Defined in blood traces

Is a darkness

A fey sadness

Interspersing through my flesh

Through my fire

And raving

I raise to the morning

Dead eyes

Taste on my lips


Sweet iron

Sweet metal

Carving a road to tomorrow

A holy voyage

Through the stations of misery

And downwards into the inferno


You are gaping

Aghast at my torn body

But I am stretched

Bones disjointed

As I curl into my armor

My profane survival

Something beyond your fathoming

A fine sheen of sanguinity

Coming with each breath

Holding tight to sharp edges

And bright horizons


4 thoughts on “Razor

  1. I’m glad it didn’t end at, “And downwards into the inferno”

    The fact that the character goes on to acknowledge the feelings of people around him/her shows that he/she still has hope, even with the darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words ❤ ❤ You're right, there's always hope and sometimes we just have to nestle in the dark and hold on tight. : )


    PS. Sorry for the long absence critique wise, I've been in one of those low ebb periods where it's hard to get myself to do anything much but write. Hopefully that will change this week. : D


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