Starting a Fire (Short Story)

Dear readers: My book has been coming along well, but as you can see I’ve been neglecting my blog. This is my first time self-publishing so I’m finding that there’s a lot to learn, a lot that I won’t have to learn next time around (unless I forget), so it’s pretty intense. I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule next month though, so don’t worry!

For now, here’s something awesome! ERWA posted my short story in their gallery. What’s ERWA? The erotica readers and writers association, which is pretty nifty, esp. if you’re an erotica writer. They also have a super cool email list that allows you to read and critique other erotica writers work, as well as post your own work for consideration.

Anyways here’s a link to my story (only 200 words, very short, hopefully very funny as well) (My story ‘starting a fire’ has been taken down (they only keep it up for three months), but this link for some reason links to my new story featured there, ‘larger burger’. Enjoy!)

While you’re there don’t be afraid to check out the work featured by the other erotica writers, they do some pretty awesome stuff!


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