Book Release: Fear Your Lust (Erotic Horror)

Pleased to say that after three days of waiting, my collection of short erotic horror stories is officially released on Smashwords!

Here’s a link: Fear Your Lust

Sending best wishes to all!



fear your lust-page-001


What happens if you kill god? F**k an angel? Is there a hole or two you need filling? An inconvenient possession?
Follow along with these three quirky, erotic, but darker than dark stories and find out.


Fall from grace

A bigger hole

Reaching the sea

Plus bonus reprint of Evelda, a Herdless Halloween special.


Fear Your Lust: Cover Reveal!

Finally, some exciting news in this time of plague! Sure, I can’t cure you, or give you your job back, but hey, I can entertain you. : D

This collection of erotic horror should be out in two or three days. I really can’t believe this is my fourth self-published book. As a writer, this is a dream come true!

I hope that all of you out there in the blogsphere are hanging in there. I’m sending well wishes as always.



fear your lust-page-001


What happens if you kill god? F**k an angel? Is there a hole or two you need filling? An inconvenient possession?

Follow along with these three quirky, erotic, but darker than dark stories and find out.
Fall from grace
A bigger hole
Reaching the sea
Plus bonus reprint of Evelda, a Herdless Halloween special.

Book Release: ‘Pain Sluts the Collection’

Hello dear readers, Pain Sluts is finally on sale for all those of you who desire to peruse its twisted and erotic depths (first 20% is free to read). : D

Blurb: Let’s face it, some of us are wired differently, some of us like pain. Follow along with these stories of pain sluts and discover just how deep and beautiful the infatuation can be.

Smashwords Link: Pain Sluts

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog, and to everyone who’s been so supportive. That alone makes it so easy to wake up everyday and pursue my life long dream of becoming a writer who makes even a little money! ❤ I seriously heart you guys!

Stay kinky, stay crazy, stay yourself!



‘Three Threesomes for the Price of One’ is out! (Book Release)

Exciting news my dear readers, my new book of erotic short stories is live (click here if you’re too keen to finish this verrrryyyy long sentence), and it’s free for this week only!

All the short stories in this book got two thumbs up from my beta readers (except for the ones who had their hands in their pants). They said things like, ‘I enjoyed this’, ‘you have a vivid imagination’, and my personal favorite ‘I did not want to smash my computer after reading this’ (I’m only kidding).

So hop on over and try some grade A, rated R, Meno Silencio, risk free!


three threesomes for the price of one


‘Three Threesomes for the Price of One’ is written in Meno Silencio’s signature darkly humorous style and includes these stories:

The Extraterrestrial Affair

The Woods

Larger Burger

A bonus chapter from upcoming novel ‘The Blackwater Witch’

So sit back, curl up (alone, unless you’re OK with other people watching you touch yourself), and enjoy this weird little stroke collection!

The Witch’s Bookshelf: Letters to my Oldest Friend by: Janavi Held (book review)

Oh it’s been soooo long since I’ve posted a book review, not that I haven’t had books to review, I’ve just been lost in my writing, head over heels. Isn’t that such a good feeling? Well I’ve shaken myself out of my own imagination long enough to review this nice little book of poetry by Janavi Held, called ‘letters to my oldest friend’.


I first read Janavi’s poetry here on her blog. One of my favorite poems of hers is Time unhinged. So I decided to spring for the book. I love supporting fellow poets whenever I can, and I’m always looking for another magical book to transport me into someone else body.

This book of poetry is paired with a lineup of beautiful black and white photos, which makes for an impressive layout. The poetry itself is carefully written out and filled with pain. It returns often to the search for the divine and the shedding of the mundane world.

I’ve become (have been for a long time) a non-deist, which means I don’t believe in any Gods/goddesses at all. It’s not solely a matter of my mind, but also my heart. So there were times when I was reading this book that I struggled to connect with the feelings. I guess those corners of my soul are cold and full of shadows of yesterday. But if you (as most people do) have any belief in the divine, whatever name it holds, then you will certainly find this book compelling and inspirational.

I hope you will mosey over to Janavi’s lovely site and read some of her wonderful poems, whether you buy her book or not. She really is, in my opinion, a very powerful poet!


Many blessings!


Three Threesomes for the Price of One! (book cover)

Hello dear readers! I’ve been talking about this book for quite a while, but I finally have good news for you, I’m working on book covers for it! Yes, all the stories are pretty much complete, and so far they all have two thumbs up from my beta-readers (nothing but the best for you guys). Here’s my first (*cough, cough* third) attempt at a book cover, and I actually quite like this one. Harsh criticism is welcome : D as well as vacuous praise.

threesome cover-page-001

The titles in this book are:*

Larger Burger

The woods

The holy extraterrestrial affair


The first chapter of my upcoming horror(with a deeply erotic underpinning) novel ‘the blackwater witch’!

So buckle up, settle down, curl up, and get ready to read something spicy and fun!


*Some titles may change, it takes me forever to come up with good titles for my stories.

The Witch’s Bookshelf : Marked for Life by (book review)

Marked for Life: Emelie Schepp


Summary: Jana Brezelius (lead character), is a public prosecutor who works closely with the police. When the head of immigration is shot, apparently by a child, Jana ends up in the middle of an investigation that will turn her world upside down.

Review: ‘Marked for Life’ has been on the bestseller list, and has fit bragging on the cover, that’s why I chose to read it in the first place. Every once in a while I like to see what everyone else seems to be enjoying, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, sometimes I’m not.

This one is a not.

Now I don’t like to be too rough or trash other peoples works, because as a writer I know just how damned hard it is to get your novel to the point that it’s readable, much less golden. That being said, Emelie Schepp’s writing is good, readable, very nice. The characters are interesting, the plot is alright. But isn’t that the problem? It was alright. All this, despite the inclusion of human trafficking, and children turned hitmen.

Part of me resents whoever wrote the blurb on the back, because it feels like it gives away too much of the plot. That leaves me wondering if I would enjoy the book more having not read the blurb (my summary is different than the blurb fyi).

The next book in the series is ‘Marked for Revenge’, but I can’t seriously see myself wasting anymore time on this series. There are so many amazing, life changing books I want to read, I have to be picky.

If you’re not picky though, and you want an easy read, I’d give it a try. I’d also keep an eye on Emelie Schepp, she has a great deal of promise. ; )


Have you read this book, or any other books by Emelie Schepp? How were they? What was the last book you read that you wish you hadn’t wasted your time on?


Cover Reveal: Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson

I am super excited to offer you this cover reveal by lola’s blog tours!


Today is the cover reveal for Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The cover is designed by Jenny @ Seedlings Design Studio:

Quinsey Wolfes Glass Vault


Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault

By Candace Robinson

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Horror

Age category: Upper YA

Release Date: May 16, 2017



Some see it… Some don’t…


People in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing. There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, that appears overnight. Perrie Madeline’s best friend and ex-boyfriend are among the missing.  Perrie, along with her friend August, go on a pursuit to search for them in the mysterious museum. Could the elusive Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault have anything to do with their disappearances?


You can find Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault on Goodreads:


You can pre-order Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault here:

– Amazon:

Candace Robinson

The Witch’s Bookshelf (Book Review): The Long Hard Road out of Hell

In my opinion the apocalypse… Must be primarily an internal, spiritual event, and only in a secondary way an external catastrophe. The gates of the Watchtowers… are mental constructions. When they are opened, they will admit [Satan] not into the physical world but into our subconscious minds…. The apocalypse is a mental transformation that will occur, or is presently occurring, within the collective unconscious of the human race.

-Donald Tyson, “the Enochian Apocalypse”, as quoted in chapter 15 of “The Long Hard Road out of Hell” by Marilyn Manson (with Niel Strauss)

The Long Hard Road out of Hell: Marilyn Manson, with Niel Strauss



There are few people in this day and age with the brutal notoriety of Marilyn Manson, which is ironic, since honestly all he’s done is create art, deep and sometimes disturbing art, but just art.

Of course the people who have made him so notorious are the same people who eventually put Gallello on house arrest for continuing to stand by his idea that the earth revolves around the sun. Not that Manson seems to mind, he knows very well that his popularity would be hard won without the churches constant opposition, much the same way that LaVey maintained that his church would not exist without Christianity. You could say that they are the unwitting, and unwilling catalysts.

With all of this uproar it sometimes feels difficult to separate the man from the legend. This book goes a long way towards that.

I’ll admit that I’m a big fan. Why? Because I can relate, as a person, as an artist, plain and simple. I am part of the apocalypse. Christianity had died within me, has been buried in a small unmarked grave in my soul. Why would I want to remember my torment anyways?

So I suppose it won’t surprise anyone that I really enjoyed this book. I don’t suggest it as reading for just anyone, but if you’re a fan, or you’re willing to take a trip into the darkness, then this book is for you.

Manson (Brian Warner) starts with his formative years, as any sensible person would. It is a story much softer than his namesake (Charles Manson, who’s formative years were full of abuse and abandonment of the deepest kind), but still no bed of roses. These formative years are often were we as humans begin to lose or gain our ability for things like empathy and emotion, and that seems to be the common thread throughout this book, Manson’s struggle to maintain his empathy and emotion.

His recounting of his childhood bleeds into a drug fueled rebirth as a godforsaken rock star. This centers chiefly around the struggle to complete Antichrist Superstar, which in turn portrays Manson’s rebirth.

It is here, in my opinion, that his true depth as an artist shines through. We all have our demons, and we all use our art to exorcise them. We all have something to say, something to share. This is our stage.

Turn away if you must.





The Witch’s Bookshelf: I Am Ozzy (Book Review)


So I’m pretty much a sucker for musician Bios. Especially those about musicians that are seen as coming from a dark genre of music, you know, the kind your parents cringe when they see the album, stopping to cross themselves, or shut their eyes tight in a silent prayer (In a high pitched quavering voice)“may God save little Jimmies soul, the devil is going to pop out of that Alice Cooper album at any second and eat him alive.” Or something like that. For this reason ‘I Am Ozzy’ was at the top of my reading list the second I saw it.

Ozzy spends a lot of time talking about his infamous exploits while touring, and hey, who doesn’t like a good bite-the-head-off-a-bird story? But in ‘I Am Ozzy’ we get to dig out the delicate and formative roots of a man that has become known the world over for his slurred words as much as his music. He details his struggles from childhood, as well as the ongoing ones (namely alcoholism that turned him all Jack Torrance a few times). You also get a real sense for not only what kind of band Black Sabbath was supposed to be (it wasn’t originally named Black Sabbath), and what kind of band it became.

As you might suspect, this book is a must have for any and all Black Sabbath/Ozzy fans, a serious and enriching read.

If you’re not a fan, or just sort of like their music, you still might enjoy this book, but only if you can stomach the occasional blood and gore (slaughter house scenes, alcohol fueled rampages). When you’re done you might even find you have a soft spot for this hard to understand rock legend. All flaws aside, he makes himself a very likeable person.

Suffice to say, I’m no hardcore fan, but I’m more than a little glad I read this book! I’d give it a hearty five stars, but I don’t use a star rating system ; )

Let me know below if you’ve read this, or want to read it.

What’s your favorite Musician Bio? What’s one you’re dying to read?