Temptress Night

When night is the temptress
Under suicide stars
That bleed hopelessness
Like fresh wounds
Ooze darkness
I will rip away the veil
So that I may see
With my empty sockets
Cords cut clean
My tongue lulls speechless
Split and caught in her claw
Dark, pitch, claw
Moon shining against its’ knuckle
She is skin and bones
All but death amidst the graves
Eyes found in the god of war
In mercury’s orbit
Beckoning me without word
For she need not speak
Her tongue a tendril
Twining about mine own
Sucking in life, air, all sweetness
I have torn the veil
I know she laughs silently
Bony frame enclosing me
In unmitigated intimacy
For she knows I must be her lover


3 thoughts on “Temptress Night

  1. Beautiful. It makes me feel as if Darkness is like a seductress…luring one in. And once you eat of her fruit, you can never look back….

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