Authors note: I’ve been pretty quiet this week I know, but worry not, I’m just working very hard on my book. I finished what I would like to be my cover, it’s all new though and quite a ride. I’ll keep you guys updated! For now, here’s something sweet and new, I hope you like it!



When you rise

The morning is shattered with bustle

Down to the last blade of grass

Shaking off tendrils of ice

Within the suns nurtured glow.

Come noon she will glare wrathful

Upon your even, mountainous shoulders

Come dinner you will bid her tomorrow

Calloused hands stripping the sweat she has elicited

Knowing, if she were your lover

You would pin her down between the sheets

But it is you who she has branded

With bone deep tan

You who she has screwed

When the years creep in, potent and deep

Caught in canyons of wrinkles

And cancerous freckles


Yet you smile up at her

In her blazing orbit

And salute the plentiful she has wrought


4 thoughts on “Cowboy

  1. hehe *blushes* I promise you shall have one! I’m only publishing as an ebook this time though (this time), once I get established I’d love to move into print books too, esp. with my poetry, that would be pretty cool
    : D
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, you sweet little ferret! ❤


    Liked by 1 person

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