Fear Your Lust: Cover Reveal!

Finally, some exciting news in this time of plague! Sure, I can’t cure you, or give you your job back, but hey, I can entertain you. : D

This collection of erotic horror should be out in two or three days. I really can’t believe this is my fourth self-published book. As a writer, this is a dream come true!

I hope that all of you out there in the blogsphere are hanging in there. I’m sending well wishes as always.



fear your lust-page-001


What happens if you kill god? F**k an angel? Is there a hole or two you need filling? An inconvenient possession?

Follow along with these three quirky, erotic, but darker than dark stories and find out.
Fall from grace
A bigger hole
Reaching the sea
Plus bonus reprint of Evelda, a Herdless Halloween special.

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