You Might be a Witch if…

A little something fun ; )

You might be a witch if…

1. If you’ve ever googled “How to get wax stains out of carpet.”


2. If you’ve worried about catching your hair on fire more than once in your life.


3. If you pay just as much attention to the color of the candle you’re sniffing, as the smell.


4. If your idea of a good calendar is one with moon phases.


5. If your house is the only one on the block with light during a power outage.



Starting a Fire (Erotica)

Dear readers: You may or may not remember me mentioning that this story was featured on ERWA (erotica readers and writers association). Well the three month feature is up, so I’m posting it here now for your pleasure! This is a ‘flasher’ as they call it, which means it can only be two hundred words, but it still must be a story with a plot, a beginning and end ect. That being said, it probably won’t turn you on, but it might make you smile ; )



Starting a Fire

Joan’s fingers itched to turn the key, but that was how people died out here.

“We should walk,” Louis suggested, pressing his forehead to the glass, presumably to get a closer look at the expanse of snow.

“Are you crazy?”

“Have a better idea?”

Joan sighed. “If we could find some dry wood.”

Louis shifted in the passenger seat, cocking his head. “Dry, wood. I could manage that.” He gave a low chuckle.

“How can you joke at a moment like this?” Joan was smiling though, fingers toying with her zipper.

They almost got stuck, shoulder to shoulder, in their hurry to vacate the front seat.
Joan, lovingly stroking his stubbly chin, quickly arranged herself so Louis could sit between her knees.


“Wowzers, no wonder you’re cold!”

“Wasn’t planning on this. Damn your hands are warm, I think this is going to work.”
Louis had Joan pinned to the seat in minutes, steadily plowing, hands pressing at her knees. Joan nibbled his shoulder in turn, glancing down to admire the way his anatomy fit into hers.

Tap. Tap.

Louis fell forward, surprised. “Forest service?”

Joan’s voice was muffled, hands on his hips. “S’k, they need to stay warm too.”