Where’d You Go?

Dear readers:

I’ve been taking a break from posting, mostly because my brain has been a fuzzy discordant mass of nothing. I will be posting my weekly poem though, whatever the case. Other than that, I’m taking this time to work on a handful of  very exciting projects!

The first is a very sexy, very hot book I’m tentatively calling ‘three threesomes for the price of one’, which is a small collection of short stories. The first of the stories will actually be showcased in the ERWA (erotica readers and writers association) gallery for three months! It should be up next month. I’ll let you guys know. It’ll be a hell of a sample ; ) esp. if you like smut.

I’m also working on ‘The Blackwater Witch’, the first novel in a series of four. I’m very excited about this. If you don’t know already, this is the first novel I’ve ever really completed. Not just first draft completed too, more like twelfth draft and through a beta reader. I hope to publish it by the end of the year. I don’t know that everyone, or anyone will like to read it, exciting as it sounds (witches, vampires, sex, what more do you need?), but I feel like this series is an important step for me. After this I can move on and work on other novels, less dark and disturbing novels, that have been languishing in my idea folder.

I hope the lot of you will accompany me on my journey, successes and failures! It really means a lot to me to have so many wonderful followers with such wonderful blogs!


Blessings to all!



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