Top Five Tips For Novice Authors

Does this sound familiar? You’ve toiled, and toiled away at your beautiful novel, your masterpiece. Yet every second there is a dark hole ahead of you, just waiting to be fallen into. This hole is uncertainty. You ask yourself questions like ‘what the heck do I do with this thing when I’m finished?’ and ‘How do I even find someone to read it and tell me it’s worth anything?’.

I know that feeling very well! With that in mind, here are my top five tips for novice writers, or rather, five things novice writers should be doing now. Hope it helps!


1: Make a Brand: If you plan on eventually publishing, or self-publishing this will go a long way. Now there are two types of brands you can ‘use’ so to speak.

A: Your own name, your own face, your own life. Basically you are selling you, no filter. This is good if you want to be famous personally, because if you do make it big (there are no guarantees), say goodbye to your peace and quiet.

B: Create an online ‘persona’ that represents you (it’s best to still be you). Take my blog for example. I’m the herdless witch, I’m Meno Silencio, but I’m not, these are just my monikers, my pen names, how I present myself without truly exposing me. This is a very common thing for female erotica writers, simply because of the nature of our work. : )

Once you’ve picked A or B, settled all the little things like what picture you want to use, what theme do you want to stick to ect. It’s time to build that brand, be active online, which brings me to point 2…


2: Blog: Now I’m not saying you have to blog specifically, but you need an active online presence. This can be Twitter, Facebook or whatever floats your boat. This falls under marketing. See what a lot of writers don’t realize today is that book marketing is largely an online affair. Even if you get snagged by a top publisher who wants you to do signings and readings (may you be so blessed), there will still be a website (some publishers will require you to in fact have an online presence). People are going to be looking for you online, make it so they can find you! If they like your book, they’ll want to know what’s next. Maybe they heard your name, now they’re curious. Maybe it’s late at night and they’re drunk and looking for something to read…

Point is, people spend more time online nowadays than they do at the bookstore, so if you want people to see your book, you need to go where the people are.


3: Make writer friends: This ties directly into point two. The best way to make writer friends is to have an online presence. Hey I know we just want to be left alone as writers (most of us at least), we’d rather drink coffee and pet our cats while dreaming up amazing plot ideas, but trust me on this one. Having writer friends is indispensable!

Not only do you get to celebrate (and commiserate) with them, you also have someone to give you feedback. These sort of contacts can help you find beta-readers, or become a beta-reader yourself (something I highly suggest). They can also keep you in the loop, and trade tips with you. Best part is, no need to meet them face to face, because the socially anxious rule the web!


4: Write Short Stories: This is something I wished I would have learned so much sooner. It’s easy to fixate on one big long piece of work, in fact it feels natural. But writing a short story gives you a chance to roleplay what finishing that big work might be like, challenges included. It makes you see the plot through til the end, it makes you edit and subsequently find your most common errors. Basically it gives you the practice you so badly need.

Of course I don’t suggest just writing short stories and filing them away, by no means! Go the extra mile, find a beta-reader, or a beta-reading website. Get your work out there and let people pick it to pieces. This is the only way you can grow, painful as it might be.


5: Research: If you’re going to publish traditionally, research traditional publishers that might take your book. This means tons of google searches, and checking writer websites (AW is a good site for scoping out publishers). Make lists, know the business.

If you’re planning on self-publishing, learn all you can about the craft. Learn about how and where you can self-publish, and what you need to do to your book before you can.


Conclusion: I know this all seems like a lot, but let’s face it, you’ll probably spend at least a year working on that masterpiece (probably a whole lot more), so it makes more sense to spread all of this out over that time, rather than scramble to get it done once you finally finish your book.


Any tips for novice writers, or things you wish someone would have told you when you were just starting out?

The Snow God: Part 3 (Erotica)

This story is rated R.

Read part 1 here. part 2 here.

It was only fitting that Val should mount her with the energy and abandon of a deep winter blizzard, skin kissed with ice. Kara wrapped her legs around his fit torso, trying to hold the storm in, to never let it leave. His cock was relentless between her legs, making wet quick noises, poking and prodding her center of pleasure, and even though all the pleasure had already been spectacularly released, Kara could feel a new wave rising.

He could feel it too, blonde hair tickling her collar bone as he leaned close, sucking her nipples, letting his teeth worry them. She imagined that his tongue was still soaked in her scent, wet and warm, like an animal.

Like an animal, hunting me, instead of me hunting it.

Her limited experience with men told her he must come soon, so she tensed, pushing her hips to the rhythm, chasing the elusive second orgasm, praying to gods unknown. But every second she expected, nothing came of it, instead the feeling that he was intent on her pleasure only grew. Kara relaxed in response, digging her fingernails into his perfect back, loving how pliable his skin was, how good it smelled.

“A dirty girl like you needs a strangers cock to come twice,” he whispered in her ear, with not even a hint of breathlessness. That was the nail in the coffin, sending her over the edge.

A strangers cock, I’m fucking a stranger, and I’ve only known him for half an hour tops, half an hour and two orgasms.

Val must have been holding himself back with all his strength, because as soon as he felt the clench of her orgasm he also came, cock twitching and ramming deeply, breathing rising to a crescendo. When he was finished, he kissed her lavishly, sweetly all over her bare shoulders and cheeks.

“You are spectacularly explosive, like fire.” He paused in mid thought, words obviously heavy on his lips. Kara waited, staring at them intently, at their perfect curve and hue. “I only hope you won’t burn me.”

“I won’t burn you. Why would I?” Me, meek old Kara? I can’t imagine.

His blue eyes flickered with worry for a second, but then he smiled brightly. “Come with me then. I could use the company.”

Kara’s heart seized slightly, she’d let him have his way with her, that was one thing, but now he was asking her to go somewhere with him. “Where is it you want me to go?”

“I have to find my sister, we’re in a great deal of trouble.”

“Does this have anything to do with you turning up naked in the snow?”

“Everything, unfortunately.”

Kara gave him a suspicious look. “Exactly what kind of trouble are you in?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Val rolled off of her, away from the fire, wiping sweat from his brow. “Either way, I have to go.”

She sat up too, pulling the blankets up against her chest. “You just got here.”

“It’s urgent.” His blue eyes were fixed on her again, and she felt the same tingle as he leaned in to kiss her. “Can you come with me?” it was a whisper, a pleading.

“I-I barely know you… Besides, I have to take care of things here. I’m the only one.”

His eyebrows knit together. “I understand.” He stroked her cheek lightly giving her one more passionate kiss.



Float (poem)

The rain stills my soul

There is a letter in my pocket

That I must send

It is burning holes

Tedious little circles

Of cauterized thread


The rain drums

I sink, eyes closed

Into its familiar sea

Of rythm

Letting the words float away

Like splinters of a shipwreck


The rain washes

A horizon of oblivion

A door to the sky

Deep and full of shadows

I pull it open, stepping into relief

Letting the words drift away in ashes

The Snow God: Part 2 (erotica)

This story is rated R.
Read part 1 here.

Once he was laid out by the fire he shuddered, blue lips mouthing something inarticulate. Kara dumped blankets on top of him, then kneeled beside, rubbing his hand to bring back circulation. His fingers were strong and thick, tendons hinged on massive knuckles. Perhaps he hadn’t been out in the cold long, his skin was still soft and pliable. No real discoloration. In fact the color was coming back as she rubbed. That of course didn’t explain why he was buried under all that snow.

He awoke with a jolt, hand flying up and careening inches from the side of her face. Kara scooched back, almost knocking over a chair, but twisting around just in time to catch it.

“Don’t stand up, you’re naked still!”

He looked woozy for a moment, then his head swiveled towards her, crystalline lake blue eyes barely focusing. “Naked?”

“Yes, naked.” Kara wrinkled her nose.

“Did you, undress me?”

Kara lost her grip on the chair, it came back down on its feet with a thump. “I most certainly didn’t.”


“Do I look like a slut?”

“I barely know you.”


He scratched his head, lips falling into a frown. “Who are you then?”

He’s just woken up, why am I getting so flustered about a question like that, I really need to cool it. “I’m Kara. I dragged you in from the snow.”

“And I was naked already. Damn him.” There was a audible sound of teeth crushing against each other.

“Damn who?”

He waved the question off, jaw relaxing. “I’m Val, and I must thank you for taking the time to thaw me out.”

“Well Val, I couldn’t just leave you out there.” Kara gave him a half smile, brushing her chestnut hair back over her shoulder.

The covers rose with a twitch. Kara locked her eyes on the twitching, not thinking, just wondering.

Val pressed his hand over it quickly, flushing a surprisingly bright shade of red. “Sorry.”

“Are you, hard?” Kara’s eyes widened like dinner plates. “Why?”

A cockeyed grin spread over his face. “I guess he just can’t resist a gorgeous woman like you.”

All of the sudden Kara could feel every sweaty crevice of her body. Sure she’d taken a shower this morning, but who shaves in the tundra! She had an urge to jump up and open the door. The fire was too hot… he was too hot.

Val leaned in, face close to hers. “May I kiss you?” he asked softly, no longer smiling.

Kara made a gurgling noise, but nodded vigorously.

He hovered, lips so close she could almost feel the electricity of his neurons. A warm feeling rushed between her legs, resting there, engorging her with sensation. His kiss was gentle but firm, making the warmth between her legs sing in a most peculiar way, reminding her about its nagging emptiness. How long? Too long Kara decided, letting her hand wander across the covers. Val caught it, pulling her close.

“It isn’t very polite to touch without asking,” he reminded her mischievously.

Kara took a sharp breath. “Ok. C-can I touch it?”

Val shrugged, making a funny face. “Maybe.”

“Maybe. I saved you from the snow!”

“It’s also not polite to lord things over other people.”

“Well if I can’t touch it, then what?” Kara was faintly aware that her cheeks were radiating heat. Why the heck was he stalling, he was obviously turned on.”

“You can’t touch me, but I can touch you. How does that sound?” His fingers found the waist of her pants, giving it a little tug that made a thrill shoot through her.

“I think I’d like that.” She didn’t mind if he wanted to play games, if they got down to business sooner or later. “As long as you promise to touch me with it.” She nodded towards his engorged cock, which was making a sizeable tent in the covers.

“I can do that. Now lets take off your clothes.” He didn’t wait for her answer, tugging her shirt over her head.

Kara helped him, sucking in a breath as his massive hand mauled her left breast, which was still cradled in her sports bra. It felt wonderful the way he squeezed. Even better when he pulled the stretchy material down, letting her breast swell above it, chilled fingertips rolling her nipple. Kara undid her pants with one hand, clumsily and desperately. If only she was wearing a skirt.

“Mmm slow down. I’m not finished up here.” Val’s massive shoulders rolled as he turned and positioned himself, mouth latching onto her nipple.

Kara could only lean back her head, moaning quietly, feeling the wetness gushing warmly between her legs. You couldn’t make that kind of wetness with your hand, it was good old new-lover wetness.

As he switched nipples Kara pushed her fingers through his blonde hair, but he captured her wrist, pulling it back down to her lap. So silky though, smells good too, fresh.

“Mmmm, you’re good with your tongue.” Kara gazed down at her left nipple. It was hard and still damp, a smarting and delicious red from his sucking and licking.

He stopped sucking on her right, hand fondling her left again. “You have no idea, yet.”

Kara pressed her thighs together a few times with a desirous whimper. “Show me then.”

Val grabbed her shoulders assertively, guiding her to lay down on the blankets she’d spread out over him just ten minutes ago. The fire crackled and popped behind the iron screen, blustering heat like her pussy. She really couldn’t believe how ripped and well cut he was as he hovered over her, tugging her pants off slowly and teasingly. Of all the things you could find in the snow, this was by far the best. He spread her legs wide, revealing her soaked pink underwear. Kara arched her back as he rubbed his thumb over her cleft.

“So wet. Amazing, very amazing.”

“Am I too wet?” I hope he doesn’t think I’m a whore, it’s just been a long time.

Val laughed, a deep throaty laugh. “There is no such thing.” His fingers hooked under the crotch of her soiled panties, pulling it aside, pressing and rubbing his knuckles against her swollen clit as he did so.

Then his head bobbed down, disappearing between her thighs.  She squirmed, expecting his tongue any second, but all she could feel at first was his hot humid breath, then a touch, ever so slightly against her clit. At the same time his fingers spread her outer lips, exposing the delicate inner ones to his hot breath.

His tongue flicked between her labia, making her hips rise.

It swirled around her clit, then delved back, entering her this time, so that she gasped loudly. He alternated slowly and seductively between stroking her inside and out, keeping pace with her soft moans and squeaks. He wasn’t kidding about being good, she was tense, like a pot of water just about to break into boil. She had fistfuls of blankets, knuckles turning white, fingers aching, as he started to suck.

That was it.

That was all she could handle.

Her inner muscles clenched in a wave, not once, but twice. Kara rolled her eyes heavenward, neck arching so that she could see the cold kitchen linoleum. It was a blur, a nothing. The only thing that existed in that second was her ecstasy.



The Snow God: Part 1 (erotica)

This story is rated R (no sex in the first part though)

The loneliness burned behind her eyes, smoldered in her insides. Kara gazed out at the wintry expanse a deep weight settled where it should have been light and unnoticeable. Finally with a sigh, she tugged at her fur lined hood and trudged out into the pristine snow, breaking the shining crust with sensible winter boots. The sun had come out, but that didn’t mean it was truly warm. Whenever you passed the barren trees at the edge of the field the shadows pulled at you with their freezing fingers.

Before Kara could take more than a few steps into the forest, her foot sunk, landing on something odd. Kara scuffed it with her toe, the fingers distinguished from the snow, slightly less white. She gave a squeak that echoed in the empty forest like a ricocheted bullet.

It wasn’t cold anymore.

Once she’d pulled herself together, hand pressing hard against her palpitating chest, she considered the scenarios. Some luckless soul had gone wandering off no doubt. Maybe a drunk. Best to mark the spot well, trudge back and take the snow mobile into town. She staked a large broken branch close to the hand, tying her sea foam green scarf to it. The tails of the scarf waved in the breeze, a poor mimic of summer’s glorious foliage. Kara looked ahead, hesitating. She still needed to check the traps, if she went back now, she might not have time today.

That was when the hand stirred, ever so slightly. At first she thought she might be imagining things, but as she stared down at the hand it twitched again, fingers curling into a loose fist.

Kara dug.It was like her life depended on it, like she’d gone completely mad. Following the arm led to the shoulder, following the shoulder, massive and bare, led to the head. She was huffing and puffing as she leaned over the square jawed face, white clouds of breath falling and dissipating into his blonde hair.

A model. What is a model doing out here? Better question, why is he shirtless?

She shook off the disconcerting thought. He had to be warmed. If he wasn’t dead already, he would be soon. Kara dug around his shoulders again, then came up behind, getting a good grip under his arms, thanking every god in the book that she’d spent so much time hauling heavy cords of wood. He was heavy alright, muscle heavy, but nothing she couldn’t handle.

He came free with a good solid tug. Kara almost dropped him then, the sight of his complete nakedness blinding.

“Fuck, what in the fuck.” She kept her head turned to one side, staring off into the trees with wide eyes, then set him down gently, doing the only thing she could think of, taking off her over coat and laying it across his man parts.

The rest was a frantic blur.

The Sweetest Taste: Growing a Garden From Last Years Seeds

Spring is here! Unless you live on the east coast of course, looks like dead of winter there.

Either way it’s a good time to get the garden started.

Some of the garden is even starting itself, which is what so delighted me. I had the sweetest taste of last years seeds. I had been looking closely at some of my outdoor plants, when I realized that a whole bunch of little leafy greens were popping up in my bed. I plucked one, smelled it, and sure enough, arugula! I had left a plant or two to seed the ground last year, and now without lifting a finger I already have a small crop of arugula. Time for salad!

This is what I am striving for, a garden that comes back mostly on its own, or at least with hardly a cent spent on my part. So here is a list of plants that I’ve found to be good for starters.


Arugula: I listed this above already, but really, it’s like a weed. I also harvested some of the seeds from last year as well. They say the leaves are tastiest when picked smaller, so I plan on harvesting them frequently through the summer, but once again letting a few seed.


Strawberries: My strawberries never die, even in the cold snowy months. I only ever came close to killing them when I didn’t water them enough. I plan to try to separate them this year and plant some in a bigger open area (they’re in a pot).


Mint: This one looks dead when the winter strikes, but last year it came back wonderfully. Bugs were my only problem.


Sage and Rosemary: These ‘died’ over the winter, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be back very soon, much like the mint.


Tulips and other bulbs: I know you can’t eat these (well you can eat tulip bulbs, not sure how tasty they are), but they make your garden beautiful, and I really can’t suggest a better type of flower for a just-starting-out gardener. Bulbs are so easy, and so hard to kill! I planted amazing red tulips last year, they were promptly torn up by the neighborhood kids. This spring they’re sprouting strong and green!


Starting your garden early: I’ve started my garden on my windowsill. The weather is pretty nice outside, but it could get cold again at any time. I also want to let some of my plants get bigger and stronger, because last year I had so many problems with insects. So far I’ve successfully sprouted, zucchini, Asian string beans, arugula and parsley. I’m using a little ‘greenhouse’ which fits on my windowsill, then replanting the bigger plants into small pots which also fit there. This is a good reason to keep those little pots that your pregrown plants come in! I would also suggest you use brand new dirt, just so you don’t bring in all the bug eggs.

I’m going to start flowers soon as well. I have some marigold seeds that I harvested last year, also some pretty purple flowers I picked off of a neighbors plant ; )


How’s your garden going?