Last Time

A siren crests the waves

Naked glory

In the rising sun

Hair of seaweed and sand

She called in the fey voice of a thousand birds

For me alone

And though I knew

My heart raced; blood quickened

Following her beckon

A story old as time

Thrown about by the waves

Until her arms steadied me

Erotic rhythm

The soft firmness of perfection

Hard peaks rolled under my fingers

Until she hissed savagely, another trill

In a song of blood lust

Turn the cogs in the sky

Grind the universe to a halt

As we submerge

A last extasy

Rushing to every cell

I am hers


Woe is me

Low and under

Until you touch me like a spark

A little stroke

Bit of fire

Jumping out of my bones

Into my fingers

When you fill me

Girth and strength

Tastes of sunsets

Fresh rain on pavements

Relish, eager

This moment of perfection

Dryad’s Saddle

In a well lit wood

Stumble into fairy lights

Your feet are feather weight

Under my spell

A man from the mines

Bare chest and dirty

Filthy indeed

Hard as ore dug daylong

Hung as the horse that pulled your cart

Forget him, he grazes

You have only eyes for my slender blade

And dew wet pussy

Spread legs upon a dryad saddle

Think that I am too unsubstantial?

Perhaps you are right, come sunset

But now you can only feel my seduction


A night creature

Crept into my dreams

His fingers yielded darkness across my skin

Teeth nipping at the life pounding through my veins

As I tossed and turned in lucid dreams

Reaching for him in the dark sea of cognizance

Escaping reality as he pulled me up over the horizon

Of heaving travesty

Slow decay, made slower by his ministrations

Every caress of his tongue, every contour

An explosion of ecstasy

Mounting and invading a willing city

Slick with evening dew of desire

How deep, how complete the submission

Until he partook of me

The predator consuming the prey


I imagined you by the sea

Shells tangled in your vermilion foam hair

A delicate salt

Crusted in beautiful whorls

You bent, vulpine, into the tide

Bare to the elements

In all of their savagery




Your maiden legs spread wide

Poseidon forcing himself between

Primal energy

Endless craving for replication

Sacred reproduction

In his ceaseless sway

Deep invasion

Your orgasm ran against the sea beds

Shaking the furrows of the deep

Making the kraken curl and uncurl

Blood lusty at the red taint upon Poseidon’s waves

How sweet that virginal sacrifice

Violently taken

That a dream, edged with nightmare

I was abashed to tell




Starts feathery soft,




The sheets


A golden lining




I can no longer breathe without you.


Heartbeat ticks



Waiting for detonation,


But, molasses, torment




Is hovering over me


Slick heat, tongue lapped




Creatures, meant for me alone.


Lips pressure romantically




Because emotion begets pleasure,


And pleasure is in my sigh




That once felt bereft of all sensation.


I was lost in the dark,




That never materialized.


Now I am lost




May I never be found.

Authors Note: I tried something different with this poem, obviously. It was fun, but it reminded me that as a writer and poet, one of my biggest fears is becoming repetitive and stale, and even worse, to not realize it.

So my question for you, dear fellow writers, is this- How do you keep your writing (poetry or other wise) fresh?

Evermore (erotic)

I fuck you like the rain

I take you in, because I am nothing

And you are everything

I fuck you like the storm

Wrapping your soul

Howling pleasure

And you

You tremble like the night

Ravaged by the sweet atmosphere

By the rain lashed wind

Put your hands on my ecstasy

Hold my burning fire

Taste what is yours

Taste this rain

Taste this storm

This love borne on crisp nights’ wings

Borne on black rain slick streets

And empty corridors

Taste it and I promise you

You are mine evermore