Sahara is the burning of your skin

Your eyes track me like a hunter

Although you are the hunted

Soft as a tamed beast below my sheet of dark night sky

The assurance of a thousand stars

Burning on your fingertips

They are watching, waiting

Breathing with the masses

Who haunt you

You shake them off

Like a thousand comets

Submitting to my hand only

Delving into my secret

As many before me have longed

Lapping thirsty from my sacred well



All longing


5 thoughts on “Lionize

  1. If that is true which I believe it is, then you lovely Meno have succeeded – but how could you not with such a snappy handle (theherdlesswitch) I liked you because of that long before I knew you were actually a great writer also – as they say here, it’s the whole enchilada 😉 HUGS wild one xo

    Liked by 1 person

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