A piece of me lives in you

We are, after all, just broken little children



The night is long.


A piece of my darkness is bleeding away

I am, after all, just a broken soul



Life if futile suffering.


I want to take all these pieces from you

Give them to me



Pain is not meant for you.




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Stranger, have you got a penny for me?

A slide over Styx

Deepthroating death

In all his regalia

Shaking his skull necklace

With orgasmic fervor

My forever love

Cased in the remains of creation

A dark and fertile soil

To form me again



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Stay kinky, stay crazy, stay yourself!





Daughter of the moon

Piece of the earth

Let your hair down

Let the power and glory be yours

Nourish life

Birth strength

Don’t forget

The power in your bones


Men come

Destruction and war

A tide so strong you are swept up


But still, you are under

Facilitating madness

The only shred of sanity

And you can’t forget

The primal need


The power of commonplaceness


He lifts his wings

A strong slope of pity and self-doubt

And he hides under the iridescent bows

‘Til I pull them aside

Spreading the feathers in fans of light and color


His eyes are shaded and low

Shoulders hunched to the earth

Waiting for my fingers trailing into the sinews

Water into thirsty ravines


I will open him

Slow and delicious

Unwinding his defense

Softening his shell

Wings spread, an iridescent sun enfolding us


Finally, we breathe the same breath

Holding onto the sky

In tumultuous pleasure

Becoming one