One Lovely Blog Award


Witches of the Craft over at, has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award along with 6 other amazing bloggers! Many many thanks! You can visit their lovely site here.

So here’s the rules for accepting the award:

1. Thank the lovely person who nominated your blog and follow them.
2. Display the award and add this set of rules to your post so that your nominees will know what to do
3. Nominate as many other great blogs as you like, listing them in your post and notifying them via a link in one of their blog posts.
4. List 7 interesting facts about yourself to the post.


Ok, so seven interesting facts…


  1. I enjoy composing music, it really is a wonderful thing and goes hand in hand with poetry, because most songs are simply poems.
  2. I have been writing since I was very little (with varying success), writing and reading are some of my biggest passions. It made me sad to know that these things weren’t really considered something you could do with your life, but now that I’m older I realize that it’s something that I’m fairly good at (due to practice), and there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t pursue it and live my life to the fullest!
  3. Becoming a witch was the best decision of my life. Before I decided to follow this path I suffered greatly from depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm ect. Things that not only was the church not able to help with, but that was caused by my suffocating proximity to them. No matter what problem you might have there will be a handful of very predictable answers, a: Let’s pray about it, b: Let’s look in the bible, and that’s about it. Never once could I find someone who could give me real solid counsel. After growing up in this way I finally decided that I just couldn’t take it anymore and I must take matters into my own hands (not God’s). That was when I started studying other religions closely. Witchcraft naturally drew me, as the apple in the tree so to speak, I wanted to know and understand this religion that I was always told was poisonous and dangerous beyond all religions. After all was said and done it was where I settled, it gave me the power to seek my own solutions, to fight my own demons, instead of putting the fight in the hands of a all-powerful being that I could not see. I’m very glad that I have taken the journey of studying other religions, I have learned so many wonderful things, and I will carry them with me my whole life, an so here I am, finally happy with my decisions!
  4. I’m a cat person. (number three was so long you needed a breather right?)
  5. I am married to a Christian! Believe it or not. My lover is amazing in every way though, not caring in the least, never trying to convert me, as I have never tried to convert my lover!
  6. I plan on self publishing a great many works, starting with a lovely book of poetry. I hope that other writers out there will be inspired to take the plunge themselves. It is a new era, let’s not be shy, the power is ours!
  7. I love to sketch, I just haven’t in a long time. If I do ever get around to it I will make sure to post something nice on my blog : )


Now for the blogs I nominate, oh there are so many lovely blogs, so I will only nominate five, or we could be here allll day.


  1. In the desert of Seth who’s detailed, well thought out, and wonderful articles are worth a view. This is also a great place if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating religion.
  2. the quintessential editor this is a must visit for any writer! As a writer AND former editor his articles are chocked full of useful information and delightful humor. : D
  3. Recollections at fall I enjoy reading poetry as well as writing it. This is one of the sites I continue to revisit, Veena has a wonderful way with words and a very unique and refreshing style!
  4. Witch Petals Detailed articles about witchcraft plus amazing and stirring poetry! It just doesn’t get any better!!
  5. Saint Charlotte This is a blog I have just discovered, but instantly fell in love with! Saint Charlotte has a beautiful and readable style, it makes me want to curl up with a cup of something hot and read her poetry all day!

I hope you take the time to visit all, or even some of these great blogs!

Blessed be, and keep on writing!


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