Larger Burger (erotica)

Dear readers,

As I mentioned before my short story ‘Larger Burger’ was chosen to be presented in the ERWA (erotic readers and writers association). They’ve finally put it up. Well in fact they put it up at the start of the month, but I must confess it’s been quite a rough month for me. So I hope you guys will bear with me, since a lot of the projects I’m working on will be a little behind. My mind has been static for the last week or so. I feel quite a bit better now though!

Perhaps this story will make up for my absence. I apologize for sending you through a link to get to it, I know how few people take the time to click links, but I don’t think it would be fair to ERWA to post it on my blog instead of linking. If you like erotica this link is well worth your click though! Larger Burger is a bit of a ‘stroke’ story, which means it’s mostly to get you off and less about plot. It’s also the first story in my little collection I’m planning on calling ‘Three Threesomes for the Price of One’, so consider this your free sample. : D

Have a blessed day!


PS. If you do take the time to click the link let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Larger Burger (erotica)

  1. It’ll be in my upcoming book of short stories : D Which I’ll be releasing for free the first week, but I can always send you a copy via email ; ) As a little thanks for beta reading my novel



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