Rise of the Machines (3)

Darnell set his drone carefully by the front door as Amber came in from the backyard. She gave Tim a peck on the lips. Her auburn hair was fixed, bathing suit straight, but Darnell could smell the scent of pussy ever so slightly.

“Hey Darnell,” she said in a husky voice, giving him a big hug, then stroking his cheek very quickly.

Darnell inhaled the musky smell wafting from her manicured fingers, eyes wandering down to the wet spot on her bikini bottoms.

His phone pinged.

He smiled at Amber widely. “Beautiful day for sunbathing.”

His phone pinged again, and again, and again. Darnell retrieved it irately from his pocket. The drone app had rebooted itself. Darnell pressed the back button and his text messages popped up.

PI Ghost 4: Take me out of my box, Darnell.


Amber gave him a quizzical look.

“Pranksters,” he mumbled, looking around. “Where’s Tim?”

“Bathroom.” Amber flipped her hair back. “That your drone?”

Darnell nodded.

“Can I see it?”

He couldn’t think of a reason not.

Tim came out of the bathroom as Darnell carefully handed Amber the drone. “Honey, did you install a new app on my phone?”

Machines 3, humans 0.


Rise of the Machines (1), Rise of the Machines (2).

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9 thoughts on “Rise of the Machines (3)

  1. that’s a clear win for the machines. lol

    what do you think of ERA’s triplicate flasher story idea? I’m not sure if it works since (with the exception of certain people) if you restrict yourself to 200 words your brain is not automatically going “now for the next 200 this will happen, then for the next 200….”

    just my opinion.
    is this the ending?
    I feel like this could go on longer if you wanted to make the drone a more central character. (which would be funny AF.)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. lol yeah I know the other wins weren’t so evident ; p

    I think the triplicate idea is kinda fun, but also maybe just a tad too difficult for me, esp if each flasher has to have a complete plot… I like having a new format to tinker with though.

    This is def. not the end. I’ve almost finished the next part already. I was going to post these on the email list, but between life and my novel edits (I’m done with finally!), didn’t get a chance.

    fyi, looking forward to reading ‘clickbait’ soon!!! I’ve been eyeing it floating around in my inbox. : )



  3. Cool, i can’t wait to see more. I also can’t wait to see your book announcement post

    Clickbait was my attempt at humor. 😛 it pokes fun at cringeworthy YouTube stars hopefully you will find it cute. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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