Bated Breath (the Witch’s Garden)

I’ve finally started some of my garden indoors (better late than never), same as last year. This was initially to combat bugs, which chew my tiny babies down to nothing if I start them outside, but I’ve also found it a spectacular way to lengthen my growing season. The year before I tilled under a few dried tomatoes for the heck of it, and they came up super late, yielding little. The ones I started inside, of course gave me an early crop. Awesome for late spring/early summer salads!

Here’s the funny thing, especially since I’ve started collecting seeds from my garden (and other places). I find myself in even more intense scrutiny of my pots. I’ve always had that bubbling excitement that makes me check everyday for any new seedlings, but now I have a certain silly nervous feeling. What if none of the seeds come up? What if they’re all duds? This of course makes me laugh, and makes me even more super elated every time I spot a seedling.

So if you find me with my eye almost pressed to a pot, scrutinizing the dirt, then you know why! ❤

Wishing you a blessed growing season,




Something perfect about this poem by Henna Johansdotter over at
Check it out, and check out her awesome blog!


HJD writes

I spent this year as a ringed bird
recording each place i went to
with metal wires around my thighs
another discovery, another shackle
a place I couldn’t go
in August I returned
to erase every step
reclaiming the map
while you
keep searching
the routes where I
once needed you
I’m learning to
walk through mountains
and should you one day
decide to follow
I’ll leave you a red cotton reel
next to my seal of farewell
so you may count every inch
of a life wasted
haunting ghosts

This piece of mine was published on Free Verse Revolution as a part of the theme “Redemption”! ❤

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A silent breath

In a silent room

The eaves above are filling

Swirling with nihilistic questioning

Sharp wings of invisible night angels

Bearing the doctrine of nothingness

Everything turning into escaping sand

Flowing between mortal fingers

And even the love, piercing my soul painfully with yearning

Blows away in the wind of time


Because I’ve forgotten

The other half of the loop


New Day

Biting down on my razor blade teeth

Until I bleed

This is the only sunrise


You tried to appeal to the human in me

Wipe away my bloody smile

But I laughed inside

Knowing you killed it

In a line of unrelenting forced submisson

That I took

And took


So now this is fucking survival

This is the sharp edge

Dissecting my pain

To let in fleeting relief

And I will not bow to you


Tears of the Saints

Darkness, I reaped you

Sowed with tears

The saints above

Rending cloth and sky

My heart shuddered

In its desolation

This unholy manifestation


I was afraid and alone

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my upturned face


Loneliness, I reaped you

Sowed with hope

The saints above

Laughed through tears

My heart quivered and shriveled

Like a dying flower in the flame

Ashes floating skyward


I was disenchanted and changed

The tears of the saints

Rained down like acid

Burning my turned back


Freedom, I reaped you

Sowed with vulnerable innocence

The saints above

Pulled the sun back into oblivion

My heart cried out

For relief

For love


Beautiful manipulator

Sly and smiling

You visit me again in flashes

How I crave your fingers

Taking me apart

Parting me until my soul is open wide

My intimacy made for your destruction

We love like planets in a death orbit

Kissing as we explode

The brightness of our desolation

Makes them wonder

They can’t fathom

How darkness could taste so sweet


Hello, father

I’m the whore of Babylon

Do you remember me?

Who you abandoned unseen

Now only the beasts will take me

The scars are deep

And I am crowing with bawdy lust and delight

Overcome by my need to erase

Everything you brought

Everything you left

Hefted on the horns of goats

Splashing blood red wine

I know you’ve tasted

With your hypocritical tongue


Hello, father

I am all the soul you have left