the orgasmic spasms came, dropping her into oblivion.

They were best friends after that.


Meno Silencio ©2016


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Christmas Surprise (erotic short story)

When Thadeus dropped in to say merry Christmas, Charlene wasn’t expecting him to drop his pants, but he did indeed. His cock was as straight as the coatrack, and all fitted with a big red bow.

“Wow, just, wow. Why?” And how did you keep it standing so long, porn on your phone?

Thadeus, never shy of words looked proud. “It was the only thing you didn’t already have.”

Well, now that she was staring at it, it was hard to stop. The size was much larger than she expected. “I don’t know. I’ve got a few more presents to wrap.”

“Really, that’s your excuse? Just tell me no.” Thadeus stuck his tongue out.

But Charlene couldn’t, grabbing the throbbing present instead, holding it firmly. “Should I take off the bow?”

“Won’t be too comfortable otherwise.”


He pulled her towards the tree, laying her down on the luxurious shag rug. Charlene melted, wiggling her perky breasts out of her tank top. He worked her cute jeans down. It was all meat after that. Solid holiday sausage. He flipped her at one point, all fancy, so that all she could see while she came was shiny red and green blurs.


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The Snow God: Part 12 (erotic)

This story is rated R. There is no sex in part 12.

Dear readers: As you may have intuited, this series is slowly coming to an end (next part should be the last), so I’ve been working carefully with the plot, taking a little extra time. This has been fun though, writing as I go, quite a challenge. I sincerely hope that my writing has been passable, readable, and enjoyable for you, even though I haven’t edited it to death. : D A big thank you, and hug to all the regular readers who have stuck with me through the whole story!

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Val was coming back around, slowly but surely. Kara could see his chest heaving deeper through her tears. Thank God he was alive at all. The blow to his head had been so vicious that blood was trickling down around the curve of his ear.

Izgrid paced between them, only stopping once he noticed Val stirring.

He’s nervous, even though he’s at the advantage.

“Can you hear me Val?”

Val groaned, eyes still pressed closed. “Yes, I can hear you, you little shit.”

“Good. You’d better listen then. I’ve restrained you well. That means your pretty little girlfriend over here is at my mercy.” Izgrid hooked his thumbs into his belt-loops. “You’ve said no to me time and again, but somehow I have the feeling you won’t this time.”

Val’s blue eyes opened a crack, fixed disdainfully on Izgrid’s feet. “No to what? Your cock, or the release of your sister?”

Irritation flickered over Izgrid’s face. “My past advances are of no concern here.”

“Oh, then just your sister. What a relief.”

Izgrid’s hand swiped Val’s face with a sharp crack. “Even now you taunt me! Just say yes or no, and let’s be done with it.”

“If I agree to release your sister, she might destroy the world. That isn’t a decision I take lightly.”

“My sister never intended to do such a thing.”

“Then why did she break the law?”

Izgrid pulled a knife from his pocket quickly, turning to Kara. She tried to fight his advance off, but he was strong and fast, grabbing a fistful of hair and setting the knife uncomfortably against her throat. Kara whimpered softly under the touch of death. Would he really do something this rash?

“I guess I was wrong, you don’t love this one so much.”

“Wait.” Val straightened up desperately, pulling at his bonds like a snared coyote. “I’ll do it.”

Izgrid released her, slipping the knife back into his pocket. “Then let’s go, before your sister brings the cavalry. If you dare stall me, I won’t think twice about killing her, so be warned.”

The snow outside was a diamond crust crunching under their feet with every step. Kara’s eyes narrowed to slits against the suns glare, and she stumbled forward whenever Izgrid pulled the rope. Val was ahead, also bound, but leading as he was bidden, only a few paces from the small dwelling.

He said his sister was here, and he wasn’t kidding, right here, so close.

Izgrid reeled her in, pulling her tight against his body. “I really never meant for it to be this way Val, but your sister is just too hard to get close to. If you hadn’t fallen in love the way you did, I might still be waiting for my chance.” The knife pressed uncomfortably against Kara’s neck again. “Here, take it.” Izgrid tossed the necklace to Val, its blue light shining brightly like a fiery gem in the sunlight.

Val caught it, barely, eyes locked on Kara. He took a deep breath then, holding it in his cupped hands, eyes closing, chin rising. A rumbling came up under their feet instantly, slow and deep at first, then faster and more violent. Blue light seeped up from cracks in the snow, answering the necklace, which surged between Val’s fingers like a fire.

A sudden fierce ringing rose in Kara’s ears, making her lean dizzily into Izgrid’s thin frame. What if this kills us all?  The sharpness was no longer pressuring her throat and she could see the knife glinting close at her elbow, as if this was a done deal.

But it isn’t, not if I have anything to say about it.

Kara pushed further back into Izgrids chest, as though she was fainting. His arms came forward to encase her, hold her up, and there it was, close enough to grab. It only took a split second, the hunter in her thrumming with excitement as she slid down quickly, twisting and plunging the knife deep in Izgrid’s belly, yanking it down to gut him, to end him.

There was surprise, shock really, spreading over Izgrid’s handsome face as Kara straightened up before him. The rumbling subsided and she felt Val’s presence closing in on her.

“You’ll never touch Val again,” he voice quavered as she said it, “He’s mine.”

The Snow God: Part 9 (erotica)

This story is rated R. (Part 9 contains no sex)

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The airport food area was bustling with harried travelers. Kara had left the bags with Val at the terminal, and was now staring at the various food signs, all for things she’d never had.

“The hamburgers over there are good,” a soft voice suggested close to her ear.

Kara swung around. The voice was too familiar, and indeed, it was Adam! She almost tripped backwards, but he caught her by the elbow, hand solid and strong.

“Careful dear. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

That’s what I thought you were. “You’re real then?”

“You can touch me if you like.” Adam gave her an impish smile. “I like a woman who knows how to run her fingers through my hair.”

Kara smiled back, shaking her head. “No thank you, I have a more serious boyfriend now.”

“So I’ve noticed. There’s something I need to speak to you about. Allow me to buy you a meal.” He motioned at the hamburger joint.

Wariness filled every inch of her chest. “You can talk to me here.”

“No, no. I insist. It was very rude of me to make such sudden and malicious remarks about your more serious boyfriend, especially seeing the shape you were in. I owe you an explanation.” He gave her a gentle push towards the restaurant. “No better place to talk than in public if you’re worried about me.”

“Should I be worried about you?” Kara asked, all while following his lead.

“That depends. Now I think you would like the number four. Go sit, I’ll order.”

She picked a spot next to the divider, watching as he ordered with a charm she couldn’t put her finger on. The cashier was blushing in fact, presumably having received a compliment, nervously brushing her fingers over a thick crop of acne. He left her to grin stupidly at the next costumer, folding his receipt neatly and sticking it in his wallet before grabbing the fountain cup.

“Here, I hope you don’t already have a preference for a certain soda. I got you what I think goes best.” Adam slid the sweating cup of soda to her. “Your flight leaves in half an hour, he’ll be looking for you, so I’ll be quick.”

“How do you know when our flight leaves?”

“We should start at the beginning.” He ran his fingers through his dark hair, looking suddenly uncomfortable. “With my sister.”

“You have the same sister as Val?” Kara guessed.

That made Adam laugh. “No, like night and day.”

“Ah, but you know Val, and his sister.”

“I’m getting there, relax.”

“Tell me then. We only have half an hour. Remember?” Kara gave him a playfully critical look. Holy shit, am I unconsciously flirting with him? That’s bad.

“We’re not related to Val, by blood, but my sister was supposed to marry him. She didn’t. She married his brother.”

He said I was like fire, he was afraid I’d burn him. That explains that. Kara’s brow furrowed and she bit her lip.

“Don’t look so sad. I haven’t finished the story. He was so angry he falsely accused my sister, so that his family would turn against her. As a consequence they locked her away, unjustly so.”

“Locked her away. What are they, the police?” She craned her neck, checking to make sure Val wasn’t close by. Could he really be the bad guy?

“That’s the complicated part. We’re not exactly human. We have our own laws.”

“Not human?”

“There’s your order.” Adam rose. “I’ll get it. Then I have to go.”

“Wait. Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I’m hoping you’ll do my sister a favor.” He came to her side, hand delving in his pocket. “See this.” A beautiful blue glow emanated from his palm. “I need the red one. Val’s sister has it. They’ll never suspect you, not for a second. You must take it and hide it. That is all.” The blue glow disappeared back into his pocket and he gave her a gentle smile. “But failing that, just don’t let Val hurt you.”

The Snow God: Part 7 (erotica)

This story is rated R.

The Snow God: Part 1 (erotica),    The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica),   The Snow God: Part 3 (Erotica),   The Snow God: Part 4 (erotica),    The Snow God: Part 5 (erotica),   The Snow God: Part 6 (erotica)


He had just woken, Kara could tell by the tousle of his hair and the way his eyes blinked. He wasn’t expecting her either, rolling onto his side and jerking a little at the sight of her, all fresh and rested.

“We need to talk.” Kara straightened herself, as though that would strengthen her resolve. The covers pooled around his bulging cock, drawing her eyes relentlessly. He smelt so good too, so animal, sweat and sleep. How hungry he must be now.

Val rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “About?”

“Where we’re going. What you’re doing.” She crossed her arms, putting on the best serious face.

“Ok.” He sat up with a grunt, grabbing the pillow and plopping it on his lap. “What do you want to know?”

“Where are we going? Like I said.” Kara’s eyes trailed away from his now covered cock, and up his ripped chest, which was bare, stitches lying just under his massive shoulder.

“We, or at least I am, going to see my infuriatingly unreachable sister.”

Wonder if she looks as good as him. “And the man who wants to hurt you?”

“Izgrid. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.” Val rubbed around his stitches, jaw tightening, on the verge of a grind.

His fingers are so thick, I can almost feel them pinching my nipples.

Wetness blossomed between her legs, she ignored it.

“But What have you done to piss him off?”

Val’s eyes narrowed. “Nothing. I wasn’t the one. It’s complicated.”

Ah, he looks so sexy when he’s miffed. Why am I quizzing him about a stupid hallucination anyways?

Kara’s pussy felt a stirring, a phantom sensation of his girth, causing it to clench in delight. This was hard, too hard. Maybe he was dangerous, maybe he wasn’t, but all she could think of was what it felt like to be taken by him.

“Val,” she said softly, biting her lip. “Let’s go find you sister.”

“Come here first.” He crooked a finger at her, eyes gazing fire from below his thick brows.

Kara came closer, knees to the edge of the small bed, ready for his kiss. Val brushed his thumb over her nipple instead.

“Mm hard as a rock.”

His hand slid down her side, stopping to pressure her hip, then unbuttoning her pants. Kara squeezed her thighs together as his fingers pushed into her underwear.

“Wet. That’s lovely. Is it all for me?”

“Only…” Kara trailed off as he kissed her, lips aggressive, fingers pressing between her legs harder, rubbing and grinding.

There was absolutely no way to get her clothes off fast enough. Everything narrowed down to one need, to have him inside. Kara yanked the pillow off of his lap, throwing it on the floor. His erection was so full that it lied flat against his stomach, head well above his bellybutton. She pulled the covers down and was greeted by its wet, meaty head. His foreskin had already slid back, showing how painfully aroused he was, just rearing to go.

That made two of them.

Kara straddled him carefully, pushing him back when he tried to rise, holding onto the headboard for support. His hands caressed her hips, but he didn’t say anything, eyes locked on her breasts, mouth slightly agape.

Don’t say anything, just let me.

His bulbous head rubbed against her wet, freshly shaved folds, pushing them open, pushing inside, a delicious slow probing. Kara’s breath hitched slightly, if only this would never end. The tip filled her, opened her wide, and she rocked against it in answer, back and forth, back and forth, every sweep of motion electric. When his hips rose, she rose too, denying him.

My very own sex toy, and wow, what a toy.

His hands tightened on her hips, but he allowed her to continue teasing him. Kara leaned forward purposely, letting her breasts hang against his face, until he took advantage, snagging her nipple in his moist, wanting mouth, sucking and mauling it until she squeaked. That was when the coup began, hands pulling her down hard and fast onto his length, a sudden and tortuously pleasurable filling. His hips pounded upwards at the same time, pegging her deep, deep inside.


She tried to slow him, to fight him, as he switched nipples, shoulders straining, but when she pulled up, he pulled down again, hard. She pulled out to the tip a few more times, before giving up with a giggle.

My sex toy has a mind of its own.

A sweet rush filled her, removing time and place, removing identity. She was one with everything, with every sensation, every warm thrust of his cock, and when it twitched in fulfillment, she cried out in a voice that could have rent even the lonely tundra sky in two.