The Men Who Dare To Go There In Erotic Fiction

Wonderful interview with some very awesome male erotica writers!! As you may, or may not know, erotica is often written by droves of horny women (yes, like myself), to be consumed by droves of horny women (again, like myself). People sometimes forget just how many talented male erotica writers there are out there! ; )


Lady Smut

By Elizabeth SaFleur

The evolution of Viagra’s marketing from Bob Dole to 40 something men during football games (so now she wants it) has given me further insight into the degradation that women experience every day, living up to impossible standards of beauty and sexuality. ~Spencer Dryden

You pretty much have to love a guy who emails you the above lines in response to your interview request related to why he writes erotic fiction. And then when he—and other male erotic writers—jump in with other awesomeness, well, it’s hard not to let pride swell one’s little heart that these gentlemen are part of our book tribe.

Authors DaddyX, Spencer Dryden, Daily Hollow and Ian Smith graciously shared their experiences writing erotic romance and erotica, including why (oh, why?) they went there. Few men do. Let’s hear from the few, the proud and the brave.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Okay, guys, how did you…

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2 thoughts on “The Men Who Dare To Go There In Erotic Fiction

  1. The good thing about erotica is that there’s usually a little something for everyone ; )
    It can be a little difficult to find authors that write well though, since the standards are much lower….



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