Life is unraveling

In moments


Quick bites

Walls seen a thousand times before

An overdose

Harsh word

Heart flutter



Taste our bitter loneliness

Our fucked up complacency

A soul rotting necrobiome

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Heaven is Lost

I’ve stretched out your wings

Just to admire the holes

I know you won’t make it

The short trip up

So crash


Come down with me

I promise a small comfort

Amidst your tears

All this is yours

The wet field of Elysium

Between my thighs

The golden kisses

On every inch of you

Until you can no longer think

Come inside, don’t leave

Heaven is burning anyways

Better to be here

Under my kindness

I’ll treat you right

Into the dark night

Keep your nightmares at bay

Beautiful foreigner

I can speak in the tongue of angels

When you grow homesick

If you only make me your dominion

Rule over me, in strength and power

Become my savior

Lost one


Sink or swim

Head bobbing in the tide

A speck in pre-dawn darkness

Flailing amidst wreckage


Are you the same?


I’m not.


It’s liquid dark under the waves

A roaring that numbs

If I reach the bottom

It scrapes my tender skin


Should I be the same?


It hurts too much.


When light seeps above the horizon

I see how slow hope is

Close my eyes and block it out

Float ‘til I’ve smashed against rocks


Nothing is ever the same


But it always hurts


I write for you


Tearing with teeth

Because I know

You are bleeding like me

Someone is looking up

At the void of stars

Trying to suck the little low-lying light

Into what’s left of a soul


Can I be the voice echoing back?





Devil in Me

From the second my brimstone chafed skin

Unfurled and fetal

Bore into the macrocosm

You kept me close

Grinding down on my stinted wings

Dark they were

Thought to break my fangs

With a hard hand

But now I’ve latched my fangs

Into the moon

With a deep howl

Tasting sweet freedom

Reveling in the devil in me

New Day

Biting down on my razor blade teeth

Until I bleed

This is the only sunrise


You tried to appeal to the human in me

Wipe away my bloody smile

But I laughed inside

Knowing you killed it

In a line of unrelenting forced submisson

That I took

And took


So now this is fucking survival

This is the sharp edge

Dissecting my pain

To let in fleeting relief

And I will not bow to you



Beautiful manipulator

Sly and smiling

You visit me again in flashes

How I crave your fingers

Taking me apart

Parting me until my soul is open wide

My intimacy made for your destruction

We love like planets in a death orbit

Kissing as we explode

The brightness of our desolation

Makes them wonder

They can’t fathom

How darkness could taste so sweet