The Witch’s Bookshelf : Marked for Life by (book review)

Marked for Life: Emelie Schepp


Summary: Jana Brezelius (lead character), is a public prosecutor who works closely with the police. When the head of immigration is shot, apparently by a child, Jana ends up in the middle of an investigation that will turn her world upside down.

Review: ‘Marked for Life’ has been on the bestseller list, and has fit bragging on the cover, that’s why I chose to read it in the first place. Every once in a while I like to see what everyone else seems to be enjoying, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, sometimes I’m not.

This one is a not.

Now I don’t like to be too rough or trash other peoples works, because as a writer I know just how damned hard it is to get your novel to the point that it’s readable, much less golden. That being said, Emelie Schepp’s writing is good, readable, very nice. The characters are interesting, the plot is alright. But isn’t that the problem? It was alright. All this, despite the inclusion of human trafficking, and children turned hitmen.

Part of me resents whoever wrote the blurb on the back, because it feels like it gives away too much of the plot. That leaves me wondering if I would enjoy the book more having not read the blurb (my summary is different than the blurb fyi).

The next book in the series is ‘Marked for Revenge’, but I can’t seriously see myself wasting anymore time on this series. There are so many amazing, life changing books I want to read, I have to be picky.

If you’re not picky though, and you want an easy read, I’d give it a try. I’d also keep an eye on Emelie Schepp, she has a great deal of promise. ; )


Have you read this book, or any other books by Emelie Schepp? How were they? What was the last book you read that you wish you hadn’t wasted your time on?


6 thoughts on “The Witch’s Bookshelf : Marked for Life by (book review)

  1. Thanks for the review. This has also been on my TBR List for awhile. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but lately it’s been more negative than positive. I think I will probably pass. So many books, so little time! 🤣

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  2. If there weren’t mediocre books, our libraries would be more spare.

    Also: “anymore” is not a word but two (any more) and “amazing” is a buzzword for illiterates. (I don’t mean to wound.)

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  3. I apologize for my imperfect English, between my forgetfulness and switching up vowels I’m pretty much hopeless hehe

    I suppose when we talk about ‘mediocre’ books, we also have to take into account personal experience. What is a mediocre book for me, might be an engrossing and compelling read for you. For example, when I was a teen, Patrica McCormick’s book ‘cut’ meant a lot to me, because it depicted a character that I was able to relate to fully, and had not encountered before. Even though it’s simply a YA book in a sea of other YA books dealing with common YA problems, it spoke to me and made me feel less alone.
    So that is to say really that every book we read is encountered through the filter of our past and present (and perceived future?).
    This is exactly why Anna karenina wasn’t appreciated in its day and time, but through the filter of modern eyes, longing for return, it becomes a majestic and breathtaking piece of work.

    You have not wounded me dear : ) If you mean illiterate in the sense that I’m lacking culture, then I’m certain you’re right. I’m at a distinct disadvantage there, not being raised and bred in culture, as I’m sure you were. An autodidact like me can only dream of joining your shining ranks
    ; p I sincerely hope you will forgive me my transgressions.

    With fondest regards

    Meno (the illiterate and herdless witch)<3


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