The Bittersweet (Erotic) Part 3

This story is rated R. You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

“How could you betray me, you, evil, slut!” Ethena couldn’t control herself, smacking Lacie on the side of the head as she said it, anger surging immitigable, she wanted after all that Lacie should feel a part of her discomfort. Her hand plunged down between Lacie’s thighs, pinching the fat flesh there, so that she squeaked and pushed Ethena away.

“Stop. What have I done? Please stop Ethena.” Tears were already rolling down Lacie’s cheeks as she struggled to escape her wrath.

Ethena could only see red, pinching her side so that she jumped like a grasshopper.

But the girl had some fight in her, slapping away Ethena’s hands and looking equally angry now. “I’m goin’ to my room.” She all but pushed Ethena over, running out of the door, skirts clutched in hand.

“Lacie, Lacie, come out of there at once,” Ethena demanded, once she’d also been jilted by Lacie’s locked door. “I’m sorry,” she tried after that, but to no avail, Lacie was no longer in the mood for forgiving.

* * * *

Ethena’s father was seeing the bags out. “I hope you will give your great aunt my regards Lacie.”

“Yes’ir, I’m truly indebted to you, you’ve been beyond kind to me.” Lacie gave him a small curtsey, her voice and face sincere. “I regret leaving as much as you, but my aunt has no one else.”

Ethena planted herself in the doorway, watching the two converse. She still felt an unsettling anger in her bones, but at the same time she was grateful that Lacie had said nothing to her father.

“Ethena, aren’t you going to say farewell to Lacie?”

Ethena stirred from the door, coming down to the carriage. The sun dappled the flagstones in the small circle afore their house, making the day twice as pleasant. Her father stepped aside to give them a moment, taking up tactful conversation with the footman.

Lacie didn’t bother with fake smiles. Instead she dug something out of her luggage, handing it to Ethena.

Ethena’s heart lept, another love letter! She was surprised Lacie hadn’t burnt it in a fit of bitterness, she would have.

“When I went to the market yesterday,” Lacie explained, “they’ll have t’ find another way to slip you letters.”

Ethena used all of her self-control to keep herself from ripping the letter open right then and there. Tucking it away in her bosom instead, where it lay bathing in the heat of her skin.

“I’m really sorry Lacie.”

“I’m sure you are ma’am.” Lacie never called her ma’am. “I’d better be on my way.”
Ethena only watched long enough to see the carriage out of the gates, before excusing herself. Good riddance to the traitorous little whore.

Once she was alone she drew out the parchment letter and tore it open.

The full moon is nigh, meet me in the meadow, wear you prettiest cloak.

                                                                                   -The wolf, seeking the maiden.”

The wolf? What was this gentleman getting at. Seeking the maiden? Ethena remembered Jack’s song then, a gleeful smile spreading across her face. He couldn’t resist her after all.

She was in such a state of humming happiness after that, it was hard to hide.

She picked her prettiest clothes out long before evening. Then when all was quiet, she dressed carefully by the light of a dim tower candle, slipping discretely and softly out of the house. It wasn’t so difficult, she’d done it before, knowing where all of the creaky floorboards were, and which doors opened the smoothest.

It was bright outside, the full moon flooding the land with golden light. She was surprised that Jack had not asked to meet in the apple orchard, but then again the meadow was further out. The crickets were singing ceaselessly around, the grass rustling against her skirts as she came to the end of the orchard. A dark figure was waiting at the edge of the field, tall for Jack. Ethena hesitated, the figure stirred, having seen her approach.

“Are you the wolf?” she called softly, trying to quell her apprehension as she approached further.

“I am,” the figure answered, moonlight falling on him, illuminating his strangeness, for he was wearing a beautiful black lacquer wolf mask, eyes shining below, catching the moonlight. His voice was deep, familiar.

“Am I little red riding hood?”

“Yes, and Jack has told me all about how you like to wander off and gather flowers.” Mr. Nathanson removed the mask gracefully. “You’ve been a rather naughty whore. Do you think that you can just go wandering off, and not meet a wolf?”

A distinct memory came flooding back to Ethena. I was inches from falling in, God, I would have drowned if he hadn’t grabbed me by the arm. She’d been so small then, but she’d understood Mr. Nathanson’s kindness. He was strong and big, but she hadn’t been scared in the least, just in awe, and now here he was, a lank wolf waiting to devour her.

Ethena’s eyes fell to the bulge in his pants, confirming his desire. “No,” she answered finally, her voice quavering.

“Then you agree to repay me my time lost to your whorish ways?”He was intimidating, but so deliciously handsome, his eyes a darker shade than his son, his hair a dark tangle.

“Yes sir,” Ethena agreed, watching as he looked her over. “If that is what you want.” Never in a million years could she have imagined…

Mr. Nathanson motioned for her to draw near. “Kneel.”

Ethena faltered, not because she hadn’t done this before, but “I’ll dirty my dress,” she protested weakly. “My prettiest dress.”

Mr. Nathanson did not hesitate, dropping the mask in the grass and removing his over-shirt, so that the moon fell on his muscled chest, tanner even than Jack’s. He shook the shirt out and laid it on the ground at his feet.

Ethena felt herself blushing, never, never, had a man made such a considerate gesture towards her. Oh yes, they were chivalrous alright, but once they were alone with her… Ethena gathered up her skirts in front of herself, kneeling upon his shirt. The grass underneath was cool enough to be felt through the fabric, perhaps a little damp.

Mr. Nathanson did not look unkind as he gazed down at her, but rather serious. “It is impossible that a whore like you does not know what I want of you, so don’t keep me waiting.” His hand touched her curled hair gently, fluffing it as she searched for the tie on his pants. Once she had undone it, his manhood sprung out, a generous size, pointing straight at the heavens, its’ bulbous head already glistening despite his mask of calmness.

Ethena stroked it gently with her hands, heart racing. Would he use it on her, Or would he do no more than tease her? She ached between the legs to think of this handsome beast taking her. She let the saliva pool in her mouth, then gave it a lick from bottom to top, slowly, pressing her tongue hard against it, wetting the flesh, licking each side, so that it slid easily in her hand.

He had washed and groomed, and smelled especially sweet, perhaps a little spicy, just as she would have imagined. Ethena took his manhood in her mouth, suckling it, as she had always been told she was so good at. His legs tensed predictably. She held back, if he couldn’t get his satisfaction this way…

Her ears picked up a noise, a rustling in the grass. Ethena tried to abandon her task, to look, but Mr. Nathanson stilled her head, shushing her.

“Tis only Jack.” His voice was heavy with pleasure.

Ethena’s skin tingled from head to toe. Jack was part of this after all. She reminded herself to keep suckling, her eyes sliding sideways towards the sound. It was Jack indeed. He looked strangely amused.

“I must write a song about this.”

Ethena stopped suckling, making a gurgling noise that was intended to be words.

“What, you don’t fancy the idea?”

Mr. Nathanson was no longer holding her head, so she abandoned his manhood, letting it stand wet and slick before her face. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Mmm I already have the first line,” Jack teased cruelly.

Ethena looked up at Mr. Nathanson with a look that was half quizzical, half angry. He stroked her hair in turn. “Don’t tease her such Jack, she will pay her debt tonight, that is all.”


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