A short, but very sweet poem by Sarah Doughty!

Heartstring Eulogies

I try to embrace the encroaching darkness
like a lost lover, but afraid it will
consume me all the same.

© Sarah Doughty

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Enjoyed this tempest of a poem by ‘theglitterysoul’. Hope you also enjoy it!


The Glittery Soul ♡

Everyday is war

We drink down our anger

Make love with ferocious guilt

Vow to fix each other

Only to break down all over again

We take warmth

From lighting each other on fire

Drag each other to hell

Slam vases across the wall

Only to douse the flames

In silky sheets and teary kisses

We wear love bites like battle scars

Long sleeves hide the bruises

Insanity is our refuge

We are poison together, baby

But we’re drinking it like nectar

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Listening to Cicadas, I See Charlottesville (Ghazal)

Wonderful poem by Robert Okaji!

O at the Edges

Listening to Cicadas, I See Charlottesville (Ghazal)

Shedding one coat, you live in the red, apart
from the rest. Never together, forever apart.

In this sun-drenched field, the cracks drill deeper,
wider, dribbling soil and small lives, expanding, apart.

What falls truer than any words released from this man?
Once divided, never again to touch, always apart.

The electric shrill fluctuates pitch, in unison. Hundreds
of tymbals, shredding dusk, now together, then apart.

You narrow your eye to a slit, but still see the entire
spectrum. Wing clicks, stridulation. Whole yet apart.

Shearing syllables, I learn the language of half-truth.
What is my name? I reach for that fragment. It falls apart.

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Time Unhinged

This is so beautiful, both the written words and the spoken version, it made me feel wistful… Please take the time to check out the work of Janavi Held over at, you won’t be disappointed ; )

Letters to My Oldest Friend

Video with spoken poetry below


Time Unhinged

Dreamt of exterminated images,
and forgotten doubts,
of unhinged time
with the hollow

of silent bones
in the wake of restless flowers.
Blinded by

a vigilant morning
I enter the mists of loneliness
seeking laughter and daydreams
(to counter the emptiness)

too long for counting
these days
press down
on my chest

cementing the architecture
of my sad inheritance.
I establish hope
burying her under

the obliging tree
in my back yard.

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