The Sweetest Taste: Growing a Garden From Last Years Seeds

Spring is here! Unless you live on the east coast of course, looks like dead of winter there.

Either way it’s a good time to get the garden started.

Some of the garden is even starting itself, which is what so delighted me. I had the sweetest taste of last years seeds. I had been looking closely at some of my outdoor plants, when I realized that a whole bunch of little leafy greens were popping up in my bed. I plucked one, smelled it, and sure enough, arugula! I had left a plant or two to seed the ground last year, and now without lifting a finger I already have a small crop of arugula. Time for salad!

This is what I am striving for, a garden that comes back mostly on its own, or at least with hardly a cent spent on my part. So here is a list of plants that I’ve found to be good for starters.


Arugula: I listed this above already, but really, it’s like a weed. I also harvested some of the seeds from last year as well. They say the leaves are tastiest when picked smaller, so I plan on harvesting them frequently through the summer, but once again letting a few seed.


Strawberries: My strawberries never die, even in the cold snowy months. I only ever came close to killing them when I didn’t water them enough. I plan to try to separate them this year and plant some in a bigger open area (they’re in a pot).


Mint: This one looks dead when the winter strikes, but last year it came back wonderfully. Bugs were my only problem.


Sage and Rosemary: These ‘died’ over the winter, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be back very soon, much like the mint.


Tulips and other bulbs: I know you can’t eat these (well you can eat tulip bulbs, not sure how tasty they are), but they make your garden beautiful, and I really can’t suggest a better type of flower for a just-starting-out gardener. Bulbs are so easy, and so hard to kill! I planted amazing red tulips last year, they were promptly torn up by the neighborhood kids. This spring they’re sprouting strong and green!


Starting your garden early: I’ve started my garden on my windowsill. The weather is pretty nice outside, but it could get cold again at any time. I also want to let some of my plants get bigger and stronger, because last year I had so many problems with insects. So far I’ve successfully sprouted, zucchini, Asian string beans, arugula and parsley. I’m using a little ‘greenhouse’ which fits on my windowsill, then replanting the bigger plants into small pots which also fit there. This is a good reason to keep those little pots that your pregrown plants come in! I would also suggest you use brand new dirt, just so you don’t bring in all the bug eggs.

I’m going to start flowers soon as well. I have some marigold seeds that I harvested last year, also some pretty purple flowers I picked off of a neighbors plant ; )


How’s your garden going?


7 thoughts on “The Sweetest Taste: Growing a Garden From Last Years Seeds

  1. Doing well thank you despite my struggle with white flies. My poha berry (also called a cape gooseberry) is covered in yummy fruit im going to make some chutney with them, super spicy Hawaiian style.
    Speaking of your tulip bulbs did you know an onion is actually a tulip?
    Glad you got some sage, I’m sure you will see green on both your sage and rosemary soon.
    Another plant you may want for your witch’s garden is yarrow. It is very hardy once established and very easy to harvest the seeds. It gets clusters of white flowers and will also do well in a pot. It is a protector and a healer, you will find many uses for it if you Google.
    Ok I’ve babbled enough I think, stay fresh Moon Sister, I enjoy your sexy stories of deviant delight 😉

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  2. Oh I wish I could grow exotic fruit here, but it gets too cold, so if it isn’t small enough to keep in the house….
    I seriously didn’t know the two were related! It makes perfect sense though. I just remember that when they were starving in Holland they ate tulips, sort of as a last resort.
    I’ll look for some yarrow this year, I have the perfect open pot for it : D
    Thank you for stopping by and babbling on, I thoroughly enjoyed it, moon sister ; )
    Keep an eye out, there will be more stories of deviant delight before you know it!


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  3. Oh shit I’m an idiot not a tulip. The damn thing is a Lilly. Onions are in the Lilly family right? Now I’m gonna google it what kind of gardener am I anyway? (Walking away muttering to myself to check my facts- shame face)

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  4. Yes a lily. So sorry. In my defense I was having my first cup of coffee of the day and therefore was not properly caffeinated. Ahem
    I will now attempt to exit with some sort of grace… and er…. looking forward to more story 🙂
    I laugh at myself

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  5. hehe Welcome to the club of idiots! I fact check most of what I say, just because my ‘facts’ are usually a little soft around the edges. ; p
    If you hadn’t had your coffee yet though, that’s a completely different thing! : D
    Just posted a new story, hope it won’t disappoint. ❤


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