Waltz of the I.V.

Round we go

Slow sterilized circulars

Spiraling closer to fetid oblivion

Cold and sparse


Let me waltz with you

Step by step

To the filth repostories

And corners of privacy


Your wheels are small quick contraptions

Your beeping settles into my dreams


Or hate


Devil in Me

From the second my brimstone chafed skin

Unfurled and fetal

Bore into the macrocosm

You kept me close

Grinding down on my stinted wings

Dark they were

Thought to break my fangs

With a hard hand

But now I’ve latched my fangs

Into the moon

With a deep howl

Tasting sweet freedom

Reveling in the devil in me


I have crossed a threshold

Once again

Caressing the face of nature

As she kisses me tenderly

In the cradle of creation

I am open in her arms

A mysterious lullabye

That onlookers cannot decipher

Smile again

Lips full of moonbeams

And her sweet nectar

An initiate to her depth-less mysteries