She is preparing for death

Project, errand, a slow uncoiling of sorrow

Etching into her old bones

Love falls away in ashes

Let little by little through the cracks in ones fingers

Every sunset is a reminder of encroaching dark permanence

However many candles, lamps, incandescent are set out

And she is alone

Exhausted, terrified of questions that are already emphatically answered

Time is never a friend, less now more than ever

An ancestor, visiting on delicate wings of butterflies

Birds flitting small through the summer heat

Comfort fleeting

As she weeps solitary


Vast enigmatic planet
Spiderweb of vibrations
So delicate
That even the ancient trees know
Something is coming for them
I exist, here on the surface
Gazing into the bowl of the sky
Divining tomorrow in the wind
A bluster of loneliness
Among a bustle of life
Teetering on the edge of not being
As we all are

Parking Lot

Hollow unrelenting rain

In a parking lot

I found you

Down below the concrete and asphalt

A midnight hour

Where we could kiss with haste

Eyes on the horizon

I’ve dug myself bloody

Every single moon

To be here now

Where I know you are

Left, forgotten

By all but me

The soil underneath is hard

Like the bones of your fingers

Packed into unfertile waste

Yet we’ll make something beautiful

In the taste of decay

Something perfect

In your marred visage

Close to mine

Let’s twine like roots

Become one heart and soul

Because true love transcends death


Beautiful manipulator

Sly and smiling

You visit me again in flashes

How I crave your fingers

Taking me apart

Parting me until my soul is open wide

My intimacy made for your destruction

We love like planets in a death orbit

Kissing as we explode

The brightness of our desolation

Makes them wonder

They can’t fathom

How darkness could taste so sweet


Stranger, have you got a penny for me?

A slide over Styx

Deepthroating death

In all his regalia

Shaking his skull necklace

With orgasmic fervor

My forever love

Cased in the remains of creation

A dark and fertile soil

To form me again



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I nestled under the leaves

Breathed decay

It was perfect

A snippet of Elysium

Flooding into my feeble body


I wasn’t missed

I wasn’t needed


Curl my spine

a desiccation of the soul

Like the crushed dust of moth wings

It’s all I can do to contain the light

As I reach the humming end of a higher cycle


Please don’t miss me

Please don’t need me




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I’m in the dark, breathing you

A slow suicide


I wouldn’t have survived

On your skinny bones anyways


Just lay back

And meld our existence


Find something

That isn’t pain


Until the covers are soft voids

And whispers are ripples in time




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