Sons and Daughters of Perdition (book launch)

It’s here, I’ve done it, I’ve taken the leap and finally self-published my very first ebook!!!

You can buy it not only at Smashwords, but also at all of the fine retailers that they distribute to. to check it out on smashwords just click the following link I must confess I’m over the top nervous, but this has been a dream come true and I’m super happy with the finished product. I have included a sample below, it is the poem from which I derived the title. Thank you to all of my blog readers, and to all of the other independent authors out there that have encouraged me along the way!


Sons and Daughters of Perdition


We cannot sleep


Sometimes alone

Sometimes afraid

Sometimes Longing

To return

The fold is closed

The door is sealed

Hope is starved

And weak

Almost dead


We are lonely

On the horizon

But as we descend

Into the valley,

Like a sea

Living, breathing

We find them,

Our fellows

Who share our heartbeat

Enfolding us

In their masses

Oh sons and daughters of perdition!

Do not sorrow!

9 thoughts on “Sons and Daughters of Perdition (book launch)

  1. Congratulations! I’ll check it out later! That’s a really big jump; I’m proud of you. I wish you and your book the best. 🙂

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