When the Winter Breaks (poem)

The sun is nigh the horizon

If winter is upon my heart

You lift the snow

Like a mighty wind

Sweeping with gales


I long endlessly for your affection

Give it to me


The touch of winter is cold

It is in my eyes, it is in my soul

But you breath it away

With lips of flame

Breath of sweet idle summer


Heavens could not sate my longing

I receive your gift gratefully


The ice is thick in my secret place

A frosted wood that knows no sun

But even there

I can feel your touch

The ice cracks and groans, splits and heaves


Come to me, lest my longing for you shatter me irreparably

Lay your fingers on my soul


The sun is nigh the horizon

As I struggle to see through the pallid darkness

Winter sweeps forth muting it

But you light the soft curves without fail,

And bring me back to springs renewed consciousness


2 thoughts on “When the Winter Breaks (poem)

  1. I love your contrast! You have a nice antithesis going through the whole poem of warmth vs. Cold. Warmth being the “touch” of which you speak, against the winter that you’re describing.

    I appreciate that use of the elements, weather is great at illustrating emotion, and you did well in using it to illustrate longing. In my opinion, at least. Solid job!

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