Fate (poem)

When time is up, failing and shuddering

Old and decrepit

She sweeps up the sky

Like a million pieces

Sweeping them away into the distance

Into the irreconcilable alternate

For she is fate

Bony fingers weaving and picking at the strings of matter

Laying her head softly on the vibrations of essence

Whispering a lullaby

Made of time and space

Whispering, “all that begins ends,

And all that ends, begins again.”

Her eyes shine

Irises pools of black holes

As she transcends everything and everywhere

The verses falling from her lips sweetly, joyfully

“Rest my child,

Rest and you will find that when you wake

The sky is swept clean,

And you are poured into another mold

All spirit and energy

Ready to move on

Away from this pain and sorrow.”


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