Short, but oh so sweet!!! ❤ Love this poem from Ladybug!!


Just a little pinch

To know I’m real,

Don’t go to deep,

I just want to feel.

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An indie author’s guide to self-publishing

Awesome guest post on Millie Schmidt’s blog about self-publishing!!!

Milly Schmidt

This is a guest blog by BB Morgan.

I spent a good three days trying to think of something intelligent and worthwhile to say about self-publishing. There is so much to the self-publishing world that I didn’t know when I started, I couldn’t pick just one. So, I picked a few that I think are the most important to me, or that I wish I had known beforehand. This morning, coffee in hand, I’m diving in.

1. Don’t rush the process

In April of 2016, I self-published my debut novel, Devil’s Blood, through CreateSpace. Talk about momentous. When I held my novel – my novel which I’d spent the last year working on – in my hands, I can’t begin to describe the absolute sense of fulfillment. However, as that feeling wore off, and Devil’s Blood didn’t hit the bestseller list overnight like I had been secretly dreaming…

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Featured – Art and Music Collaboration

Art and music? Does it get any better! Congrats on the feature Carolina Russo!!! Meno<3


Art And Music together can create magic!

Day #9: Ghoul – Screech

Today I am very happy to share that I was “Featured” on the new website and Blog of indie band Rigna.Folk from Germany!

You can read their Feature Blog Post here: Collaborations with two artists from the US and Macedonia

Last November I have collaborated with the Rigna Folk creating a video displaying a selection of my recent paintings having as soundtrack one of their beautiful songs.
If you follow me maybe you remember my Blog post, if you are new you can read it here:

Art Inspiring Magic – Stillness – (Video)

RiGNA.FOLK is a great Indie band from Germany, I love their music and they love my art!
I think is beautiful that we crossed paths!

I dedicated my art to music many times already and I find it to be very inspiring.

You can find…

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Some Writers, Some Lovers…And Me

This poem from Devereaux Frazier feels like my life…

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

Some writers don’t get published

some writers don’t get noticed

some writers don’t get paid

some writers…

some writers don’t become famous

some writers don’t become legends

some writers don’t become immortal

some writers…

some lovers don’t ever find love

some lovers don’t ever find a hand

some lovers don’t ever die together

some lovers…

some lovers don’t ever stop wishing

some lovers don’t ever stop cheating

some lovers don’t ever stop lying

some lovers….

I’m stuck in the middle, lovely

I’m trapped

and it hurts

the rejections don’t matter

they just pile on my desks

the unanswered messages don’t matter

they just pile in my mind

I’m trapped

and it burns

parent leaving doesn’t matter

the messages just fill up empty folders

the adolescence lost doesn’t matter

I’m just reminded everywhere I go

some people don’t ever cry

but the tears well up on the inside

some people never…

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What I’m up to

Hello my lovely readers! The end of December was hectic (with quite a few sick day), so extra posts were few and far between. But worry not, I’ve been working hard on a lot of exciting projects. For one thing, I’m nearly done with my first novel, ‘the blackwater witch’. Pretty soon I’ll be sending it off to a wonderful editor, Sam Thorne, who I totally suggest hiring, but only after she’s done editing my novel (just kidding : D, seriously, check her out).

I’m also working on a new collection of short stories, speculatively titled ‘a punishing seduction’. Needless to say, this one will be dark and erotic. ❤ Just the way I like it.

I have a couple more short stories in the wings as well. Should have a new 200 word story up next week, to give you guys a little thrill ; p So keep an eye open for that.

By the way, you can find me on wattpad. I haven’t posted any stories yet, but I plan to in the future, starting with a story I originally released on this blog. It’s so old it got buried, so I decided to give it a second life. If you head over there check out this awesome story from my fellow blogger ‘dances-with-tricksters’, who just happens to be on my list of favorite writers.


What have you guys been up to? Let me know below!





How to Make Heat Activated Spell Sachets

LOVE this spell sachet idea from ‘Moody Moons’!

Moody Moons

Get cozy with this unique, creative, winter-friendly take on the traditional spell sachet or “mojo bag.”

This heat-activated spell idea upcycles your scrap fabric, herbs and leftover essential oils for a custom magickal spell charm that’s sure to warm your heart.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of hot tea and start witch crafting!

winter witchcrafting.jpg

The idea for heated spell sachets came to me during one of my deep dives into the creative abyss of my Pinterest feed.

Stuffing stockings became a favorite Yule tradition of mine from the very first year I took home a real paycheck and finally got to give gifts of my own.

So I took an immediate interest in the trend du jour for DIY stocking stuffers this year—DIY hand warmers.

You essentially make basic sachets, stuff them with microwave-safe natural filler (like rice or flaxseed) and heat them up to warm your hands/pockets…

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