An indie author’s guide to self-publishing

Awesome guest post on Millie Schmidt’s blog about self-publishing!!!

The Cat's Write

This is a guest blog by BB Morgan.

I spent a good three days trying to think of something intelligent and worthwhile to say about self-publishing. There is so much to the self-publishing world that I didn’t know when I started, I couldn’t pick just one. So, I picked a few that I think are the most important to me, or that I wish I had known beforehand. This morning, coffee in hand, I’m diving in.

1. Don’t rush the process

In April of 2016, I self-published my debut novel, Devil’s Blood, through CreateSpace. Talk about momentous. When I held my novel – my novel which I’d spent the last year working on – in my hands, I can’t begin to describe the absolute sense of fulfillment. However, as that feeling wore off, and Devil’s Blood didn’t hit the bestseller list overnight like I had been secretly dreaming…

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