Lend Me a Hand (erotic short story)

This short story is rated R.


She had graduated unwillingly to two dildos at a time. It was the only way to satisfy and bring renewed sensation. They went in snugly, not caring a rat’s ass if she hadn’t shaved that week (month), leaving her to hold them in with one hand, and lower the pristine, pastel headed vibrator onto her clit. It was a wonderful jolt, but not as much as the bedroom door swinging open.

Not able to speak, her roommate spoke for her. “Jesus Maria!”

Maria flushed as he took in her predicament, eyes glued to her gaping stuffed cunt. Off came his jersey. Muscles, everywhere! Did his chestnut hair always shine so brilliantly?

He coaxed the dildos out, slick with both her seed and copious lube. “Nothing satisfies like flesh.”

Warm, tender, agile flesh indeed, delving into her up to the knuckle, just like the movies. A little more lube, then deeper. Let’s make pretense. “Wait, I’m scared.” Just pretense, I’m no slut, see. He understood, not wavering, whispering soft encouragement as he stuffed her, hand slowly curling.

She panted torturedly, minutes freeze framed in her mind until the orgasmic spasms came, dropping her into oblivion.

They were best friends after that.


Meno Silencio ©2016


Like this tawdry little two hundred word story? Head over to my short story page here for more!

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