Update: June 28th

Hello dear readers, and passerby’s that have stopped to gawk, as you may have noticed I like to give you updates every once in a while. A sort of pulling the curtain back to glimpse at the wizard. Isn’t that what we writers are? Silent wizards, waiting to burst onto the scene and start making cows fly and houses get sucked up into tornadoes (yes I know the wizard didn’t do that in the book). So here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve finally finished a short story I’ve been working on since last year, which has simultaneously been driving me nuts and sucking the life force out of my writer soul. Now I can edit it, which is a lot easier. This story is the second to last story for my upcoming book of short stories ‘Pain slut’. This last story shouldn’t give me half as much trouble (said every writer as they rode towards a flaming dragon of a story).

I may have not been able to finish that story quickly, but I did write a shit-load of other short stories while I was agonizing over it. I managed to edit and send one out for an anthology called ‘blood in the rain’. They may perhaps let me know by the end of July. I’ve also managed some flash-fiction for Circlet press. They do erotica for geeks, so I should fit right in. : D Some editing and my story will be ready to go.

The last thing I’m getting ready to dive into is (fingers crossed) my last edit of the lengthy first novel ‘Blackwater Witch’.

A hearty thanks to all who have put up with my relative silence, and come back again and again to my blog despite it. I hope I will be able to please you thoroughly with my lurid and vivid imagination. That’s the dream after all!


Sending you all light and hope for tomorrow,



Spice Cabinet

Another amazing poem from one of my all time favorite wordpress bloggers!!! ❤

Dances with Tricksters

The woods are holy, and wholly haunted.
A witch in a wicker hut with poison herbs.
Hyssop, yarrow, nightshade, chrysanthemum.
In her spice cabinet, she takes the ointment
of anointment and greases her eyelids to
fly over the hedge, to the Fairy Reel ring,
where the Horned God dances in mushrooms
and toadstool, moss is her dress, dew in
her gold hair, and the young enchantress
holds congress with the Beast, mothering
millions of fallen souls, born into this
imperfect enchantment of a world, spices
stop, she is sleep-struck and flies away
to the land of dreams, where the Tuatha
de Danaan hold court, and Thomas the Rhymer
flutes a verse in her honor, the witch
curtsies to the fairy queen in her rags,
and all the changelings drink her milk,
and she is wetnurse to the wilderness,
and the Horned God returns from the Hunt,
and summer is high…

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Love this poem from M. V. Clarke! Very refreshing ❤

For Much Deliberation

the life-room is empty

there are no pictures

no breathing

the life-room is dark

the floor is covered with dust 

there are cobwebs in the corners

and the silence

is loud

it gnaws at the senses and numbs the brain

the life-room is killing me

I can’t breathe in here…

© mvclarke, April 2018


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You must stop reminiscing at every date.

This stirred me, very beautiful poem!

monica byrne

My wonderful father, at age 76, has won a poetry prize.

Here is the winning poem: “You Must Stop Reminiscing at Every Date,” about my mother. By Donald E. Byrne Jr., published in Red Clay Review, November 2017. Posted with permission.

Read it aloud.


We do the annual calendar together:
I read from the little datebook you have kept,
you copy laboriously with magic marker
names and years of births, anniversaries, deaths,

under numbers you can barely see. Each year
our children are born, baptized, confirmed, receive
first penance and first holy communion. Each year
my parents are born, and die. Your friend, Marydee,

her husband Frank, and daughter Julie
die each year of carbon monoxide; Lisa survives,
and is married. Carl dies, a suicide.
We move to Pennsylvania again, and buy

this house. I get my Ph.d. You have
the tumor removed from your brain and lose…

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The unique blogger award!

Arachnid Weaver from the super cool blog The Web Weavers has nominated me for the unique blogger award, which means despite my oddness people still find me enigmatically attractive ; p

Just kidding! It’s because Arachnid weaver is a funny, witty blogger, and very nice to boot. ❤

The Rulez

  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

The Questionz

  1. You are forced to leave WordPress for a year by a mysterious force, but you can’t let your readers know that you will be gone. Who do you ask to pretend to be you?: Does it have to be a real person? I want it to be one of the characters from my novels, they’re much more interesting than me. : D
  2. Do you like vanilla or chocolate Oreos better?:
    Wait, aren’t Oreos both chocolate and vanilla? No? Yes? Screw it, I pick chocolate.
  3. Pink lemonade and chocolate milk are delicious beverages, but strange flavor combinations if you think about it (Yes, pink is a flavor). What strange and new, but amazing, flavor combinations can you think of for drinks?: Hibiscus/Lemon, or maybe Mint/peach/orange…

I’m Nominating…

  1. Dourdan
  2. Sauce Box
  3. The sixpence at her feet
  4. the shameful sheep
  5. Intimate aperture
  6. The itch that needs… (NSFW)
  7. Sam Thorne Scribblings
  8. Chris Nelson

My Questions

  1. If you could be one fictional character (including your own), who would it be?
  2. What makes you passionate? I mean passionate like you’re over the top obsessed, having trouble falling asleep at night because you can’t stop.
  3. Ok. Lesser of two evils. Would you rather go to Walmart during the busiest part of the day, or swim across the Amazon river when the piranhas are hungry (which is always). : D


Can’t wait to see your answers to my lame questions!

Wishing you many blessings,