Writer with a blog (a meditation)

This one’s for all those writers out there with a blog. How the heck do we find the time?


As a writer embarking into the brave world of blogging I’m quickly discovering what time suckers blogs are. I mean really, blogging is addictive!


Here’s what I do when I get too sidetracked in my writing.

I stop.

I think.

I make a mental, or physical list of what I most want to get done. Then affirm to myself that I will get it done, for the sake of all holy!

So to all those writers out there, keep blogging, keep writing, your goals are only unachievable if you think they are!

How do you balance your writing and blogging?


4 thoughts on “Writer with a blog (a meditation)

  1. I’m just starting out in the blogosphere myself, and I’ll admit it is very addicting. I try to work on my blog pieces bit by bit. Do a little research, then cook dinner, then do some more research, then work on a craft, then start creating my outline…and just keep bouncing back and forth adding piece by piece until I have a blogpost! It takes a couple days for the post to come into fruition but when it does, the feeling is so rewarding!


  2. Most of the time I either have to do one or the other. Trying to do both really stresses me. Thus the long breaks at times between posts.


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