Life is unraveling

In moments


Quick bites

Walls seen a thousand times before

An overdose

Harsh word

Heart flutter



Taste our bitter loneliness

Our fucked up complacency

A soul rotting necrobiome

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Rip the paper clouds

From the laden sky

A leaden catastrophe

As all my words leak

In rivulets down your face

Coat your white wings ashen

Blacken an already tarnished halo

A tongue to taste what I mean

A choke as they fill your throat

But never your heart

Grapple with these possibilities

With a singular weakness inside

You keep coming back

To my siren call

Wading into my perfect storm

Where all the shelter is destroyed

And only open fields remain

To lay and fuck

Under dark midnight skies

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Heaven is Lost

I’ve stretched out your wings

Just to admire the holes

I know you won’t make it

The short trip up

So crash


Come down with me

I promise a small comfort

Amidst your tears

All this is yours

The wet field of Elysium

Between my thighs

The golden kisses

On every inch of you

Until you can no longer think

Come inside, don’t leave

Heaven is burning anyways

Better to be here

Under my kindness

I’ll treat you right

Into the dark night

Keep your nightmares at bay

Beautiful foreigner

I can speak in the tongue of angels

When you grow homesick

If you only make me your dominion

Rule over me, in strength and power

Become my savior

Lost one


A night creature

Crept into my dreams

His fingers yielded darkness across my skin

Teeth nipping at the life pounding through my veins

As I tossed and turned in lucid dreams

Reaching for him in the dark sea of cognizance

Escaping reality as he pulled me up over the horizon

Of heaving travesty

Slow decay, made slower by his ministrations

Every caress of his tongue, every contour

An explosion of ecstasy

Mounting and invading a willing city

Slick with evening dew of desire

How deep, how complete the submission

Until he partook of me

The predator consuming the prey


Sink or swim

Head bobbing in the tide

A speck in pre-dawn darkness

Flailing amidst wreckage


Are you the same?


I’m not.


It’s liquid dark under the waves

A roaring that numbs

If I reach the bottom

It scrapes my tender skin


Should I be the same?


It hurts too much.


When light seeps above the horizon

I see how slow hope is

Close my eyes and block it out

Float ‘til I’ve smashed against rocks


Nothing is ever the same


But it always hurts


They don’t like if you laugh while you’re bleeding


You don’t know who I am

Every solitary word a hum of desolation


Yet I am still stretched up and over the sky


Rested on eons of vibration

Eyes closed, a slow drift into eternity


Iron fingers

A grasping collar

Of hard desire



What is yours


I am amongst the blankets

Twisting in your grip

Adrenaline and wetness



Flesh and bone


I’ve a rod, punishing

A breast here, a thigh there

Pushing between, deeper than deep


Give to me your cruelty

And you may seize my heart


I imagined you by the sea

Shells tangled in your vermilion foam hair

A delicate salt

Crusted in beautiful whorls

You bent, vulpine, into the tide

Bare to the elements

In all of their savagery




Your maiden legs spread wide

Poseidon forcing himself between

Primal energy

Endless craving for replication

Sacred reproduction

In his ceaseless sway

Deep invasion

Your orgasm ran against the sea beds

Shaking the furrows of the deep

Making the kraken curl and uncurl

Blood lusty at the red taint upon Poseidon’s waves

How sweet that virginal sacrifice

Violently taken

That a dream, edged with nightmare

I was abashed to tell